What Pickup Truck is the Best Fit for You? Crew Cab, Extended Cab or Regular Cab


One of the biggest choices that you’ll have to make when purchasing your very own Orlando used truck is to choose the size of your cab. There are only three options, generally, so you might think that there’s not much to making such a decision, but in fact, there is. That one choice alone will affect the cost of the truck, how you can use it, and how it holds value. Today Gibson Truck World is going to tell you everything you need to know to decide which pickup truck is the best fit for you.

Your Options

As previously mentioned, there are three options to choose from: regular cab, extended cab, and crew cab. The regular cab is the smallest size, seating two to three people in a single row. Right behind the seats is the window to the cab, so there isn’t much room. The largest size is called the Crew cab, as in you can fit the entire crew in there. It offers two rows of full-size seats. The option that falls in between these two is the extended cab. It’s basically an extension of the regular cab, providing a small row of seats in the back.

Pros & Cons of Each Option

The benefits of a regular cab are that it is the least expensive option, which allows you to spend your dollars on other features that you may find more useful. The cons of this size are that you are limited to how many people can ride with you and you won’t have much room to store things inside. The pros of a crew cab are that you can fit twice as many people as a regular cab, and securely store many more things.  The downside is that you’ll be paying more initially, and your truck bed is likely going to be shorter in length than a regular cab. The extended cab lands somewhere in between, allowing you more storage inside, the capability to seat more people, and maintain a regular length bed. This option, too, is more expensive than the regular cab, but it is cheaper than the crew cab. Both the crew cab and extended cabs see higher resale values than the regular cab, which is something to keep in mind down the line.

Whichever size cab you choose, know that you’ll find plenty of options at Gibson Truck World. Our Orlando used trucks are the highest quality, best bang for your buck trucks around. Come on by 3455 S. Orlando Dr. and peruse to your heart’s content!

4 Features that are Important When Buying a Pickup Truck


At Gibson Truck World, we aim to offer something for every type of consumer. Every truck surely has the basics down; for some, if it gets you from point A to point B, they’re satisfied. Today we’re going to talk about some features that aren’t necessarily fundamental but can be wise to include as you search through the used trucks of Orlando. These four features can easily differentiate your truck from others on the road.

  1. Extended or Crew Cab

While it may be more cost effective to skip out on having a back seat option in your truck, the benefits of having that extra space are quite significant and make it worth considering. Back seats give you the flexibility to carry more passengers and allow you to quickly lock up valuables instead of leaving them on the bed. As a bonus, the resale value of a truck with an extended or crew cab is higher.

  1. Backup Camera

Trucks are bigger than ever due to manufacturer’s increasingly larger designs to accommodate consumer demands. Their large size makes it difficult and potentially dangerous to reverse as visibility may be hindered, especially in tight spaces. Purchasing a truck with a backup camera or installing an aftermarket one will help tremendously.

  1. Side Steps

As trucks increase in size, it becomes harder to climb inside.  Unless your vehicle’s height is of no concern to you, and you never plan on having any passengers, you can opt out of having side steps. Of course, when it comes to reselling it, it might be a challenge finding someone who doesn’t care about them either.

  1. Off-Road Accessories

Although off-roading may not be for everyone, there are some off-roading definite perks that can help any truck driver out. Underbody protection and tow hooks are but a couple of the extras you can add to your truck at the time of purchase or afterward.

These four features are not necessary per say, but they make the time you spend in your truck significantly better. If you’re interested in upgrading to one of our used trucks in Orlando, don’t hesitate to stop by to check out our inventory. Gibson Truck World is located at 3455 S. Orlando Dr. and is open seven days a week for your convenience.

Why Are People Buying More Trucks Than Cars?


Every market has its trends, no matter how large or small. When it comes to vehicles, Americans are making it clear that they love their trucks and SUVs. In fact, the Ford F-150 has been the highest selling vehicle for decades. Why is it the case that used Ford trucks in Orlando, for example, have been selling better than smaller vehicles? That is the question we tackled on today’s Gibson Truck World blog.

You might think that gas prices have something to do with it, and you’d be right. In recent years, the price of fuel has decreased dramatically, to the point where it is now very feasible and affordable to fill up the large tanks inside our favorite trucks. At the height of the recent recession, when gas prices peaked, purchasing a truck or SUV was a more difficult choice to make. That pressure to purchase vehicles with higher fuel economies has dwindled slightly, while simultaneously, trucks have improved their mileage.

These improvements are significant in shaping consumer perspective towards the trucks we know and love, but they aren’t the only reasons as to why people are buying more trucks than cars.

