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5 Reasons You Need the Truck of Your Dreams

gibson1It’s all happened to us at least once in our lives: bitten by the green monster of jealousy. You see a pickup truck rolling down the road, and wished that it was you behind the wheel. If that’s happened to you one too many times, and you’re seriously considering purchasing a used truck in Lakeland, FL, then you’re not alone. We’ve put together 5 reasons why you deserve the truck of your dreams, and there’s sure to be at least one reason you can’t deny!

1. Hauling “Any and Every” Thing: As soon as you experience the convenience of hauling items in a truck bed, you’ll wonder how you went without one. Running to the garden center and hauling back plants, mulch, and fertilizer is snap. Toss the kids’ muddy, grass-caked, sweaty sports gear in the back and go. Then, when you’re done, just hose the bed out, and let it dry in the sun.

2. Towing “Any and Every” Thing: When you can start towing trailers behind your truck, a whole world of possibilities opens up. Get yourself a small boat with a trailer and haul it down to the lake for an impromptu fishing trip. You can rent all sorts of equipment for yard and home work, and just tow it home behind you.

3. Road Trips are Easier Than Ever Before: Packing the family up and going on a weekend camping trip is easy with a pickup truck. No more trying to stuff a car trunk with over-sized items and loads of gear. A pickup is great for any type of road trip since you have so much space for all of the equipment that is usually required for weekend getaways.

4. It’s the Perfect Family Car: There was a time when it was difficult to use a pickup as a family car, and a minivan was your only option for hauling the family around. A truck’s single bench seat and lack of cup holders wasn’t family friendly. Nowadays, pickup trucks are built for families, especially when you opt for an extended cab model. You can pack kids, their friends, their pets, and their stuff into the cab and everyone is comfortable and gets a cup holder.

5. They’re safe and reliable: Pickup trucks are being built to the same high safety and reliability standards of any other vehicle on the road right now. Plus, with a pickup truck, you get the added benefit of being able to go off-road, so there’s less likelihood that you’ll get stuck driving down the muddy dirt road leading to the camp ground.

For help deciding on the perfect used truck in Lakeland, FL that’s right for you, check out the Gibson Truck World blog. Also, feel free to stop by Gibson Truck World in Sanford and take a look for yourself! Call us locally at 407-321-0660, or toll-free at 866-442-7667, and speak with a friendly truck specialists or stop by our showroom.

Getting the Right Tires for Your Truck

gibsonOther than the overall size, most tires look the same at first glance. When you take a closer look, you’ll realize that there are several differences, most of which can be determined by the tire code printed on the sidewall. The type of tires you have on your Orlando used truck can affect its performance, and even fuel efficiency. So, what kind of tires does your truck need?

The first thing you’ll need to understand is what the printed tire size on the sidewall actually means. The code usually starts with a 3-digit numeric code followed by a 5-digit alphanumeric code, and sometimes an additional 3-digit alphanumeric code. A common tire code is: 225/50R16.

The first portion of the code indicates the section width of the tire. In the case of our example above, the 225 is a measurement of 225 millimeters. This measurement indicates the width of the tire from the widest point of its inner sidewall to the widest point of its outer sidewall.

Sometimes, a letter precedes the tire’s section width measurement. This letter indicates the intended service type for that tire. If your tire code is P225/50R16, the “P” indicates that it’s intended for use on cars, SUVs, minivans, or light-duty pickups. Other common codes include: T (temporary spare), LT (light truck-metric, good for transporting heavy cargo), and ST (special trailer service, designed specifically for use on trailers).

Following the width and service code is the sidewall aspect ratio. This number indicates a percentage. For our example of code 225/50R16, the “50” indicates that the sidewall height from rim to tread is 50% of the tire’s section width (225 mm).

Immediately after the sidewall aspect ratio is a letter indicating the internal construction of the tire. In this case, it is an “R” which means the tire has a radial construction. On occasion, you may find tires that have a diagonal, or “D”, construction. Run-flat tires are labeled with an “F”.

The final portion of the code indicates the wheel and tire diameter that are designed to be matched together. In this case, the “16” indicates that this tire is designed to be fitted on a 16” rim.

