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Gibson Truck World In Florida Sporthorse Magazine Winter 2013

Towing capacity, regular maintenance essential to safe hauling!

by: Christie Gold

Florida Sporthorse Magazine

Florida Sporthorse Magazine ArticleFrom professionals hauling multiple horses to large competitions to amateurs attending schooling shows or their children’s Pony Club events, a towing vehicle represents a costly, long-term investment.

For those making the transition from paying show-hauling fees to purchasing their own truck and trailer, the task may seem daunting: Gas or diesel? Half-ton, ¾ ton or dually? Can the family SUV handle the job? Do I need four-wheel drive?

As with any large purchase, it’s wise to consult experts. While the local dealership may display an array of shiny new trucks on the lot, the sales person who put the family in a new sedan last summer may not know what vehicle is best for hauling horses.

Belanger says the make of the truck comes down to personal preference and that the “Big Three” automakers all manufacture quality vehicles, so buying the right truck comes down to pulling power and the quality of the maintenance.

Over Florida’s flat terrain, he says a “Weekend Warrior” who hauls a standard two-horse bumper pull trailer to local events can get by with a half ton pickup. For anything more extensive, larger trucks are a must.

Gibson’s Marketing Director Karoline Leon believes that four-wheel drive is a valid consideration. “At most horse events, you end up pulling your trailer down a dirt road. If it rains, suddenly, you are in the mud. It’s a worthwhile investment.”

Belanger reminds consumers that a 4x4’s pulling power is about 500 pounds less—an important consideration if someone is looking at a half-ton pick-up that will pull a heavily loaded trailer.

Adding a dressing room to a trailer, buying a three-horse trailer or larger or making plans to travel out of state with horses will require a ¾ ton pickup or a dually.

“Other than pulling power, the dually offers more stability,” Belanger said. “Plus, if you get a flat in back, you can drive for a bit since there are four tires behind.”

Another choice when looking at a ¾ ton or dually is gas vs. diesel.

“Diesel produces more torque,” Belanger said, “which is why they cost more. “

Stockman says the cost of the diesel vehicle isn’t the only factor: everything on a diesel truck costs more from fuel to maintenance.

Belanger says that other decisions come down to comfort. “Obviously, the longer the ride, the more luxuries you want,” he said.

Gibson Truck World in Florida Sporthorse Magazine Winter 2013

Belanger is also a stickler about maintenance. This is understandable since all trucks that come onto the Gibson lot under go a 135-point inspection. Eight mechanics work in 25 service bays to prepare each truck for sale. 60 percent of the company’s business comes from repeat buyers, and Gibson sells approximately 15 trucks out of state each month and 10 internationally.

The website is full of testimonials from satisfied customers—many of whom never set foot on the Gibson lot. Each truck is photographed and videoed to provide buyers with thorough information on the vehicle. Of course, Belanger encourages that buyers examine his inventory, but even if they purchase elsewhere, he emphasizes the importance of regular maintenance and careful preparation.

“Obviously, it is preferable to drive a vehicle with lower miles; however, with care, a truck will easily take you over 100,000 miles. And that being said, I’ve seen trucks with over 100,000 miles in better shape than trucks with 50,000 miles. It all depends on the care and maintenance of the truck. I would also rather see a truck that has had 2 or 3 great owners versus one bad owner. You don’t want to wait until the oil light comes on before you have it changed. That is why it is so important to perform an inspection before you buy.”

In addition to regularly-scheduled maintenance, he recommends a fuel additive to keep injectors clean.

Before hitting the road, Belanger stresses safety and preparation. On both the truck and trailer, it is important to check the tires. Trailers, especially, can sit unused for long periods of time making the tires susceptible to dry rot.

Spare tires, for both the truck and trailer, are essential. Belanger also says that many spares are locked, so it’s important to have keys to the locks as well as jacks that will support the truck or the trailer and the correct sized lug wrenches for all tires.

Because equestrians often drive in remote areas, he also suggests investing in flares.

