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Advantages of Buying a Used 4×4 Diesel Truck

mudtruckIf you need a rugged truck that can handle off-road conditions, then a 4×4 diesel truck may be the way to go. The four-wheel drive and higher chassis stance allow you to leave the safety of the paved road and head into uncharted (and ungraded) territory. Over the years, the extra wheel power of a 4×4 has come to be viewed as a nice-to-have option and not a need-to-have selection. This distinction means that the market for these trucks is a bit smaller than 2×4 diesels.

With only a handful of 4×4 trucks being manufactured, it can be difficult to find a used one. That being said, it still may be worth looking into because there are some advantages of buying a used 4×4 diesel truck from your Orlando used truck experts.

No new truck depreciation

We’ve all heard it at least once in our lives, “The moment you drive a new truck off the lot, it immediately loses value.” It’s an unfortunate but true statement when buying a new 4×4 truck. However, this is where buying a used 4×4 diesel truck has its advantages because that first drop in appreciation has already happened, and it wasn’t on your dime.

Used trucks are still reliable

Just because you’re buying used, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the reliability of your used 4×4 diesel truck. When purchased from a reputable dealer, many used vehicles are put through a rigorous inspection before they even hit the lot. For example, at Gibson Truck World we have a 135-point inspection process to ensure we’re only selling the best quality used trucks. When you find someone offering this type of quality, you can feel good knowing that “used” can be just as reliable as new.

Pricing you can take to the bank

Used 4×4 diesel truck prices are often lower than their brand new counterparts and you still get many of the advantages of a new vehicle. Purchasing a used truck can often save you thousands of dollars – money you can use to invest in a new trailer!

With similar reliability and features at a reduced cost, it’s easy to see why many people are choosing to buy used trucks instead of new. The key is finding a dealership that works hard to find quality used trucks. That way, you get all of the advantages of a used 4×4 diesel truck without any headaches.

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Guinness World Record is Broken for Fastest Monster Truck

Monster trucks aren’t really known for their speed since they’re really just for driving over cars! That’s not always enough though. The Hall brothers of Champaign, Ill. had more in mind. They wanted a monster truck that could crush a line of cars then hit the tarmac and leave only dust behind. On December 15, 2014 they debuted a truck that could do just that – and earned a Guinness World Record in the process.

Monster trucks, on average, sit at a height of 12 feet and a weight of 10,000 pounds atop 66-inch tires, and can hit top speeds around 70 mph. It’s no wonder these behemoths are called “monsters!” The Hall brothers decided they weren’t going to be average with their custom-monster truck, the Raminator, so they set out to exceed “average” and world-record speeds.

The Raminator, sponsored by Ram trucks since 2002, sits almost 10 feet high and tips the scales at almost 10,300 pounds. Getting a truck that heavy to go anywhere fast is an achievement – one that the Hall brothers and Ram were happy to take on. They knew the record to beat for the fastest monster truck was a very impressive 96.8 mph. With a supercharged 9.3-liter Hemi V8 engine that can crank out 2,000 horsepower, they thought their monster truck had a chance to beat it.

They traveled from Illinois down to Austin, Texas to the Circuit of the Americas for their world-record attempt. The facility sits on 1,000 acres with a 3.4-mile racetrack. The team from Guinness World Records was onsite to verify the speed record. Hall brother, racer and monster-truck driver, Mark Hall, drove the Raminator in its first run for the record. With an impressive top speed of 97.9 mph, it was enough to break the record. With two chances still remaining, Mark took the additional two runs. His second attempt topped the first at 98.5 mph and his third attempt surpassed them both at 99.1 mph.

After trumping the previous world record, the Hall brothers and Ram were officially welcomed to the record books. Hall Bros. Racing President and Crew Chief, Tim Hall said, “Taking on the challenge of breaking a world record has been an experience we will never forget.” At speeds far beyond average, it’s safe to say that monster truck fans won’t soon forget it either.