Perhaps the most significant reason is that a truck provides you with a lot of options and possibilities that a car simply cannot. One such improvement is your ability to gain a better view while on the road. Trucks are higher and provide better vantage points for drivers, allowing them to tower over the smaller vehicles and get a greater perspective of the situation. This leads to truck drivers being more comfortable and calm as they drive.

Speaking of comfort, trucks provide more than cars can provide these days. Trucks have plenty of room for drivers and passengers alike, and their larger footprint means every passenger is riding in style in comparison to the cramped, low-to-the-ground atmosphere that cars are known for.

These few simple, yet significant, reasons are why more trucks are being sold than cars at record numbers. If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a truck of your own, such as our used Ford trucks in Orlando, come by Gibson Truck World today. We are centrally located at 3455 S. Orlando Drive and can set you up in a truck you’ll love! Begin a chat with an online truck specialist right now!

Why is Bigger Better?


If you’ve been around as long as Gibson Truck World has, you’ll have noticed one particular trend among the trucks on our roads. They’re bigger than ever. Newer models of our favorite used trucks in Orlando have grown to larger sizes for seemingly no reason. Of course, there are several reasons for these changes, and we will touch upon some of them today. Let’s delve into the “why” of truck design.

Design is as much about function as it is about form. This is true even when considering the design of your average truck. Now, why would manufacturers begin enlarging their trucks all of a sudden? The answer lies in the demand of the people.

As of recently, pickup trucks have become not only the vehicle of choice for hard laborers, but also for individuals and families that simply enjoy the flexibility that a truck brings. Modern trucks maintain nearly all of the work-related qualities of their forefathers, such as towing, hauling, and moving large loads, but they have added features that their predecessors did not have.

A modern truck needs more room to pack in all of the upgraded integrated gear that people in the 21st century have come accustomed to. Trucks nowadays come standard with elaborate entertainment systems, power windows and locks, large and comfortable seating, and much more. Add to that the social trend to lift trucks higher than ever and modern trucks will easily surpass older trucks in size. That is not to say that older trucks are necessarily less powerful, but their appearance has certainly changed.

Lastly, trucks offer more protection on the road for truck owners than what other vehicles can provide. This is one significant reason why larger trucks have infiltrated the lives of many families looking to stay safe on the street.

As is evident, the rise of a bigger truck brings about benefits that a smaller truck cannot provide. At Gibson Truck World, we show love and appreciation for all of the used trucks in Orlando, regardless of size. Come by and see if we have any that fit exactly what you’re looking for. We are centrally located on 3455 S. Orlando Dr. for your convenience.

6 Reasons Why People Love Pickup Trucks


We know why we love pickup trucks; they’re the vehicles that get the job done. Today, Gibson Truck World is going to discuss the top six reasons why people all around the world love their pickups, almost to the point of infatuation. We’re not telling you how you should or shouldn’t love the used trucks in Orlando, but instead discussing the most common reasons people love theirs.

  1. Trucks were originally created with farm work in mind. The farm and the work that goes to make it run are intimately associated with how people view and see pickup trucks. These connections evoke feelings of longing for wide open spaces, which is something we all want more of.

  2. Although pickups were originally a farmer’s handiest tool, today, the average truck owner is not a farmer and does not have a farmer’s responsibilities. This allows us to admire our pickups for their ability without having to put in all the effort.

  3. Pickups are a perfect combination of work and play. The bed is purely a functional piece of equipment, whereas the cab serves as a comfortable locus of entertainment, control, and fun providing the best of both worlds.

  4. Despite enormous technological advancements and improvements under the hood, the exterior of a truck looks largely the same as it did decades ago, invoking a sense of nostalgia. The inside of the cab has expanded from seating three to now as many as six, but the minimum number has never changed. People really love that.

  5. The power a pickup truck provides is undeniable. We’re not talking only about its physical capabilities in terms of horsepower or torque, but rather the capacity in which pickup trucks can invigorate the soul and make man, woman, or child feel as if they’re invincible.

  6. Pickups are fun. They provide an outdoor outlet for entertainment that no other vehicle can achieve. Whether it be off-roading, camping, or hauling a boat to the lake, a pickup can serve us well.

Although not every pickup truck owner may know it, these underlying reasons are what drive us to show so much love and affection for the used trucks in Orlando that we own. If that’s making you jump off your seat, come on by to Gibson Truck World located at 3455 S. Orlando Drive, and find the perfect truck for you.

