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Tips for Towing a Trailer on Your Diesel Truck


Your diesel truck is pretty powerful and, chances are, you’re looking to tow some stuff with it. Today, learn how you can put Tampa used Dodge trucks, or any other truck for that matter, to work safely and efficiently while towing a trailer. Gibson Truck World puts safety at the forefront of everything we do, so here are our best tips for appropriate towing:

  • Adequate Tongue Weight: Tongue weight refers to the downward pressure placed on the hitch by the tongue of the trailer. You want around 10-15% of the trailer’s total weight to be placed on the tongue for good stability.

  • Safety Chains: When attaching your safety chains, which is a must, you should do so in the form of an X. This allows for tighter turning and can actually prevent the tongue of the trailer from falling to the ground if the hitch were to come undone.

  • Tire Pressure: Ensure all of your tires are filled to their maximum capacity. This improves gas consumption.

  • Check the Load: After about 10 minutes of driving, stop the truck and check the trailer’s tie downs, as they will have undoubtedly come slightly loose due to movement.

  • Check Your Bearings: Remember to annually grease your trailer bearings, especially if your trailer sees a lot of water or comes in contact with saltwater.

  • Trailer Battery: Trailers that have electrically-operated brakes have a 12-volt battery that turns on the brakes if the hitch were to come off. You should check if the battery has charge, as often these require manual charging.

With these tips, hopefully your towing experience will not only be smoother, but also much safer. We’re big on safety here at Gibson Truck World, which is why all of our trucks, our Tampa used Dodge trucks especially, are inspected at over 135 points before they ever make it onto our lot. And speaking of our lot, come check us out. We’re located at 3455 S. Orlando Dr. in Sanford. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 407-321-0660, or start up a conversation through our online chat system.

Avoid These Common Mistakes Consumers Make When Buying A Used Truck


Buying a truck is a big commitment. You’re going to be spending thousands of dollars on a vehicle that may be essential to your business. You don’t want to make the mistakes many Tampa used Dodge trucks owners make when purchasing their truck. Heed Gibson Truck World’s advice and pay attention to the following top mistakes to avoid.

Wrong Cabin Size

The interior of your truck is just as important as the exterior features. Before you make your decision, think about how many passengers will regularly be riding in your truck. Will your truck be useful for family trips or is another vehicle in your household already suitable?

You have three options:

  • Regular Cab: This is your standard option that only seats two or potentially three people. There is no back seat.

  • Extended Cab: You have a bit more room here as there is now a back seat, albeit small. You can seat four or five people with this option.

  • Crew Cab: This option gives you four doors and can seat four or five adults comfortably. As the name suggests, you can fit your whole crew in here.

Keep in mind that sometimes a larger cab means a shorter bed. Buyer beware.

Wrong Bed Size

Consider the size of items you will be hauling when making your decision regarding bed size. If you haul many large items such as long planks of wood or large furniture, then a longer bed is likely just what you need. They tend to cost a bit more, but give you flexibility with hauling. Their downside is that the truck becomes more difficult to park and drive, as well as it brings an increase in fuel expenses.

Wrong Engine

Your engine is going to mandate just how much you can haul or tow. Once you’ve made your decision, you’ve got to stick with it. Consider the weight of the things you are going to carry on a regular basis. A smaller engine will save you on purchasing costs and will be less costly to fuel, but you will be limited as to how much weight it can manage. A larger truck engine will be suitable for all of your needs, but that flexibility comes at a price.

Wrong Amenities

Trucks can come about as tricked out as any other vehicle. Conversely, they can come pretty bare bones as well. You need to be reasonable when you purchase your truck so you will actually enjoy riding it. If this truck is solely for work purposes and you foresee it getting beat up very quickly, then perhaps those extra amenities, like leather seats or a moonroof, aren’t worth the extra expense.

When buying your truck, take into account the common mistakes we have discussed. They will certainly affect the way you use your truck and will determine how satisfied you are with your purchase. When buying Tampa used Dodge trucks, always come to Gibson Truck World first. We’re located at 3455 S. Orlando Dr. in Sanford, so come see us today.

What To Look For In a Used Truck Dealership


A used truck dealership is completely different from one that only sells new trucks for many reasons. You’ve got to pay attention to a few characteristics that can make or break your experience at a used truck dealership if you’ve never been to one before. The team at Gibson Truck World knows what makes a good dealership for purchasing the used trucks Orlando residents like you want. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

Selection of Trucks

A dealership that has no variety in its inventory is not worth your time. You want to find a place that gives you as many options as possible so that you may find the truck suited for you. Gibson Truck World carries hundreds of trucks and vehicles, all of which are constantly being refreshed, ensuring you get the chance to purchase a truck that not only meets your needs, but also your wants.

