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4 Tips for Buying a Used Chevy Truck

F2665067ded864776a48c8f6b467c959eor many truck buyers, the prospect of buying “used” may be intimidating. Often, there is concern about the quality or reliability of the vehicle you’re purchasing. However, by choosing a truck brand and a dealership that both have reputations for quality, you can often get yourself a great truck for great price. At Gibson Truck World, we have a great selection of Lakeland used Chevy trucks, so you can rest assured the Chevy truck of your dreams can be realized.

Chevy has been making trucks for almost 100 years, and they’ve built a reputation for quality. They offer a variety of truck sizes to accommodate your lifestyle. Look for Lakeland used Chevy trucks at a dealership that will offer you a warranty, a vehicle history report, and has a positive reputation in your community, like Gibson Truck World. Follow this plan for buying a used Chevy truck, and you’ll be sure to get the best truck for your buck.

  • #1 – Determine a Budget: Your budget will drive the rest of your choices when it comes to selecting a Chevy model. While buying used can certainly get you more features and options, you’ll still need to have a number in mind before you visit the dealership.

  • #2 – Determine How Much Truck You Need: Chevy offers a variety of sizes in the used market. The S-10 is a smaller truck designed for carting around lightweight cargo, or towing smaller items. You can also consider the classic Chevy Silverado. Available in half-ton, three-quarter-ton, and one-ton class pickup trucks, the Silverado has an option for everyone.

  • #3 – Determine How Much Engine You Need: Within each class of Chevy truck, there are different engine options. The size engine you’ll need will be determined by what you’ll be using the truck for. Consider the weight of your cargo and anything you’ll be towing with it. Don’t forget to calculate the trailer weight into it. All of this will help determine, within the truck class you’ve chosen, which engine you should get.

  • #4 – Research Trim Packages: It’s important to understand the features and options that come with the different Lakeland used Chevy trucks you will be looking at. For example, the Chevy sports package will have upgraded amenities, some of which you may need, and some you may not. It’s important to understand the options so you know what to expect with each used Chevy truck you are interested in.

If you’re in the market for a Lakeland used Chevy truck, stop by Gibson Truck World. Our truck specialists can help you find a Chevy truck that will fit your lifestyle and budget. They’ll even help decipher the trim package options available on the used Chevy model you’ve chosen. For additional truck buying tips, browse the Gibson Truck World blog.

Do’s & Don’ts of Buying a Dodge Ram

a65b56ebe9984c8face407d88d8df946Since its introduction in 1981, the Dodge Ram has become a classic and a favorite choice for many truck buyers. Several models have won Motor Trend Magazine’s Truck of the Year award and regularly tops other lists for best truck. While Ram trucks are certainly a great pick, there are a few do’s and don’ts of buying a Dodge Ram:

  • DO Consider How You’ll be Using the Truck: Ram pickup trucks are available in several models: 1500, 2500, 3500, 4500, and the 5500. Before starting your search, consider all of the ways you might use your truck. Is it mostly for work? Will you be hauling or towing a heavy payload or large items? Will you be using it to drive kids to their soccer practice? All of these will help shape the intended use of the truck, and determine the model, trim level, bed length, and cab type you’ll want to consider.

  • DO Understand the Trim Options: Each used Ram truck will come with its own set of trim options. It’s also important to understand how some of the options, like tire size, can affect the performance of the truck, and if it will impact your use of it. The truck specialists at Gibson Truck World can explain how each trim option on the truck you are looking at will affect you.

  • DON’T Neglect to Consider a Used Ram Truck: Ram trucks have a reputation for quality, so buying an older model will still get you a great truck, but at a lower price. Consider the Ram 1500. The current generation has been produced since 2009. This means that if you like the 2015 Ram 1500, there’s a good chance you’ll also like the 2014, 2013, or even the 2012 model too.