Employee Spotlight


Gibson Truck World has been in the business of selling used trucks in Orlando for 25 years. That’s a quarter century of hard work and the pursuit of excellence in order to provide our customers a greater experience than any other used truck dealership. The primary reason as to why we are so successful is obvious to anyone who pays us a visit – it’s our employees! The people we employ at Gibson are not only integral to our business, but have become part of a cohesive family. Today, we want to shine the spotlight on them for their loyalty to our team.

Who They Are

As mentioned, we have been a successful business for 25 years. Some of the integral current members of our team have been with us for nearly that same amount of time, such as Kim Robinette and Peter Blunt who’ve helped us reach our goals for two decades! David Ball, Carol Darnell, and Mike Kallergis have also been with us since the 20th century, if you can believe that! In that time, their work has guided our company, and their dedication, commitment, and perseverance has allowed us to gain the great reputation we have today. Joining them is a long list of individuals who have been with us for over a decade, and then the ones that have had at least five years with us. In fact, over 50% of our team has been with us for over five years, which is something we are remarkably proud of.

Why They Matter

This talented group of people are integral to the success of Gibson Truck World. We couldn’t sell the used trucks Orlando customers want without their help. From the truck specialists who greet you when you visit, to the experienced mechanics that inspect and service our trucks, to the financing team responsible for ensuring you are on your way with an appropriate loan, they all work in tandem to ensure your time with us is well spent.

Each and every employee matters to us, whether they’ve been with us 20 years or 20 days, because they all put their best foot forward every day when coming to work. Without them Gibson Truck World wouldn’t be the number one dealership of used trucks in Orlando, and for that, we are grateful. If you want to experience their caliber of work and performance, visit us today at 3455 S. Orlando Drive, or give us a call at 407-321-0660 for all of your used trucks needs.

Truck Spotlight: 2016 Ram 1500 SLT


Are you ready to witness the latest Dodge Ram has got? Check out today’s truck spotlight of a 2016 Ram 1500 SLT. Packed with luxury features and powerful as all get out, this is one of the used Dodge trucks Orlando has got to see! Gibson Truck World is the number one used truck dealership in the world, which means we only carry the best of the best, with this truck being no exception. Let’s break it down:

On the inside you’ll find a $900 leather seat upgrade, providing the luxury you want and the comfort you can expect from such a seat. You and your family or crew will be riding around town in style. Plus, you’ll get good use out of one of the greatest benefits of leather: wipe dirt, water, or mud right off! As for the entertainment system, listen to your tunes with ease by utilizing the steering wheel controls for focused driving and precision song changes! The power windows are also a nice touch, especially the rear power window allowing air to flow from the back of the cabin.

On the outside, you will find yourself equally as pleased. The silver paint job and chrome finishes look great, but the condition of the truck bed is even better! Its pristine bed with liner is in great shape. The tires still have a good amount of thread, while the truck itself is lifted six inches. That’s one of the biggest factors in making your truck one of the meanest, most intimidating vehicles on the road.

Under the hood, this truck looks like new. That’s probably due to the fact that this 2016 Ram only has 13,358 miles on it. It’s running on an eight-cylinder, 5.7-liter gasoline engine that will provide enough power to suit all of your needs! Keep in mind that the factory warranty continues until you reach 36k miles, while the powertrain warranty goes to 60k miles!

As one of the best used Dodge trucks Orlando will have the pleasure of owning, this week’s truck spotlight 2016 Ram 1500 SLT is not going to last! If you like what you see, head over to the Gibson Truck World lot on 3455 South Orlando Drive, or give us a call today at 407-321-0660.

The Beginning of the Pickup Truck


Gibson Truck World loves a little history lesson, and the modern pickup you know and love has a ridiculously rich history. From its origins to the significant changes the pickup has seen in recent history, there is much to tell. Today you can find a different used truck in Orlando for every job there is, but in the late 1920s, there was no such thing. That’s when innovation struck and changed an industry forever. Let’s discuss a few of the most impactful breakthroughs in pickup history.

In 1925, Henry Ford was already a wealthy automobile manufacturer, and he saw an opportunity to further that. After realizing that he, and many others like him, such as the farmers in the area, were modifying their Model T cars by attaching a large basket to the back end of the car, he decided to do something about it. That year the 1925 Model T Roadster with Pickup Body was released. Ford sold 135,000 units of this unique vehicle despite the advanced age of the Model T engine. Three years later, a more powerful truck, the Model A, replaced the Model T, and the rest is history.