Quality Service

You have got to consider how you are being treated. If you aren’t being put first, and if the available trucks aren’t being taken care of properly, then it’s not the place to spend your hard earned money. We do our best to put the customer first; it’s part of our formula for success. One such way our formula works is by prioritizing your safety by repairing our trucks in our world-class servicing center and making sure there are no issues with your truck.


An important tell-tale sign for consumers should be whether or not there are warranties made available for the vehicles the dealership is selling. If there are none, then you can cannot guarantee that the work done on your truck, if any, was done improperly or corners were cut. Gibson Truck World offers some fantastic warranties, our most coveted being the 12-month bumper-to-bumper warranty that certain trucks get. This warranty protects your truck for an entire year’s worth of maintenance and repairs, saving you hundreds of dollars.

Don’t neglect the signs of an untrustworthy used truck dealership. You need to be vigilant in order to protect your investment in the used trucks Orlando’s dealerships have for sale. We invite you to visit Gibson Truck World and make a comparison yourself; you won’t be disappointed in what you find from us. We’re located on 3455 S. Orlando Dr. in Sanford, a short drive from all of Central Florida.

Let’s Define Diesel Fuel


If you’re looking at a truck towing or hauling a heavy load and doing so with ease, chances are you’re looking at a diesel-powered truck. Many of the used trucks Orlando companies purchase for fulfilling their work needs must be diesel because diesel provides the best performance as compared to gasoline. Gibson Truck World is eager to provide you a wide variety of diesel trucks every day; let’s discuss what makes diesel fuel different.

How it Works

Diesel fuel works differently than gasoline because it requires no spark to ignite the engine and cause combustion. Instead, the compression of an inlet air mixture, along with the fuel, causes ignition. Air becomes highly compressed, thus increasing its temperature and making it the perfect medium for which to inject diesel fuel, at which point small amounts of fuel are ignited and allow for the combustion process to move forward.

Why It’s Better

Due to its unique combustion system, diesel fuel can have drastically improved fuel efficiency in comparison with traditional gasoline. This is because the compression system creates extremely high temperatures which can make the fuel ignite very easily, and continue doing so for longer. Engines running off of diesel tend to be more reliable as a result.

How It Benefits Your Truck

Diesel engines are known to be more rugged and reliable because they have fewer parts that need to receive maintenance. Furthermore, their efficiency means improved fuel economy, since gasoline burns out quicker than diesel. Most importantly, diesel engines make for stronger trucks, allowing for greater loads when towing and hauling, meaning faster acceleration.

Whenever you come to visit Gibson Truck World, it’s going to become evident that you have many options to choose from, including both diesel and gasoline. Now that you are a bit more aware of the benefits of diesel, you might reconsider what you once thought was not an option for you. If you’ve got any more questions about diesel, or about any of our hundreds of the used trucks Orlando, don’t hesitate to stop by our lot on 3455 S. Orlando Dr. in Sanford, or give us a call at 407-321-0660.

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Used Truck Over a New One


Consumers looking to buy the used trucks Orlando dealerships have in stock are always asking themselves one question: should I buy used or new? It can be a tough question and one Gibson Truck World sees a lot. Today, we’re going to discuss the benefits of buying a used truck from the number one used trucks dealership in the world.

  1. Save Money: As is obvious to most, the biggest factor in buying new or used truck is the cost savings. Used trucks can be purchased for much less than their brand new counterparts. This is simply how new vehicles work; once that truck rolls off a dealership’s lot, it’s worth a lot less, which, in turn, helps you save thousands of dollars, if you choose a used truck.

  2. Obtain Classic Models No Longer Produced: Buying used affords you the ability to be able to purchase the exact truck you want. Given the nature of our business, we carry trucks and vehicles from every make and model imaginable, and we even have special edition models that you simply cannot find at a new truck dealership.

  3. Get Features You Couldn’t Otherwise Afford: When you opt for a new truck, you’re quickly going to find out just how limited your options may be. If they aren’t limited, well, you’re going to be paying a steep price for that luxury. By putting your hard earned dollars into a used truck, you’re going to be able to get many more options and upgrades, all while at a lower price than what a new truck would cost you.

  4. Buy a Truck That is Built to Last: A used truck has got one big thing over a new truck: it’s passed the durability test. When you buy a new truck, you have no idea how that truck will fare at getting work done and surviving the hard tasks most trucks are put through. Used trucks, on the other hand, have proven their ability to function reliably as they continue to function well.