As with most large purchases, a little research and consideration of your work and lifestyle can go a long way in getting what you want. If you’re stuck when it comes to interpreting how your life translates into a Lakeland used Dodge truck model, consider visiting America’s #1 used truck dealership at Gibson Truck World, and speaking with one of our truck specialists. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you find the perfect truck for you. For more truck buying tips and ideas, browse our blog.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Their Pickup Truck

family-216825_1280It’s that time of year to honor the man who has always been there for you: your father.  Father’s Day gives you the opportunity to say thanks in many different ways. Sometimes, people struggle with what to get their dad, and they end up getting him a tie, a soap on a rope, or just a gift card. This year, why don’t you get him something he will actually use? We’ve put together a list of our favorite Father’s Day gift ideas for his Orlando used truck that he just bought at Gibson Truck World.

Seat Covers

Dad’s truck is probably used for multiple reasons. Work, hunting, traveling, and fishing are just some of the activities that dad may be using his truck for. Freshen up the inside of his truck with a new set of seat covers, and you’ll get a whole new canvas that can make your father’s truck interior look brand new.

Bed Mat

If your dad doesn’t already have (or doesn’t want) a truck bed liner, then a bed mat is a great way to go. It protects the paint job in the bed from getting dinged, which can eventually lead to rust. A bed mat is also a great way to keep items in the truck bed from sliding back and forth. If dad doesn’t need it for a certain job, then he has the flexibility to take it out. All in all, it’s a good want/need item.

Anzo Headlights

Anzo headlights are a great upgrade for your dad’s current headlights. They boost the standard headlights, giving the driver greater visibility when driving in the dark. This is an especially good gift if your dad drives in the early morning hours before the sun is up, or in the evenings down rural roads. Dads always appreciate a gift that increases safety.

Nerf Bars

One of the most popular after-market pickup truck accessories is a set of running boards or nerf bars. They provide an unobtrusive way to get into the pickup easier, especially if the truck is a model with high ground clearance. Just check with the seller, and they’ll guide you to the type you need based on your dad’s truck make and model.

Dad finally got the truck of his dreams at Gibson Truck World, so now it is time to help him add those extra touches to make his new truck even more amazing! For more Orlando used truck accessory ideas, browse the rest of the Gibson Truck World Blog.

CB Antenna Mounting 101 for Your Truck

In 1945, the United States government brought us the citizen’s band radio service. With it came a new kind of communication and a vernacular of calling codes and handles that have become the substance of legends. CB radio was, and still is, the every man’s communication. If your Lakeland used truck is ready to join the legacy of “River Rat” and “First Mama”, then keep reading. Over.

It’s important to understand how and where to mount a CB antenna on your truck for the best reception. Some pickups are ready for a quick install simply by removing and replacing a bolt under the hood. However, this setup is becoming rare, and you may need a little more ingenuity to get the antenna mounted. Each method has its pros and cons, and your truck body may dictate the method you’ll need to use.

Roof Mount

This method is effective but requires drilling a 3/4″ hole in the roof of your truck cab. This mounting style provides the most even coverage (around the vehicle) of any other method.

Stake Hole

Installing the antenna in a stake hole doesn’t require any modification to your truck (unless a bed liner is blocking access to the stake hole). A stake hole mount slips in the hole for easy installation. The drawback to this method is a limited transmit signal on the side your antenna is installed in.

Hood and Fender

This has become one of the most popular methods for mounting a CB antenna simply because it tends to be the easiest. Many truck manufacturers offer hood mounts for their specific truck bodies. The antenna is easily installed but the transmit signal will be reduced in the front driver’s side of the truck.

Magnet Mount

One of the quickest installation options is the magnet mount. Just as it sounds, the mount is attached to the truck by its powerful magnetic base. These don’t always perform as well as some of the other methods and may end up damaging the paint where the magnet is mounted.

Regardless of the mount type you choose, owning a CB radio is always a fun time. For more articles on Lakeland used trucks, check out the Gibson Truck World blog.

History of the Pickup Truck

automotive-561458_1280Gibson Truck World, a leader in Orlando used trucks, knows a thing or two about the pickup truck. Since its debut in the early 20th century, the pickup truck has become a symbol of hard work. It’s Americana to the core and has been affected by war, industry, and resources – just like the country that invented it. The history of the pickup truck isn’t just the story of a vehicle; it’s the story of a country and the people who built it.