See the Raminator crush cars at the Monster Jam at the Orlando Citrus Bowl on Saturday, Jan. 24, 2015.

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Taking Care of Your Diesel Truck During the “Cold” Florida Winter

clearwater-beach-467990_1280If you’ve lived in Florida for all of (or most of) your life, then you know our winters are just a little different than the rest of the country. While the folks up north are battling a freshly, fallen blanket of snow, we’re still wearing sandals. That is, until those few days when the winter winds of the north creep downward and our temperatures start to approach freezing levels. Those mornings can be rough on us as we try to bundle up against the cold but they’re also tough on our Orlando diesel trucks.

For many of us, work begins before sunrise in the winter, so the freezing temperatures are still lingering as we fire up our trucks. This can be hard on the engine and even though it’s only a days out of the year, it may be worth winterizing your truck against the cold.

Winterize your oil

To prepare your truck for the cold days of winter, start with the oil. In Florida, we typically run thick, viscous oil, like a 10W-30, to accommodate the intense heat of summer. For winter, you’ll want to consider switching to thinner oil like a 5W-30.

Inspect your battery

Cold temperatures can affect your truck’s battery and reduce its capacity. You’ll want to inspect the battery itself for damage and checkout the manufacture date. If the battery is getting old, you may want to replace it before the cold weather hits Florida.

While you’re inspecting the battery, take a look at the terminals and cables, too. The battery terminals should fit snug and be free of corrosion. Check the cables for cracks or breaks and replace any that are damaged.

Check your engine coolant

Needing an engine coolant in winter may seem counter-intuitive but it does more than keep your engine from overheating. Coolants also protect your engine from corrosion and those that contain ethylene glycol also prevent the water in your engine from freezing in cold temperatures.

For many of us in Florida, the mild winters pass without issue but you can’t be too careful when it comes to protecting your truck especially, if you’re planning to drive northward any time during the winter, even as close as Savannah they start to get below freezing temperatures several times a year.

To learn more about Orlando diesel trucks and diesel fuel trends, browse through our Gibson Truck World blog.

Orlando Trucks

Living in Orlando and wondering where the best truck deals are? Finding the best Orlando trucks is easy! At Gibson Truck World, that’s exactly what we do – offer the best truck deals in Orlando. Our large inventory of Orlando trucks is sure to have exactly the type and color of truck you’re wanting to purchase.

You can expect a different Orlando truck buying experience at Gibson Truck World. Our Sales Team is dedicated to helping you find the exact truck you want in a low-pressure environment. You’ll only have open and honest conversations when you’re here, and that’s just how we like it, too. After all, we’re truck people, too, and we enjoy the process of helping someone find their new, favorite toy.

All of our Orlando trucks are top quality and our dealership experience is second to none. Our business model is based on transparency and open communication. We’ll provide you with upfront costs and fair pricing so you can take home the truck of your dreams at a price you feel good about.

As you’re walking through the lot and checking out our selection of Orlando trucks, you can feel good knowing that our expert service team has certified each one of them. If a truck can’t pass our 135-point inspection, then it doesn’t hit the lot – plain and simple. We’ll also provide you with a full-vehicle history of the truck you’re interested in taking home. It’s all part of our open and honest business philosophy.

We know you don’t have time to be driving from one end of the city to the other looking for Orlando trucks, so you can count on us to have the truck you want. You can even check out our entire inventory online. Nowhere else will you find such great Orlando trucks than at Gibson Truck World. Contact us today, or just drop by the lot!

Shop Smart for Your Next Truck

fordf250So you’ve made the decision to buy a new-to-you Orlando used truck. Whether it’s your first truck or you’re an experienced shopper, it’s normal to feel some trepidation at the thought of buying a new truck. There’s so many things to consider and it can quickly get overwhelming and frustrating. Start out with these basic tips to make sure you get exactly what you need, from a resource you trust.