Your Orlando used truck’s manual will give suggested tire codes appropriate for your truck. Now that you know what those codes mean, you can choose between them based on how you’ll be using your truck.

For more information related to Orlando used trucks, browse the Gibson Truck World blog. If you’re looking to explore quality used trucks at a price that you’ll love, give us a call at 407-321-0660 or stop by the lot and we’ll be happy to help you out.

5 Must-Haves for Your Truck for the Summer


This summer, it’s time to unleash all of the potential of your pickup truck. From towing jet skis to truck-bed picnics, there’s no end to fun you can be having in your truck this summer. With all of this sun, fun, and heat there’s some added potential for your truck to get damaged or worn faster than it normally would. Don’t worry though; we’ve put together a list of 5 must-haves for your truck for the summer so all that fun doesn’t cause any problems for your truck.


Let’s start at the bottom of the truck with the tires. If you have winter or snow tires on your truck, then you’ll want to replace them with an all-season or summer tire. These will offer better handling and traction on the snow-free summer roads but they’re also better equipped to handle the heat of summer.

Floor Mats

Moving on up the truck to the floor, or more specifically, your floor mats. After a day at the beach, hiking, or four-wheeling, chances are pretty good that sand, dirt, mud (or all three!) will be tracked into your truck and subsequently ground into your floor mats. Ditch your carpeted floor mats for a set of rubber floor mats that can easily be pulled out and hosed off.

Seat Covers

This summer, it may be worth investing in a set of washable seat covers (general fit or custom) for your truck. This way when the dog’s muddy paw prints mix with the kids’ ice cream cone drips to create a mega stain on your seat, you can just pop the cover into the washer and get it clean and fresh for the next trip!

Sun Protection

Just like you protect yourself with sunscreen, your truck needs some too, only we call it wax. Protect your truck’s paint job from bugs, sand, saltwater, and the sun with a fresh coat of wax. You can also have your windows tinted to block the sun’s damaging rays and keep the cab cooler.

Cargo Racks and Boxes

Make all of your summer adventures easier by installing a roof rack, bike rack, or cargo boxes to store and haul all of your adventure gear. This will make getting ready to go even easier. It also makes the trip safer since your load will be properly secured in racks and boxes designed to keep everything on the truck while you’re cruising down the highway.

Outfitting your truck for summer can make it a fun season with plenty of fun and no headaches. For more great ways to get your truck outfitted for any occasion, check out the Gibson Truck World blog.

Study Shows that Bigger, Heavier Vehicles Are Safer

gibson2In recent years, truck manufacturers have worked hard to increase the family-friendliness of their trucks. With more accessible backseats, added cup holders, and built-in car seat buckles, Lakeland used trucks are no longer just for the jobsite. Now that trucks are becoming a “family car”, many people have been considering the safety of trucks compared to other brands like Volvo and Toyota. While trucks seem safe, it never hurts to have definitive proof, and the University at Buffalo set out to do just that.

Researchers conducted an intense scrutiny of 360 vehicles, including small and large pickup trucks. They looked beyond the conclusions of industry testing reasoning that those tests don’t always simulate real world scenarios, like a crash between a small car and large truck. The research included vehicle models from 2010 to 2012 and focused on the insurance losses, information that is tracked by the Highway Loss Data Institute, which is a non profit funded by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Once all of the data was in and tabulated, the team presented their findings at the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine in San Diego. Their research did confirm that vehicles with the fewest person-injury claims were large, heavy, pickup trucks and SUVs. The resulting research also showed a correlation between overall vehicle price and safety. They were able to summarize that for every $10,000 spent on a vehicle, injury claims were reduced by 12% and for every 1,000-pound increase in vehicle weight, injury claims were reduced by 19%.

In the end, the research did show what many people had already assumed that bigger, heavier vehicles are safer. So why is it important to have these figures tabulated and confirmed? There’s piece of mind, of course, but more than that, these numbers can now be viewed as facts, which can end up impacting vehicle insurance rates.