  5. Still Have Great Warranties: Yes, it’s true; new trucks have warranties. But guess what? So do many of our used trucks. In fact, a lot of the used trucks you may be looking at still have the same manufacturer’s warranty that a new truck brings, but they also have warranties provided by us, covering maintenance that the manufacturer’s warranty does not.

It’s evident why the used trucks Orlando residents are on the hunt for are so sought after; the value Gibson Truck World’s trucks provide is huge compared to new trucks. We urge you to see it for yourself by stopping by our lot on 3455 S. Orlando Dr. in Sanford, or by browsing our online inventory. If you have any questions, call us at 407-321-0660, or chat with a representative online.

Gibson Spotlight: 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 LT Crew Cab Duramax Diesel Allison Transmission 4X4


From the same manufacturer that brought you both 2015’s and 2016’s truck of the year, Gibson Truck World is back at it again with the white, low mileage Chevrolet Silverado. It’s jam-packed with the latest in safety features and is still under manufacturer’s warranty. It’s just one of the used trucks Orlando customers can expect to find on our lot, and it’s waiting for you to check it out!

Under the Hood

The driving force of this truck, and perhaps its most important part, is its 6.6 liter Duramax Turbodiesel engine. It provides 14,500 pounds of towing capacity with the renowned Allison transmission, allowing for 4 wheel drive. You’ll be glad to know that all of this muscle is backed by the Powertrain and Diesel Engine warranty, lasting until 2/25/2020 or 100 thousand miles.

Exterior Features

It comes with a gorgeous and modern Sonic White paint job, highlighting the halogen projector headlights. There are handy step-up aides by the doors and in the rear by the truck bed, making it easy to hop on and off at any moment. With the included keyless entry system and alarm, you’ll find getting in and out very convenient.

Interior Features

The interior beholds a full-featured stereo system including six CD player, as well as some other modern comforts. You’ll have access to OnStar’s help system, tilt steering, cruise control, and steering wheel controls. These features and more are protected by the one-year free maintenance we include with top-of-the-line trucks like this one.

Quite the truck, isn’t it? It could be yours. All you have to do is stop by our lot on 3455 S. Orlando Dr. in Sanford and ask to check her out. Our helpful truck specialists are ready 24/7 to answer any questions you may have and address any of your concerns. Feel free to give us a call at 407-321-0660 at any time to inquire about this or any of the used trucks Orlando customers like you are driving away every day. If you can’t make the call and can’t come in person, reach one of our reps online through our live chat system for assistance.

Gibson Spotlight: The 2016 Ford F-350 Platinum Crew Cab Longbed Powerstroke Diesel 4X4

The 2016 F-350 is Ford’s latest and greatest, and Gibson Truck World’s got it! We’re proud of our ability to provide you with the best used trucks Orlando has ever been witness to and at unbeatable prices. In fact, we’ll pay YOU $1000 if you manage to find as good a truck for less. We’re really digging what this year’s F-350 has to offer and think you will like it, too.

Under the Hood

The 2016 F-350 packs a hard punch and delivers when you need it to. It comes with a massive V8 Diesel Powerstroke engine capable of pumping out 440 horsepower and 860 pound-feet of torque, ensuring you’ll be able to load and haul nearly anything that fits. It’s also capable of towing up to 26,500 pounds; that’s enough towing capacity for anybody’s needs. The six-speed automatic transmission is capable of providing rear and four-wheel drive configurations, suitable for all terrains.

Exterior Features

This truck is packed to the brim with features, including a lined bed with a protective coating, a step ladder for climbing on, backup sensors and cameras, and more. It’s got the classic black paint job to match the goodies inside.

Interior Features

Inside, you’ll find that this truck really takes it to the next level. Included is a full navigation package with touchscreen controls, a moonroof, electric windows and locks, including the rear cabin window. It also has premium leather memory seats that are both heated and cooled, which is very important under the Florida sun. You’ll find it’s bundled with a towing package, keyless entry, and steering wheel controls, among other outstanding features.

You really couldn’t go wrong with such a remarkable truck. It’s one of the hundreds of used trucks Orlando that you can test drive at Gibson Truck World. We truly want you to have a fantastic experience when you begin your search for your next used truck, so please let us know how we can help. We’re available every day of the week to take your calls, chat with you online, or see you in person. Our number is 407-321-0660, so give us a call.

Liters, Cylinders, and Horsepower Oh My!


When looking into trucks, you might experience a little bit of a shock given just how many numbers you have to pay attention to. What do they all mean? How will they affect my driving experience? Well, the truck specialists at Gibson Truck World have broken it down into easily digestible bites that will hopefully make it more understandable. With this information at hand, you’ll be able to make sense of what our Tampa used Dodge trucks can do.