1. Set a budget

Man, we sure do hate the word “budget” as much as you do. However, if you’ve become accustomed to the joys of electricity and regular meals, then your budget is not to be overlooked. Set a real expectation of what you can comfortably afford, heated seats are not worth switching to cheap toilet paper that’s one grade above dried leaves. Set a budget for your Orlando used truck and stick to it.

2. Consider fuel economy

When setting the weekly fuel allotment in your budget, there is a way to get that amount down–consider fuel economy. Sure, adjusting the way you drive to save fuel is always an option but why not start off with a truck that has fuel economy features built in? Over the lifetime of your truck, the weekly fuel savings can really add up, so don’t write off the benefits of paying a little extra for better fuel economy.

3. Do your research

Gather as much information as you can before you hit the lot. A sales person will be in a much better position to help you find exactly what you want if you already know what you want. Consider what type of truck you’re looking for, what brand(s) you like, what features you need and search for trucks that meet these criteria. Check out reviews of your selected trucks and see if you can find a full vehicle history of any used trucks you’re considering, some dealers will even provide this for you.

4. Find a dealer

Your family and friends can be a wealth of honest and straight-forward reviews when it comes to car buying. Ask around and see if they’ve recently had a good car-buying experience. If you don’t know anyone personally, check online for dealer reviews. Read several reviews to make sure you’re getting a well-rounded opinion of the dealership.

There’s a lot to consider when shopping for an Orlando used truck and while color and bed size are definitely on the list, they shouldn’t be the only thing. Start by working through the basics of the bigger picture, then move onto the smaller details.

Shopping at Gibson Truck World is always a smart decision! We provide a vast selection of quality used vehicles to meet your needs. Contact us to learn more today.

What are your truck-buying non-negotiables? Share your truck-buying tips with us and we’ll share them with our followers.

Fix it or Forget it? When it’s Time to Look for a New Truck

gmc-86689_1280Heartbreak of heartbreaks, your Orlando used truck just isn’t performing like it used to. We love our trucks just as much as you do, but there comes a time when a simple tune-up won’t keep them running safely. Though the dazzle of a new truck may seem appealing, it may not be time for it just yet–the ol’ girl may still have some life in her. Here’s a few questions to help you determine whether to fix up your truck or start looking for a new one.

How much do you owe?

Start by asking yourself, how much do you owe on your current Orlando used truck? Is it paid off completely? If so, that’s a good incentive for keeping it and making the necessary repairs. Having a paid-off truck for five years can help you save the equivalent of the money needed for a new truck.

How much are the repairs?

After taking into consideration how much you owe, the next logical step is to consider how much the repairs are. Will the repairs cost the same amount as several months of new truck payments? Can you buy a newer model and year, albeit used, truck for the same amount as the repairs?

Do you maintain your truck regularly?

Now is the time to be honest with yourself. Sure you may fib a bit to your mechanic on the mileage between your oil changes but you’re the only one who knows the truth about this. If you haven’t been keeping up with regular maintenance then the possibility for additional damages is greater and you’ll have to weigh that potential against the financial considerations.

How old is your truck?

The average life expectancy of a modern gas-fueled truck is about eight years. With a typical Orlando used diesel truck, you can get a few extra years out of the engine. If you’re well beyond this mark, it might be time to start looking for a new truck.

Deciding whether or not to start looking for a new truck is a tough decision. After you run the numbers and consider the potential of additional repairs cropping up, hopefully you’ll have a better idea about how to answer the big question: fix it or forget it?

When it is time to look for a new truck, make sure you go to a dealership that offers full vehicle histories, like Gibson Truck World. That way, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. When shopping for a new truck, what do you look for? Share your shopping tips with us and we’ll share them with our followers.

Why Is My Truck Vibrating?

truck-384209_1280Have you ever felt your Ocala used truck suddenly start vibrating while you’re out on the road? Or maybe it started back in the driveway when you fired it up. Knowing when the vibrating started can give you an indication of the reason for it. Trucks are just big bundles of moving parts and there are a number of reasons that vibrating can start but here are some of the more common ones.

Your engine isn’t getting enough air.