If you’re in the market for a Lakeland used truck, start looking beyond just what it can do for you on the job, and start to consider how it fits into your whole lifestyle. Safety is always a concern when purchasing a vehicle and a larger, heavier truck can certainly tow more, but it’s also safer for you and your family. For more information about the safety of Lakeland used trucks, or selecting the right truck for your lifestyle, browse the Gibson Truck World blog, or contact one of our truck specialists at (866) 442-7667 today.

Ways to Use Your Truck to Make Money

gibsonIf you, or your teenager, are looking to make a little extra money then look no further than your pickup truck. Plenty of people have the need for a pickup truck on occasion but renting one can be a hassle. You can help them out in a variety of ways with very little overhead. So, wash your used trucks in Orlando, and print up some business cards to start taking advantage of these simple ways to use your truck to make money.

  • Yard Sale Help: This is a particularly great idea in neighborhoods that have community-wide yard sales. Drop your card off with homeowners having a yard sale and offer to deliver large, bulky or heavy items to their customers. This is especially helpful for people that want to purchase items like tables or dressers but have no way to get them home. You can even offer to haul any unsold items away at the end of the day.

  • Bulk Goods Deliver:Get in touch with local businesses that sell bulk goods like mulch, sand, firewood, fill dirt, hay, or even animal feed and let them know you’re available for small delivery runs. Many of these types of businesses are equipped to deliver large orders for farms and companies, but the occasional homeowner may be purchasing from them too. You can take care of those smaller deliveries for a rate that’s more economical than sending their larger trucks out.

  • Light-Duty Towing: Adventurous homeowners taking care of some yard or home DIY projects may need to rent equipment like tile cutters or yard tillers. These items are too large for a normal car trunk but can be easily transported on a trailer. There are also great opportunities for towing large items that people have purchased at flea markets. Leave your number on local bulletin boards or with flea market dealers to get the word out.

  • Junk Hauling: When people clean out their attics, basements, or garages, there is always a pile of items the garbage service won’t take. Offer to haul these items away for homeowners by posting notices on Craig’s List or on local bulletin boards. You could even connect with flea market dealers to sell the items to for a cheap rate.

There are lots of great ways to make a few extra bucks with your pickup truck. Make sure you charge enough to cover your fuel and always take every safety precaution necessary when hauling or towing. For more ways to get the most out of owning a used truck in Orlando, check out the Gibson Truck World blog.

Summer Activities for You & Your Used Pickup Truck


Pickup trucks are one of the most versatile vehicles on the road today. Owning a pickup opens up a world of possibility when it comes to DIY and home improvement projects. Towing or hauling is a breeze but are you using your truck to its fullest capacity? Your Ocala used truck can take common events and make them even better. We’ve compiled our favorite summer activities for you and your used pickup truck to try this season.

  • Adventure Cruising: Grab the kids and take them on a quick adventure cruise. A pickup truck is built to leave those common paved roads and make its way through off-road trails and rugged terrain. They’ll have a great time bouncing along dirt roads and holding their breath as you ascend steep hills. Be sure to plan ahead for your off-roading adventure to make sure things stay safe and secure.

  • Tailgating Party: Tailgating isn’t just for parking lots before the big game. Get a group of friends and meet up in a beautiful location for an afternoon tailgating party. Bring some music and food, and let the good times unfold as everyone sets up their trucks for a great tailgating party.

  • Stargazing: This is a great date night activity. Leave the kids at home for this one and after a nice dinner, head out to a remote location where the city lights won’t block the light of the stars. Lay some blankets down in the bed of the truck, turn on the radio and lie in the back of the truck gazing up at the stars.

  • Family Picnic: Grab the whole family, even the dogs, and head out to the country for a picnic. Do a little hiking and then come back to the truck for a truck-bed picnic. Lay a plank of wood across the truck bed to make a quick table for everyone to gather around. Pull out the cooler of sandwiches and drinks to enjoy an easy and fun picnic afternoon.

Pickup trucks are certainly made to work hard but don’t forget to play hard with them too. If you’re in the market for an Ocala used truck, don’t forget to consider all of the fun activities you can use it for after the workday is done. For more great ways to use your pickup truck, browse the rest of the Gibson Truck World blog.