“I always look at the darkest scenario. For $10- $20, a flare gun will help keep you safe,” he said.

He also encourages travelers to have a list of service providers en route to their destinations in case of a breakdown. He believes in having a game plan before heading out as not all roadside assistance plans handle vehicles towing trailers.

“There is nothing worse than breaking down someplace and not knowing who you can call for help,” he said.

Gibson Truck World Featured in the July 2012 Auto Dealer Monthly Magazine

“What’s Your Most Effective Form Of Advertising?”

Feature Article in the July 2012 Auto Dealer Monthly Magazine

At Gibson Truck World, our most effective form of marketing is word of mouth; in fact our business was built on it.  An unbelievable 60 percent of our sales result from repeat and referral customers.  Having a large selection of high quality inventory at the lowest price and a fast easy buying experience is essential, but it’s just not enough to earn a customer’s business anymore.  We not only assure our customers that the safety of their family is our top priority, we honor that promise with our 12-month nationwide bumper-to-bumper warranty, 12 months of free maintenance, and our exclusive 15-day return policy.  Each customer receives a personal tour of our Disaster Prevention Center allowing them to encounter firsthand our used truck factory busy at work and all the extra steps we take that really set us apart.  Plus, a portion of our proceeds go to rescue dogs, cats and horses out of local quick kill shelters.  We understand the importance of building community trust first and foremost.  This philosophy combined with our integrity and warranty shows our customers we have nothing to hide.  When people trust your business, they come back over and over again AND they bring their friends with them!

Yves Belanger


Gibson Truck World

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Feature Article in the July 2012 Auto Dealer Monthly Magazine

View all of Gibson Truck World’s inventory here!


Inventory Marketing Best Practices AutoSuccess Monthly Magazine October 2011

“Inventory Marketing Best Practices”

Gibson Truck World was Featured in this Article of AutoSuccess Monthly Magazine October 2011 along with Homenet Automotive!