In order to run smoothly an engine needs a steady flow of air. If you feel shuddering or jerking during acceleration, there’s a good chance your engine isn’t getting the air it needs. As the engine depletes the available oxygen during acceleration, it will start to sputter and you’ll feel a vibration. Typically, this problem can be fixed by replacing your air filters or spark plugs.

Your axle is bent.

If you start to feel the vibrating more and more the faster you go, then you may have a bent axle. You’ll want a qualified mechanic to confirm this suspicion but since an axle is pretty tough to bend, there’s a good chance you’ll remember when it might have happened. Forgot to swerve around that crater of a pothole on Main Street? Or maybe it was that impromptu off-roading adventure. No matter the cause, you’re going to want it fixed quickly because it will continue to cause damage to your truck as long as it’s bent.

Your rotors are shot.

Feeling a vibrating or shuddering when braking is a common occurrence and it’s usually warped rotors. Since this is part of your braking system, you’ll definitely want to have this inspected right away, especially if you’re planning to tow something. Rotors typically start to vibrate when they get warped; this is generally caused by hard braking or towing things that are heavier than your truck’s tow weight limit.

Your round tires are no longer round.

If you feel the vibration only when your truck is in motion, there’s a possibility it could actually be the tires themselves causing the issue. From worn out wheel bearings to “runout,” the reasons for tires causing vibrations is long and often requires a machine to confirm. Your best bet is to take it into the shop and have them check it out.

No matter the reason, don’t let that strange vibration from your Ocala used truck continue to go unfixed. It usually means something is out of balance and the parts around it have to work hard to compensate. Be sure to get it checked out at the first sign of any issue.

For more common truck quandaries, continue to scroll through our blog page.

Manual vs. Automatic: Which Is Better in Your Truck?

gear-42578_1280Nothing gets a debate going faster than the simple question: manual or automatic? We all know what it means and we usually have an opinion. As time progresses and technology advances the arguments don’t seem quite as clear anymore. We may be the last generation debating this issue as more and more vehicle manufacturers are opting to drop their manual models. But for now, we’re all in and ready to keep it going! Here’s some good fodder for your next manual vs. automatic Ocala used truck debate.

At the top of the heap, the go-to pro-manual point: manuals get better gas mileage. Unfortunately that isn’t the strong argument that it once was. As technology gets better, fuel regulation and efficiency in automatics has gotten better too. What used to be a gaping canyon of difference might only be a pothole now, we’re talking mere single-digit differences.

Next on the list is also hitting ‘em where hurts: in the wallet. In previous years, trucks with manual transmissions always cost less than their automatic counterparts. Sadly (unless you drive an automatic), that’s not always the case anymore. More and more, the price is the same regardless of the transmission type you select.

Let’s move beyond money to the next big point, performance–specifically, towing performance. Manual transmissions used to have this one hands down. Now this line is getting a bit blurred too. Technology is at it again and improvements in the towing performance of automatics have become very noticeable. Some truck experts are even leaning toward a preference for automatics.

While those points are all well and good, there’s always the last point in the bunch and it really gets the conversation going. Manual transmission trucks are less susceptible to theft since a declining number of people know how to drive them. Boom–this debate can go on for hours. Settle in ‘round the fire and get a beverage because it’s no longer just about transmissions, it’s about how smart thieves are. Would they even know they couldn’t drive it until after they’ve broken your window?

You’ll certainly have a raucous time debating that last point! When you finally come up for air, we want to know what your preference is for various trucking activities? Where do you fall: manual or automatic? Let us know on Facebook!  Contact us to learn more about our Ocala used trucks!

Wallet-Friendly Truck Driving Tips

dollars-426023_1280Let’s face it, trucks are big vehicles and, more often than not, they have big jobs to do. The way you drive can affect how much fuel you use when doing those jobs. Even if it’s just a quick trip to the store, your driving habits impact your truck’s fuel economy. Here are some wallet-friendly driving tips to help you save and even keep you safe in your Jacksonville used truck while out on the open road.