How-to Make Your Ram Get to 300k Miles

8b66e574e4a64cb493bc06fb56c87368If you’re the type of truck owner that buys and “drives ‘til it dies”, then getting 300k miles out of your Ram truck is definitely on your goal list. While we can’t all expect to be as lucky as Howard Clayton, whose Ram is heading toward the 1.7 million mile mark (and the record books), we can do our part to help the engine in your used Dodge truck in Orlando. Our expert service technicians have come up with this easy how-to guide to make your Ram get to 300k miles.

1. Go Diesel: If you haven’t purchased a Ram truck yet, and you’re looking for longevity and an engine that will easy tick away the odometer, choose a diesel. These engines are known for their ability to easily surpass 300k miles…when properly cared for. You can also extend the life of your diesel engine by giving it a few minutes to heat up in the morning after being off for at least 8 hours.

2. Regular Oil Changes with the Right Oil: If you already own a Ram truck, there are things you can do to extend the life of it. Getting the oil changed regularly will help prevent wear and tear on the engine. Just getting the oil changed isn’t where it ends; you’ll also need to make sure that you’re using quality oil and filters. Finally, be sure that you’re changing the type of oil you use based on the season and temperatures outside.

3. Don’t let the Little Things Wait: If you notice any lack of performance or strange noises/smells coming from your engine, take it to a service shop immediately. Even minor problems can cause the engine to work harder and that knocks miles off of its life.

4. Drive like You’ve got Nowhere to Be: Your driving style can also affect your Ram’s engine life. Hard stops, quick starts, high speeds and generally aggressive driving all take a toll on your engine’s health. If you’re doing a lot of highway driving, take your time and don’t keep the pedal to the floor the whole way.

Follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way to 300k miles with your Ram. If you’re looking for other ways to extend the life of your used Dodge truck in Orlando, check out the rest of the Gibson Truck World blog. Also, we love to talk trucks and would be happy to help you find a truck that will go the distance. Give us a call at (866) 442-7667, or just stop by the lot to chat with one of our truck experts.

Ford F-150, F-250 & F-350 Breakdown

b983501fdfe245febe7fbf1952748bceThe Ford F-Series pickup trucks have been popular since they were introduced back in 1948. There have been several generations and changes over the years, but the F-150, F-250, and F-350 still remain top sellers. In fact, the F-150 has earned the title of the Best Selling Truck in America for the past 32 years. So, what’s the difference between these great used Ford trucks in Orlando? Our truck experts put together a breakdown for the Ford 150, 250, and 350 so you’ll have all the info you need.

At the most basic level, the difference between each model is the payload and towing capacity. The F-150 is a great all-purpose, light-duty pickup truck and is offered with several engine sizes. The F-250 and F-350 are considered super-duty trucks and can tow and haul heavier weights. Everything that goes into building a truck that can tow and haul different amounts is where you’ll start to see the little differences.

While an exact apple-to-apple comparison is difficult due to finer nuances of each vehicle, this is a basic breakdown based on the maximum loaded trailer weight:

  • F-150, automatic transmission, 4×4, conventional towing, 6.2L 2-Valve V8 engine: 11,200 pounds

  • F-250, automatic transmission, 4×4, conventional towing, 6.7L V8 Turbo Diesel engine: 14,000 pounds

  • F-350, automatic transmission, 4×4, conventional towing, 6.7L V8 Turbo Diesel engine: 14,000 pounds

After seeing that, you may be wondering why someone would choose an F-250 if the F-350 appears to be exactly the same? While they are similar trucks, there are some differences, mainly the ability to add towing packages and dual rear wheels to the F-350, all of which can get you a maximum trailer weight of up to 22,800 pounds. All of this capacity and the power needed to move it equate to a heavier truck, a bigger engine, and less fuel economy.

If you don’t need the extra level of towing and power that the F-350 can offer, then the F-250 is a great alternative. You’ll get more towing capacity than the F-150, but not so much more that your truck is guzzling fuel unnecessarily. Start your new truck search by considering the towing capacity you’ll require. This way you won’t be driving more truck than you need.

With so many options to choose from, finding the right truck can be a daunting task. To help out, we have more used Ford trucks in Orlando buying tips in the Gibson Truck World blog. We also have truck specialists available to help any time online or at the lot. They can help you narrow down the brands and models that will meet your needs so you can find the right truck for your lifestyle.