  • Liters and Cylinders: The cylinders inside of your truck’s engine are the parts where the fuel is burned and turned into power. The more cylinders you have, the more power you’ll be able to produce, but at a greater fuel cost. You can find trucks and cars configured with either four, six, or eight cylinders in a linear or v-shaped formation, hence why you’ll often hear about “V8 engines”, for example. The size, volume really, of these cylinders is measured in liters. A larger cylinder can provide more power for your truck in the form of torque.

  • Torque and Horsepower: Torque is measured in pounds-feet (lb-ft) of pulling power. This means that a truck with more torque can begin moving quicker from a full stop than one with less torque, all else equal. When talking about horsepower, we are considering the amount of torque provided at a certain engine speed, thus giving us a measurement of how much work that truck or vehicle can perform. It’s important to note that horsepower on a vehicle is marked by its peak performance, so it is a measurement that is not reflective of the entire driving experience. You’ll need to account for weight, load, and road conditions as well as they will affect the performance of your truck.

There are, in fact, many different factors to consider when purchasing your Tampa used Dodge trucks that weren’t covered here, but, hopefully, these basics can help you get a better understanding of what all of these numbers represent. As always, contact Gibson Truck World day or night to speak to one of our truck specialists. Reach us online, in person, or by phone at 407-321-0660.

Apps to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Truck


Ladies and gentlemen: welcome to the digital age. Apps are ever more frequently becoming an integral part of our lives and providing us with substantial benefits. Gibson Truck World has done the legwork to list a few of the top apps for Tampa used Dodge trucks and their drivers. Here are the cream of the crop apps to help you get the most out of your truck:

  • Waze GPS: This is the GPS app you don’t want to miss as it provides features that aren’t available elsewhere, like real-time traffic warnings, allowing you not only divert from a backed up route, but also to know what exactly happened at that location. It uses input from users like you to update the entire Waze community. Therefore, the more users there are, the better the app gets.

  • RAM Toolbox: This app is specific to your used Dodge RAM truck, but there are similar ones from most manufacturers. It allows you to select your truck from a list and provides you all the information you might need to perform maintenance checks on it. It also shows you where your truck’s controls are and even has extra features, like a parking spot reminder.

  • GasBuddy: This app is very handy because it shows you where the least expensive gas and diesel pumps are at, saving you money every time you use it. It can be really convenient when you’re taking long trips to locations you’re not familiar with since it uses GPS to track your location and give you the best prices available around you.

At Gibson Truck World, we’re all about saving you money while providing quality services, which is why all of these apps are free on your preferred app store. We know you’ll have a great time using these with our Tampa used Dodge trucks. Give us a call at 407-321-0660, or chat with a representative online to find out what truck we have that is perfect for you.

How the Florida Landscape Can Damage Your Truck


It’s obvious to anyone who spends a few days here in Florida that we have the most accurate state nickname: The Sunshine State. We get a lot of sun on a consistent basis, which is the largest factor affecting vehicles and damaging them right under our noses. Let’s discuss how your truck and the Tampa used Dodge trucks Gibson Truck World sells can be affected by our persistent star.

When the sun’s damaging UV rays bombard your vehicle, it’s only a matter of time to notice the damage it causes. The exterior of your truck will be hit first. An obvious sign that your truck is being damaged is that the paint begins to look less bright than it originally did. You’ll notice faded colors that are visibly muted and worn looking, akin to those vehicles with several years on them.

The next part of the truck that is affected is the interior. One of the places that get hit the hardest is the dashboard, particularly because nearly no vehicles have tinting on their windshield. What will start to happen is that the plastics will develop discoloration, fade somewhat, and begin to crack, almost as if they have been dried out by the sun.

Your leather or vinyl seats will begin to deteriorate as well. The sun will quickly discolor them and cause them to crack, drastically bringing down the value and appeal of your truck. The drying out process that takes place on your leather not only looks bad but can exacerbate their wear, as sun-damaged seats will break apart even faster.

To protect yourself from most of this damage, try to keep your truck indoors or under some shade as much as possible. As any true Floridian knows, the best parking spots at the mall are those under some trees to take advantage of the shade they provide. You should also take preventative measures, such as protecting your leather with specially-made products and using a windshield shade whenever possible.

We make sure our Tampa used Dodge trucks are kept in the best condition possible by following the tips we just mentioned. The Florida climate can be tough on any vehicle, so be sure to heed our suggestions to keep your truck looking great. If you want to check out any of the trucks we have in stock, simply stop by at 3455 S. Orlando Dr. in Sanford today.