When it comes to inventory marketing best practices, Gibson Truck World in Sanford, Florida has so many, we had to omit several from this article to fit this space. With sales topping 1,800 units annually, 65 employees, and $7 million in inventory on 14 acres, Gibson is the largest used truck dealership in the world and ranks No. 18 of independent dealers in the U.S.* Impressive, to be sure, but what’s more impressive is how they sustain these numbers. The biggest clue lies in the fact that a whopping 60 percent of their sales result from referrals and repeat customers. Gibson’s sales staff spends a good portion of their time with every customer establishing trust. To that point, about 10 percent of sales each month are from buyers who never physically come to the dealership. In fact, in the last two years, they’ve shipped cars to virtually every European country, most of the Caribbean Islands and as far away as New Zealand. “We assure our customers that the safety and security of their family is our top priority,” said owner Yves Belanger. “But it’s not just a motto — we spend more than $250,000 per month inspecting and servicing our trucks, and I want shoppers to see that in action. I want them to see a virtual used truck factory busy at work.” To show off the organization standing behind each truck’s warranty (which is impressive, but we’ll get to that), a tour of the service department is mandatory with every customer. Gibson’s “Disaster Prevention Center” (service department) is comprised of 25 bays, eight technicians, one alignment specialist, one tire specialist, one assistant shop manager, one shop foreman, three parts and service writers, and one service advisor, plus detailers and body shop techs — totaling half of Gibson’s 65 employees — all ensuring that each customer gets the highest quality truck at the lowest price available. And get this: They don’t do general service. All after-sale service is reserved for customers who purchased their truck at Gibson and it is still under warranty. Before it is sold, however, each truck gets a full 135-point inspection, a diagnostics test and a frame damage check using a tram gauge. Trucks they reject are posted on their REJECTS page of their Website, complete with photos, VIN numbers and, in many cases, actual estimates showing the cost of repairs to bring it up to certification. “I love it when we find one of our rejects on another dealership’s site listed as ‘Absolutely flawless, inside and out!’ You can be sure we post that, too,” said Angela Stockman,
the marketing director and Internet wizard executing Gibson’s online initiatives. Two years ago, Gibson wanted to showcase some of the parts they’ve replaced on trucks to get them to certification, so they lined up 50-gallon drum containers full of thousands of old worn out tie rods, ball joints, rotors and thousands of brake pads that have been removed and replaced with new ones. Gibson Truck World employs the following HomeNet products to help them sustain their No. 1 ranking:
• Inventory Online (IOL Pro) Vehicle Marketing Suite with IOL Hosting and CARFAX and AutoCheck integration
• AdLogic – image and text ad generator for every vehicle in inventory to post throughout the Google ad network
• IOL eBay Local Advertising Program with no flat monthly fees
• IOL Oodle Pro with Facebook Marketplace
• IOL Posting 2.0 eBay and Craigslist display page generator
• Video Online with Human Voiceover and Live Video
• OPENLANE and SmartAuction wholesale add-on
Of course, that won’t impress someone who never visits the dealership, but no matter, as approximately 25 percent of Gibson’s sales still come from buyers outside Florida. Perhaps it’s because they offer an unbelievable 12-month, bumper-to-bumper warranty valid across the continental United States, 12 months of free maintenance, and a 15-day return policy.
“The majority of our out-of-state customers are so confident in Gibson Truck World that they wire us payment without ever setting foot in the dealership or personally seeing the truck until we ship it to them,” said Belanger.
Building such an organization is a seven-day-a-week job for Belanger, who is not only the president of the dealership, he also does all of the truck buying, is the shop service manager, general manager, and supervises operations for the entire dealership including sales, body shop, parts, detailing and marketing.
They also create a personality for every vehicle, even naming them. Projecting that personality is easier with the addition of a full-time videographer on staff (in addition to a full-time photographer) to film live video walk-a-rounds for all trucks. “Our videographer shows off each vehicle’s best assets and adds a great deal of energy and emotion to each video,” said Stockman. “Our nationwide warranty and the live video walk-arounds are what make an out-of-state shopper feel comfortable enough to call us to purchase a truck over the phone. The combination shows we have nothing to hide and that the truck in the
photos is actually the real truck on the lot.”