Guide to Knowing When to Replace Your Truck’s Brakes

highway-409125_1280A vehicle’s brakes are one of the most important safety features it has, and it’s important to keep them in good condition. This is especially true for a Lakeland used truck because as truck owners, we often haul and tow extra weight that needs a good set of brakes to stop it. Don’t just count on your regular maintenance routine as a guide to knowing when to replace your truck’s brakes, consider these warning signs too.

  • Pulling: If your truck starts pulling to the side when braking, it could indicate a couple of problems with your brakes. There may be debris in your brake fluid, and it’s causing a blockage in the brake line. It may also indicate that your brake lines are wearing unevenly and an adjustment is needed.

  • Vibration: If you feel a vibration or pulsing in the pedal when braking, it is often a sign of warped rotors. While this can also be a sign that your truck is out of alignment, it’s best not to delay having it checked.

  • Grinding: If you hear a grinding sound like metal on metal, you may have completely worn down your brake pads. The noise you’re hearing is most likely the disc and caliper rubbing together. This can lead to severe damage to the rotors and an impaired braking ability.

  • Lack of Response: If you push on the brake pedal and it doesn’t engage as quickly as it used to or it just sinks to the floor without slowing the vehicle, there could be a leak in your brake system. The truck could be losing brake fluid or air could be getting into the system through a hole in the brake hose.

If you notice any decrease in your truck’s braking capability, have it checked immediately. You can also keep an eye on your braking system. When the truck is in park and off, look through the wheel rim and you’ll be able to see your brake pads. In general, there should be at least ¼ inch of pad. If not, have them replaced immediately.

Any time you tax your truck’s braking system through a series of hard and sudden stops or descending down a steep grade, consider having your brake system inspected. Your brakes are not something you want to let go and allow to degrade. If you’re looking for more information on keeping your Lakeland used truck safe, browse the Gibson Truck World blog. Our truck experts are always writing up new ways to keep you and your truck safe.

Your How-To Guide for Proper Off-Roading

road-791160_1280There are plenty of reasons to take your truck off-road: scouting a job site, getting to a secret fishing hole, or just for some good old-fashioned fun. Before you start heading out to play in the dirt though, there are a few things you should know to prevent damage to your Ocala used trucks and keep everyone safe.

1. Consider the Terrain: Different trucks have different off-roading capabilities based on their tires, engine, drivetrain, etc. Consider the type of terrain you’ll be off-roading on so you can get through it safely.

  • Mud – Mud can wreak havoc on your truck, especially if you don’t know how deep it is. It’s best to avoid mud when you can. If you do need to cross a muddy area, keep your speed up and maintain a forward momentum to avoid getting stuck.

  • Water – Similar to mud, it’s best to avoid it all together. Just 10” of rushing water can sweep your truck away. If you’re attempting to get through water, make sure the deepest part of the water is at least a few inches shy of your air intake and keep your revs up to avoid water flowing into your exhaust outlet.

  • Sand – One of the most common terrains in Florida is sand and the best way to get through it is to air down your tires. You may need to go as low as 12 or 15 psi depending on the tires. Be sure to bring something to inflate them again once you reach sturdier terrain.

2. Consider the Angles: Geometry is your friend when it comes to off-roading safely. Before attempting to cross any steep terrain, consider how much clearance you’ll need on the approach (the angle from the bottom of your front bumper to the bottom of the tire). Next, will you have enough clearance on the break over as your truck pivots from an upward trajectory to a downward one? Finally, is there enough clearance between your rear bumper and the ground for your truck on the descent?

3. Consider an Escape Plan: You may get stuck while off-roading, so it’s good to have some options, like bringing an off-road buddy in another vehicle. You’ll also want to have a winch, a shovel for digging tires out, and a saw for cutting up large branches you may get hung on.

No matter what terrain you’re attempting to cross, always be sensible. Don’t drive too fast, and don’t attempt to pass obstacles that are overtly dangerous. If you need to do a lot of off-road driving and are looking for the best Ocala used truck for the job, chat with our truck specialists at Gibson Truck World. We know our trucks and can recommend the best option for you. You can call us at (866) 442-7667.