Fast forward to 1957 when a now extinct manufacturer, Harvester International, released the Travelette. This truck was unique because it was the first of its kind to have a crew cab. That is, this truck allowed up to six passengers to climb aboard and get moving, while still maintaining a sizeable bed. This was revolutionary because it allowed corporations to purchase vehicles for their workers to transport them from one location to another, with all of their gear in tow. It also created a brand new segment in the market and met the needs of a new consumer: the American family. Within the next couple of decades, all major manufacturers including Ford, Dodge, and GMC developed their own version of this truck that would become the modern truck we are accustomed to.

Pickup manufacturing has experienced a turbulent path, with some product lines flourishing and others being complete failures. The fascinating history of the used trucks in Orlando and around the country keep all Gibson Truck World employees enthralled with our work. If you’re interested in learning more from us, start a chat conversation with an online Truck Specialist or visit us in person at 3455 South Orlando Drive today to speak in person.

Five Versatile Uses for a Pickup


Sure, most of the time our pickups are used for hauling materials, tools, or big equipment. But, have you thought about everything else you could get accomplished with the used trucks of Orlando if you got creative? We have! And so have many other people across the country, which is why we’ve compiled this fun list of five versatile uses for a pickup.

  1. Impromptu Pool

Our Florida sun means serious business! Some people will grab an impermeable tarp, spread it across the bed of their truck, and fill it with cool water for a refreshing summer dip.

  1. Camping Upgrade

If you’re going camping but dread placing your tent on the floor near the bugs, make your tent on the bed of your truck! There are specially-designed tents for this purpose, but any tent will do. On top of getting away from the insects, you’ll also keep your tent cleaner.

  1. Hang Out In Style

Sitting on the truck bed with your friends and having some drinks and great conversation is already amazing, but why not do it in style? You can get specially-fitted air mattresses that make the whole ordeal much more comfortable, even adding cup holders.

  1. Convert It

You’ve never sat in the bed of a moving truck, right? We haven’t either. But, if you’re looking to do it legally, why not convert your truck bed into a mini bus? This is a popular mode of transportation in Southeast Asia.

  1. Make it Your Business

A pickup is the perfect automobile for a first business or entrepreneur. We’ve seen people turn their trucks into small businesses by enhancing them with some extra equipment. We’ve seen mobile taco restaurants pop up, and our favorite, an ice cream shop! These were all within the space and capabilities of an average pickup.
Take these ideas and come up with something even more creative for the used trucks of Orlando! We’ve seen plenty, but are eager to see what you come up with. Come by Gibson Truck World and pick out the truck that meets your needs! We’re conveniently located at 3455 South Orlando Drive and open every day of the week!

Caring for Your Diesel Engine


One of the main reasons consumers choose a diesel engine over a gasoline engine is their longevity. These extremely long lasting and reliable engines, such as the Cummins diesel for sale in Orlando, do come at a cost. That cost is the fact that you cannot slack or get lazy on the maintenance, otherwise, your truck will fall apart in no time. Luckily, Gibson Truck World is here to help! We’re going to give you the most important tips for caring for your diesel engine.

  1. Change the Oil & Filter

Unlike its gasoline counterpart, the diesel engine will see a sharp drop in performance and functioning if the oil and filter are not replaced frequently enough (every 3,000 to 5,000 miles). This is due to the fact that dirty fuel will ultimately clog the fuel injection system, turning your truck into a dud. When changing the filter, ensure that you’re buying a quality, up-to-par filter, because it does make a difference.

  1. Fuel Additives

It’s good practice to add a fuel additive any time you head to the pump. It sounds tedious, and perhaps costly, but it will be worth it. A bottle of diesel treatment added in will ensure that no dirt or impurities make it to the engine and injection system.

  1. No Idling

You will want to avoid idling your truck and its engine for any amount of time. Unless it is completely frozen solid, there’s no reason to idle your truck and you may actually be putting unnecessary stress on its engine.

  1. Gasket Watch

Keep an eye on your gaskets. They perform at extreme temperatures and pressures, which could lead to them cracking, snapping, or deforming. If you notice any kind of leaking, replace that gasket and the surrounding ones as they tend to break down simultaneously.

Taking care of your diesel truck is crucial for its endurance. At Gibson Truck World, we sell and service many of the Cummins diesels for sale in Orlando and can help you with yours. Our state-of-the-art servicing center is open seven days a week and can help bring a dead diesel to life or maintain one that is already healthy. Call us today at 407-321-0660 to schedule an appointment, or simply visit us at 3455 South Orlando Drive.