At first glance, a live videographer sounds like quite an investment, but Belanger says it paid off immediately. “Since adding live video, our video views exploded, our Website traffic increased 10 percent, which in turn increased our sales,” he said. Using Video Online’s live video upload and distribution modules, Gibson then automatically sends videos everywhere their inventory goes that accepts video — 40 sites in all — including their own Website, YouTube, Facebook,, and Oodle. To reach buyers from around the corner and around the country, Gibson invests in establishing an online presence for their inventory, including shooting photos before and after prep. Posting a vehicle online takes Stockman on average about five minutes per truck and first occurs with the “before” photos the day it arrives from auction to gain valuable online exposure for the vehicle even while it is in prep. The VIN is sent via automatic feed from their DMS to HomeNet’s IOL Inventory Marketing solution, which normalizes and enhances the raw DMS data. Once the truck is listed in IOL Pro, each truck then gets a comprehensive description specifying the truck’s hottest features.
Every vehicle description is fresh and creative, which also helps to set Gibson apart. “We have some pretty unique Monster trucks, and since our inventory is unusual, we physically touch every detail of the truck so we know exactly what to say about what makes that truck special,” Stockman said.
Each morning, Belanger and Stockman review the each new truck’s options, what size and brand of new tires the truck is going to receive, add-ons (such as off-road tires or a lift kit) and warranty information, so Stockman can accurately create the vehicle description. A few days later, after the truck has been serviced and detailed, her staff puts all of the warranty stickers on the windshield, re-takes all the photos, shoots a live video walk-around, enters all the shop bills into the vehicle description, including brand new tires, brake job, rotors, drums, LOF, etc. (all the work that has been completed on the truck), scans in any MSRP sheets, makes truck comparison photos and then exports all the updated information online with IOL.
Unlike many dealers, however, Stockman is discerning about where she exports Gibson’s inventory. “We try to match the Website with our inventory, exporting to sites that perform consistently well for those makes and models, like,,,, eBay Motors, craigslist, Oodle and,” she said. And where their inventory performs well, Gibson makes an investment in add-ons for their listings. For instance, they rank in the Top 50 of all dealers on Belanger says he also uses the same philosophy when it comes to traditional advertising. In addition to print ads in Commercial Truck Trader, Gibson ads appear regularly in Sports Horse magazine and Horse-n-Tack. Gibson uses IOL Posting 2.0 to list its inventory on eBay Local Market with professional looking display pages, and they have notable success there, too, attributing on average 75 of units each year to eBay alone.
In addition, Stockman almost always lists Gibson’s wholesale vehicles online. “Since we will ship worldwide,” she said, “and we can list a truck simultaneously listed for retail and wholesale right from IOL, it makes it very easy to move inventory.”
When it comes to social media, Gibson Truck World understands the importance of building community first and foremost. On Facebook, for instance, they have their inventory separated out from their dealership fan page (it resides under the “Inventory” tab of their Facebook page), so it doesn’t clog the newsfeeds of their fans. More importantly, however, they are integrated with Facebook Marketplace, vastly widening their entire inventory’s exposure to the 15 million monthly users of Facebook Marketplace, not just their fan base.
Otherwise, Stockman uses their Facebook page and Twitter account to build trust and engage fans with truck news, announcements of pet adoption days they host (and they do this regularly, even devoting a page on their Website to animals waiting for a home at a local rescue), cook-outs, maintenance tips and even local yard sales.
Gibson Truck World also recently purchased AdLogic from HomeNet, which automatically generates an image or text ad for each piece of active inventory to display throughout the Google Ad Network of a million sites, based on the search terms the shopper used. “What makes AdLogic so effective is it is content-driven, meaning an in-market consumer who is reading about the new Ford F-150 SVT Raptor on would be presented with a Gibson ad showing a late model Ford F-150 truck from our lot,” Belanger said. “Clicking on it takes them to that piece of inventory on our Website where they see the live video walk-a-round, our warranty, and our $1,000 price guarantee, and then we’ve got them.” And all of this is paying off, big time. Belanger said, “Our message has always been ‘We have the best trucks at the best price,’ and then everything we do — absolutely everything — ensures that’s true. In the end, it doesn’t matter how much you spend on advertising and bling, if you don’t have the best product when the customer gets to the dealership, you don’t have a sale. An educated consumer is our best customer. In fact, customers tell us that we come so highly recommended that they don’t even look at other dealers, they just come straight to us.”
*2011 Auto Dealer Monthly Top Dealer Awards