As with many new developments in American history, the pickup truck’s story starts with the Army. As the first decade of the 1900s came to a close, the country’s automobile industry was in full swing. Just four years later in 1914, World War I was official and by 1918, the U.S. Army was looking for a new kind of vehicle. In response, the Dodge brothers were given the chance to create the first pickup truck. It was a half-ton truck with a maximum payload of 1,000 pounds and a 35-horsepower, four-cylinder, three-speed engine. It launched the light-duty category.

By the 1920s, Henry Ford was using his now famous assembly line manufacturing process to build large quantities of affordable vehicles. He adapted that system for the pickup truck, and in 1925, he launched the descriptively named “Ford Model T Runabout with Pickup Body” to the waiting American public for just $281. With the right price and a 40-horsepower, four-cylinder engine, it became a must-have for anyone who had a tough job to do. In the first year of its release, Ford made 33,800 Runabouts.

Business was booming, and America loved the pickup truck. By 1932, Ford had already sold over 3 million pickups when they launched their powerhouse trucks boasting a 65-horsepower, V8 engine. Towards the end of the decade, pickup trucks got a design overhaul. With a full cab and high bed walls, they began to look like the pickups we drive today. However, just as this new design hit showrooms, World War II started and civilian pickup truck manufacturing was put on hold.

After the war ended, pickup trucks were given a boost in power and size. With Chevy’s first three-man seat and engines that now offered between 90-100 horsepower, pickup trucks were big and powerful. This trend continued until the 1970s, when the oil crisis necessitated small, more fuel-efficient models like the Ford Ranger. Then in 1977, Ford built what would become the best-selling truck in America, the F-150. It is still the top-selling vehicle in the U.S.

For more articles about Orlando used truck history and trends, check out the Gibson Truck World blog. If you are interested in owning a piece of American history, we invite you to call us at 866-442-7667. Our truck specialists can help you find the perfect pickup truck at a great price.

Why Should I Buy a Used Truck at Gibson Truck World?

1deb674a11e14dc8a285c52c4879f174Even if you have just started your search for a used Orlando truck, you know that there is a plethora of used trucks to choose from…and the choices can be overwhelming! How is a used truck buyer supposed to know that the truck they are purchasing is a quality truck, delivers top-notch performance, and offers reliability and safety? When you purchase a truck from Gibson Truck World in Sanford, we offer just that: trucks that you can trust for safety and performance, all for a fair price. With a wide selection of quality used trucks, from the best makers of American trucks, we are proud to be Florida’s top provider of quality used Orlando trucks.

Here is a list of reasons that explains why Gibson Truck World is the #1 used Orlando truck dealership over all others:

  • Trucks Must Pass Our Inspection: If a truck sparks our interest, and makes it onto the Gibson Truck World lot, it is then given our well-known 135-point inspection. This involves diagnostic tests, and by using a tram gauge during the frame check, it ensures that the frame’s integrity hasn’t been compromised.

  • The Gibson Guarantee: If the used truck passes our stringent tests, it will then be given the Gibson Truck World Seal of Approval: Certified with our 12-Month Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty, 12 Months of Free Maintenance and a 15-day return/exchange policy.

  • We Have the Best Deals on Trucks: Here at Gibson Truck World, we are so confident that you won’t find a better truck for the price, we will pay you $1,000 if you can find a better truck for less.

  • Our Open and Honest Policy: Our fairly-priced trucks have all upfront costs, presented in a font you can read and listed so that you know exactly what you are getting. Our sales staff is accommodating and will only show you the trucks you actually interested in.

If you are in the market of a quality used truck that is at a fair price, we invite you to visit Gibson Truck World. Just give us a call, locally at 407-321-0660 or toll-free 866-442-7667, and speak with one of our truck specialists. You can also stop by our showroom in Sanford, located at 3455 South Orlando Drive or browse our selection of used Orlando trucks online on our website.

5 Myths Exposed: Stick or Auto

gear-42578_1280(1)There are two conversations that can always raise the hackles of any truck owner, and draw a line in the sand with sides to be chosen: diesel vs. gasoline and stick vs. automatic. Each side has their arguments for and against, and each side knows without a doubt that they are right. Regardless of which side you fall on, there are few things you should know before you join the back and forth, so here are five myths exposed when it comes to a manual or automatic transmission in used trucks in Ocala.