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Feature Article in the October 2011 Auto Success Monthly Magazine

Gibson Truck World Injects Personality Into Its Advertising

“Gibson Truck World Injects Personality Into Its Advertising”

Feature Article in the August 2011 Auto Dealer Monthly Magazine

AERIAL VIEW Brighterdealershiponly

Every truck has a name and is considered an individual at Gibson Truck World. Even the owner, Yves Belanger, has a special name. He is called the King of Trucks, and he has earned his title as the largest used truck dealer in Florida. His 14-acre dealership sells about 150 units per month using a variety of advertising strategies—including naming and giving personalities to trucks.
About 15 years ago, Belanger started selling vehicles in Canada and later moved to Florida to begin wholesaling vehicles in Orlando. Six months later, he moved to Longwood, Fla. and began selling 35 units per month from a small retail lot. He has worked his way up to maintaining his current $7-million facility in Sanford, Fla., which opened in 1995. The dealership has 65 employees, about half of whom work in service and parts. “It runs like a truck factory,” Belanger said. The dealership was recognized as a Top 50 Dealer in 2009 and 2010, and this year, it ranked 18th in the Auto Dealer Monthly Independent Retailer Awards.
The marketing department of such a large sales operation consists of just two people, with much involvement from Belanger and a rather large monthly advertising budget.
Belanger, along with Marketing Director Angela Stockman, uses social media, radio, television, magazines, a website, billboards and good old word-of-mouth to advertise the dealership. Even with new media opportunities, Belanger said, “You can’t reinvent the wheel,” and credits 50 percent of his business to customers referred by word of mouth.
Belanger is proud to advertise his company, saying, “It’s beautiful the way we operate.” Advertising content usually promotes their one-year bumper-to-bumper warranty and 15-day return policy. “If you take a truck home and then you’re scared you’re going to scrape the sides of the drive-through, you can bring it right back,” he said. “Some dealers are afraid to do this, but I am the warranty company here. I take from my own pocket when something goes wrong.”
The dealership also promotes their one-year free maintenance policy and boasts the lowest prices around. If a customer can find the same vehicle at a better price, they will receive $1,000. “I tell customers to show me a truck that’s cheaper. I haven’t paid [a customer] the $1,000 in 10 years,” Belanger said. The message is consistent in their advertising—the lowest prices with great quality. “We don’t give away free trips to Hawaii, and we don’t have sales,” he said.
Stockman has worked at the dealership for two years and revolutionized the website and online presence, among other tasks. “The website wasn’t nearly what it is now. We redid it all. Before [I came to work here], they were still doing mostly print ads,” she said.
She works daily on new media and more traditional advertising efforts, and Belanger approves daily updates and changes to the dealership’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Posts from the dealership include information on unique vehicles on the lot, testimonials from new buyers and promotional information related to the dealership’s sponsored animal rescue group, Save Our Florida Pets. The dealership also builds rapport through general posts to the community, such as this post on Memorial Day weekend: “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself. To the brave men and women who have fought to keep our country free, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We are proud to be American!”
Stockman said this community-building is “just normal practice for me.” She explained that when people become Facebook fans of a business, they don’t do it to be bombarded by product promotions. “We try to keep people engaged on the Facebook page and interested in what we’re saying. It’s not really [an] advertising tool for me, with the exception of [posting] really nice units; it’s more to keep people thinking about Gibson and keep in back of their mind.”
Comedian Larry the Cable Guy had a strong presence in the dealership’s advertising and on Facebook; he recently took part in a dealership-sponsored mud-racing event held at Bandit Mud Racing in New Smyrna Beach, Fla. Stockman said, “It’s a fun community event, and we do similar, smaller events throughout the year.” Larry the Cable Guy did all of the dealership’s promotions in the late 1990s and was in town filming his television show “Only in America” when he decided to participate in the mud-racing on camera. Recently, when a customer bought a truck, he said he learned about the dealership by Larry the Cable Guy’s radio advertising.
The 50 percent of sales that are not referrals come from a combination of traditional and digital media. The dealership advertises on two area radio stations, one country music station and one rock music station. A local radio personality at the rock station hosts a talk show in the mornings in which he reviews trucks he drives from the dealership.
“He switches trucks out every couple weeks, and talks about the current monster truck he’s driving. He also talks about us throughout the show and records 60-second spots that change every two weeks,” Stockman said. “They discuss a lot of events. He has contests, and he brought a truck to the lot and listeners brought things to run over.”
Stockman said that the ads they play on the country music channel are much different in their phrasing. “It’s geared more toward country listeners. They have a sense of community and are very family-based,” she said. This translates into advertisements promoting safety and the best deals for your family.
In addition to radio ads, the dealership has an infomercial running on two area television stations. Stockman said, “A lot of people watched it. It played for nearly four years, and we just took it down and are in the process of making a new one.”
Print magazine and billboard advertising accounts for about 10 sales per month of the 150 units sold and takes about $10,000 of the $100,000 budget. “ gets a huge part of the budget, and the rest is spread out between television, radio and Google’s pay-per-click campaign,” Stockman said. The print advertising efforts include magazines such as Commercial Truck, Trailer and Equipment Trader; Horse ‘N Tack; and Sport Horse. People who own horses need trucks, making those niche magazines a great place for the dealership to advertise.
Much of Stockman’s daily efforts go toward maintaining the dealership website, which was designed by Belanger. It remains successful with 90,000 visits per month. The dealership posts 30 or more photos per vehicle and video walk-arounds of each vehicle, which are also posted on YouTube.
Stockman estimated about 35 percent of her Web traffic is organic, 15 percent is direct (meaning people typed the site’s URL into the Web browser), 15 percent is pay-per-click, and 35 percent is referred from other sites such as,, Facebook, and radio websites. All vehicles are also posted on Craigslist, which has led to 30 sales since January 2011.
Gibson Truck World has sold internationally to over 15 countries, including Sweden, France, Italy, the Virgin Islands, Greece, New Zealand, and more. Fifty units monthly are sent out-of-state and 20 of those are to customers who have never set foot in the dealership, thanks to a strong online presence.
The website also has a chat feature, which Stockman says works well for a widespread audience because “the third-party company that we hire to do it chats until midnight.” The dealership management gets a copy of every single chat, which usually involves finance questions, or customers looking for a specific vehicle.
The dealership’s website has more than the typical cookie-cutter dealer site. It does offer much of the same information on things like inventory, financing, directions, etc., but it is also meant to educate customers through a “Disaster Prevention” section. This includes truck-buying tips as well as a “Rejected Trucks” page showing pictures and explanations of vehicles that Belanger purchased at auction that were later rejected due to failing the required 135-point inspection and sent back to the auction.
This educational portion of the website is part of what he calls “drawing the line between right and wrong” to build trust with customers. It’s important to sell them quality vehicles. “The last thing I need is someone coming in on a busy Saturday and yelling ‘You never told me …’ in the showroom.” As the website states under each listed vehicle, “An educated consumer is our best customer.”
The website also incorporates a little personality in online vehicle descriptions. Vehicles are sometimes named (beyond their make and model), and their “personality traits” are identified. “My wife [named] one of our 50 monster trucks Berta,” Belanger said. Vehicle descriptions are sometimes written as if the vehicle is speaking to the customer. For example, the description of a 2008 Ford F350 Lariat Crew Cab Dually Powerstroke Diesel 4-by-4 read: “I am over $6,000 BELOW Blue Book value so you won’t have to worry about money management problems with me, riding on six brand new tires we can bolster each others’ egos with my power moon roof and your razor-sharp driving maneuvers, my dual power heated leather seating will give you complete and utter comfort, together we can have many adventures …”
Of these unique descriptions, Stockman said, “It helps us stand out a little bit and we really treat every single truck as an individual … Considering we have over 50 monster trucks, you can’t help but get a little creative sometimes.”
To track advertising success, every truck buyer fills out a sheet that explains how they heard about the dealership. “Nine out of 10 have been on our website,” Belanger said. He said honesty is the best policy when creating advertising. “People are educated nowadays. You click on a button and go to another dealer … you can see easily if one is $2,000 more expensive. It’s the easiest thing in the world … You cannot fool people.”
Stockman said that having upper management involved in the advertising process is helpful. “Everyone is very involved in others’ positions.” She added, “We all have each other’s backs. It makes sense to have everyone go over each others’ work.” Belanger, who works seven days a week, approves every advertisement.
In the end, he said word-of-mouth advertising is the most productive, so much so that all his employees always have “a ton of business cards in their pockets.” Like the owner, they are “extremely proud” of the business.