#1– A manual car is less likely to get stolen.

While the logic behind this statement can be understood, there isn’t any factual basis to confirm it. It’s true that there are fewer people who know how to drive stick, but that doesn’t mean car thieves are among them. The National Insurance Crime Bureau tracks car thefts and hasn’t been able to discern a pattern of stick versus auto thefts one way or the other.

#2 – High performance sports cars only come with manual transmissions.

It used to be that sports cars only came with a manual transmission, and the driver was in charge of the shift and power behind that beautiful engine. Nowadays, many sports cars only come as an automatic because technology has been able to surpass even the savviest of manual drivers.

#3 – Teens want to drive stick.

Sure, after watching any of the “To Fast, To Furious” movies, teens may have a momentary pang for a stick shift, but the reality is that driving instructors aren’t receiving many requests from teens looking to learn stick. They’re usually happy to learn on the automatic that they’re borrowing from their parents.

#4 – Stick shift vehicles get better gas mileage.

For a long time, this was one of the top power plays for the manual transmission group, and for a long time, it was true. However, technology is back to kill this myth too. With improvements in the performance and timing of automatic transmissions, the gas mileage averages of stick and auto have been creeping toward each other for years. The gap is now down to a difference of about 1-2 mpg in favor of the manual. So, it is still true…for now.

#5 – Manual transmission cars are cheaper than their automatic counterparts.

This was the supreme battle winner, the proponents of automatic transmissions couldn’t counter it – it was simply a fact. However, time and technology have also started to chip away at this argument point, and now pricing for both types of transmission are very similar. As the demand for manual transmission vehicles continues to fall, the price gap also continues to fall.

If you’re still trying to choose between a stick or auto for your used truck in Ocala, stop by the lot to chat with one of our sales professionals – they have all the latest info. While you are there, be sure to check out our truck selection, and speak with a friendly sales person. Give us a call, locally at 407-321-0660 or toll-free 866-442-7667, or browse our inventory online.

7 Must Have Accessories for Your Truck

ramtruck-300x199Over the years, truck manufacturers have certainly stepped up their game, offering trucks with built-in features and accessories that make their trucks more useful and comfortable. Even with all of this innovation going on, some truck owners still turn to the after-market accessories business to get their truck fully outfitted in just their style and for just their use. Check out our list of the seven must have accessories for your Ocala used truck.

#1 – A heavy-duty trailer hitch

It is by far one of the most popular after-market accessories that truck owners buy, the heavy-duty trailer hitch. After all, many of us buy a truck with a mind for towing something, and it’s usually something big.

#2 – Running boards

With over half of truck owners now adding running boards to their truck, they’ve become a popular and common accessory choice. The ground clearance on your truck is great, but many of us have lost our taste for the “grab the steering wheel while launching yourself into the truck seat” maneuver that we’ve all come to master over the years. Running boards are the perfect remedy.

#3 – Custom rims and wheels

New rims used to just be a style choice but with so many rim and tire options available, it’s not just about changing up the look of your truck. Certain rim and wheel options can change the way your truck rides and handles on the road.

#4 – Tunes

Now that you’re cruising in style in your new truck, you’ve got to have your tunes. Between adding satellite radio and Mp3/iPod hookup kits, nearly 100% of truck owners upgrade their truck’s stereo system.

#5 – Bed and tailgate protection

Sliding tools, wood and other items into the bed of the truck can wreck havoc on the paint job. Even if you don’t care much about maintaining a pristine truck bed, the stripping of the paint exposes the steel beneath to the elements, and we all know that leads to the scourge of rust. To eliminate this problem, many truck owners have opted for spray-on bed liners and tailgate protectors.

#6 – Wheel mud flaps/splashguards

Splashguards aren’t just for keeping muddy water from splashing all over your truck. They help keep your truck tires from kicking up stones, gravel, and sand at the vehicle behind you but also from your own truck and cargo. At the right angle, gravel can make a mess of a paint job.