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Professional Wakeboard Champion Rusty Malinoski with his Gibson Truck!

Professional Wakeboard Champion Rusty Malinoski with his Gibson Truck!

Professional Wakeboard Champion Rusty Malinoski with his Gibson Truck!

Dubbed the “Bone-Crusher” for his sheer power and brute strength, Rusty Malinoski stands out as one the most dominant riders out on the water today. Since turning pro in 2003, Rusty has won countless contests and solidified his place in wakeboard history when he became the first rider to ever land a Wake-to-Wake 1080 in contest. Rusty is pictured here with his new Dodge Ram 2500 Gibson truck and President/CEO of Gibson Truck World, Yves Belanger.

Gibson Truck World and Bandit Mud Racing were part of the History Channel’s show Only In America with Larry the Cable Guy

Gibson Truck World and Bandit Mud Racing were part of the History Channel’s show Only In America with Larry the Cable Guy on Friday May 20, 2011.

Gibson Truck World and Bandit Mud Racing were part of the History Channel’s show Only In America with Larry the Cable Guy on Friday May 20, 2011. Marketing team Angela Stockman and Devon Belanger Git-R-Done at Gibson Truck World with Larry! Check out Gibson Truck World’s FACEBOOK page for more photos from this event!”

Season 2, Episode 6: Redneck Extravaganzas 15 February 2012

Larry heads down south to show us how the American redneck creates entertainment. He first goes to New Smyrna Beach, Florida, to put his redneck cred on the line as he tries his hand at mud bogging. Then in Tampa, Florida Larry sees how good ol’ boys who like to wreck stuff put their martial arts “breaking” skills to use as they attempt to tear down a whole house by hand. Finally, Larry meets up with Bubba Blackwell, an American daredevil who tries to jump a bunch of buses.

Only In America with Larry is back! This season, the blue-collar comedian and his faithful television crew are on a coast-to-coast road trip hunting down all the things that make this country great-the people, the places and everything that makes you say, “Only in America!”
Whether learning moose mating calls in Alaska, pursuing a mythical beast with the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group, interning with the “Naked Cowboy” in Times Square or struggling through Army sniper school, each of Larry’s adventures shows that great things can exist in unexpected places. No matter where Larry’s cross-country journey takes him, everyone he meets is a bona fide American original, and the surprising history he uncovers is delivered with a fun, down-home twist.

Chip Perry, President & CEO of Visits Gibson Truck World

Chip Perry, President & CEO of Visits Gibson Truck World

We would like to thank Chip for taking the time out of his busy schedule from the National Independent Auto Dealers Association Convention this year to visit Florida’s largest and most trusted Superstore Gibson Truck World.

Chip Perry was the first employee of, when he was asked to create the product in 1997. Until then, automotive Internet was a lead generation business, pioneered by Autobytel. Chip had the foresight to know that penetration would be the key. The relationship with Manheim was leveraged to quickly get thousands of vehicles up online. Under Chip’s leadership, never gave up its leadership role in this space. remains the #1 online B2C auto site. But since 2010, when it began seriously exploring the IPO market, it has greatly expanded its operations via a vertical acquisition (Kelley Blue Book) and auto industry software (vAuto, CDMdata, HomeNet Automotive, and VinSolutions.) AutoTrader Group grosses over $1 billion a year.

In recent years, has ballooned into AutoTrader Group, with acquisitions like vAuto, VinSolutions, and HomeNet. Some dealers feel they pay too much for, but there is no denying the majority of franchised dealers use the product. With Chip Perry, if you met the man even once, you felt his energy and have a story to tell.

A Gibson Truck at Mystic River Resort in Belize, Central America

Gibson Truck at Mystic River Resort in Belize, Central America

Check out these awesome photos of


Welcome to Mystic River Resort.  Your Belize vacation begins here!
Are you searching among Belize Jungle Lodges for the perfect destination? Want to travel to Belize for the ecotourism adventure of a lifetime? On a steep bank of the beautiful Macal River, Eco-friendly Mystic River Resort Jungle Lodge offers the best of all worlds to those who travel to Belize. In this oasis of privacy, serenity and rejuvenation, there are no crowds, just the soothing sound of birds, rustling trees and soft breezes. Mystic River Resort Jungle Lodge, located in the jungle of Belize, 7 miles from the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena, is the best place to find the perfect something – or nothing – to do. Our friendly staff will strive to make your stay with us a wonderful experience.

Nadege Webb, Owner
Mystic River Resort
Mile 6, Cristo Rey Road, Cayo District

Belize, Central America
Mystic River Resort Belize