#7 – Floormats

Sometimes, the carpeted floormats that come with a truck just aren’t rugged enough to keep up with the dirt, grime, and gravel that work boots constantly grind into them. So truck owners are turning to heavy-duty floormats made of thick rubber that can easily be hosed off.

Want to see a great selection of trucks? Browse our selection of quality trucks on our website, or better yet, stop by Gibson Truck World in Sanford and take a look for yourself! Call us, locally at 407-321-0660 or toll-free 866-442-7667, and speak with a friendly associate or stop by our showroom, located at 3455 South Orlando Drive.

Diesel Truck Battery Maintenance Tips

car-battery-296788_1280At some point in all our lives we’ll head out to our used diesel truck in Jacksonville, turn the key and hear the most defeating sound a vehicle can make: click, click, click. You know what it means and yet you turn the key just one more time…click, click, click. The battery is dead and your truck won’t be starting this morning without a jump. You haven’t even had your coffee yet.

As with most things on your truck, this situation can probably be avoided with a little preventative maintenance. We’ve had our service team compile a list of diesel truck battery maintenance tips for you, so you won’t be stuck with a dead battery you didn’t see coming.

1. How old is your battery?

Depending upon the amp hours, the truck battery size, and how often you drive your truck, you can expect your truck’s battery to typically last anywhere from about three to five years. A lot of people like to replace the battery every 3 years just to be safe

2. Clean your battery.

You’ll want to make sure the battery connection ports are clean. Visually inspect them for dirt and grease. You may also see an oxidation buildup, which looks like white residue. All of this should be removed from the battery to ensure the best connection. Never clean a battery while the truck is running – safety first.

3. Park in the garage.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a garage that still has room for a vehicle inside it, then start parking in there because a truck that is exposed to extreme temperatures, whether it be hot or cold, can cause your battery to suffer. Garages are more insulated than the open air and will help make your battery last longer

If you’re looking for more used diesel truck in Jacksonville ownership tips, browse the Gibson Truck World blog. You can also bring your truck by the lot and one of our service professionals would be happy to inspect your battery and diesel engine for you.

Tips to Help You Maintain Your Diesel Engine

mechanics-424130_1280(1)Diesel engines produce energy differently than gasoline engines. This means that there are a few differences in the types of systems and parts that you’ll find in a diesel engine. If you’ve never done diesel engine maintenance before then we suggest you have a service technician (who’s worked on diesels) take care of the initial maintenance. If you’re performing the maintenance yourself, we’ve compiled a few tips to help you maintain your used diesel pickup truck in Ocala engine.

#1 – Check the glow plugs.

A diesel engine can’t start without properly functioning glow plugs. These aren’t found on gasoline-powered vehicles, which have a completely different type of fuel system. This also means that in diesel trucks you won’t find spark plugs or the rest of the electrical system that starts gas vehicles. The glow plugs in a diesel engine are actually little heating devices that help start your diesel truck. Without regular maintenance, your truck just won’t start.

#2 – Diesels need to warm up in cold weather.

Just like many of us, diesels need some time to warm up before they can really start working when the weather is cold outside. If you’re faced with cold temps, start the engine and let it run for five to ten minutes before driving. While you wait, sip on your coffee to warm yourself up. The truck will start to warm the oil up, letting it flow more freely through the engine as you start driving. The better lubricated the engine is, the less wear and tear that will need to be repaired later.

#3 – Inspect your cooling system.

All engines need the cooling system to function properly so they don’t overheat; however, diesel engines get particularly hot, making the cooling system that much more important. As we mentioned, diesel engines produce energy differently than their gas-powered counterparts. Diesels produce a lot of heat as it burns fuel and creates energy. If the cooling system isn’t running at its optimal level the engine could overheat – quickly. The excess heat will also create more wear and tear on engine parts.

These are just a few tips to get you started. As with any vehicle you’ll want to perform regular preventative maintenance check and service. Have the oil and oil filters changed, rotate the tires, check air filters, and monitor fluid levels. With proper maintenance, your diesel engine will last for hundred of thousands of miles!

Looking for more used diesel pickup truck in Ocala engine tips? Browse the Gibson Truck World blog or stop by the lot and chat with one of our sales professionals who have plenty of great information on maintaining diesel engines.