Sometimes it’s okay to be a “slow driver,” in fact there’s a whole lane for it!

Stay in the right lane as often as possible when traveling on highways and interstates. Most engines consume fuel efficiently between 50 and 60 MPH; try to stick within this range…obviously while obeying traffic laws and not becoming a hazard. Just put on some Hank Williams and let him soothe you into cruising mode.

Stop trying to show off your big engine.

You’re in a big Jacksonville used truck, it has to have a big engine to get all that metal hurling down the highway, so don’t go showing it off at every stop light. Fast starts can waste a great deal of gasoline and even though you accelerated faster than that Ford Taurus, it probably cost you the equivalent of dinner at Denny’s to do it. Gentle, even starts are the way to go…and now you have money for coffee and a Grand Slam!

The shortest route isn’t always the most efficient route.

Sure the shortest distance between two points is a straight line but if that line has two stop signs and three traffic lights, you might be better off taking the scenic route. All of that starting and stopping creates a lot of wear on your engine and it also requires a lot fuel. When it comes to fuel economy, slow and steady wins the race.

All of these tips can give you a noticeable uptick in your truck’s fuel efficiency. To track your fuel-saving progress, monitor your average mile per gallon. If you don’t have a dashboard icon for this, don’t worry; truck drivers have been tracking fuel efficiency for years! Next time you fuel up, fill the tank and reset your truck’s trip meter. When you’re ready to fuel up again, fill the tank and note how many gallons you put in and the distance on your trip meter. Then it’s time to dust off your math skills: number of miles traveled / gallons of gas you filled up with = Avg MPG.

Now that you know you have a baseline, try to beat it with slower speeds, gentler starts, and fewer stops. At Gibson Truck World, we are dedicated to helping you get the most bang for your buck. Find more great tips for Jacksonville used truck owners on our blog.

How do you improve your truck’s gas mileage? Share your tips with us and we’ll share them with our followers.

Don’t Forget: Basic Tips for Diesel Maintenance

oil-change-36096_1280Your diesel engine doesn’t purr, it growls. To keep your Sarasota used truck running at its top performance level, regular maintenance is key. Whether you do all of your own maintenance or just some of it, here are a few details you won’t want to forget.

  • Support the engine. Make sure Sarasota used truck engine is fully supported before you start taking out any mounting nuts, plugs, or bolts. It sounds obvious, but even the best of us forget the basics from time to time. Every bolt removed puts pressure on the remaining ones and reduces their integrity–supporting the engine prevents this. It also prevents the darn thing from getting loose and slamming into the concrete floor below.

  • Let the engine cool. Keep safe by allowing all fluids plenty of time to cool before you begin any maintenance routine. All engines get hot; especially diesels, and it can take a long time for the fluids to cool. Accidental spills are never fun, but spilling hot fluid is a surefire trip to the ER. Play it safe and give your engine plenty of time to cool before you go tooling around in there.

  • Keep your fuel pure. Fuel impurities are the scourge of any vehicle owner but when you’re counting on your truck for more than just getting you from point A to point B, your engine needs to stay in optimal condition. You can reduce the effects of fuel impurities by adding a bottle of diesel treatment to your engine each time you fuel up.

  • Turn the engine off before performing maintenance. Last, but not least, never work on your truck while the engine is running. Many a four-fingered man will attest to this. There are a lot of moving and very hot parts in your truck’s engine and the smallest slip could be disastrous. Resist the urge to start poking around with the engine on.

Engine maintenance is critical for keeping your truck running smoothly. Any minor degradation can equate to a loss in power, torque, and often, fuel efficiency. If you’re headed out to work on your Sarasota used truck, don’t forget these basic tips for maintaining your diesel engine. Covering the basics is always cheaper than repairing mistakes…or a trip to the emergency room.

If you’re looking for the best used diesel trucks in Central Florida visit Gibson Truck World today. We have a team of world-class maintenance experts who are fully capable of taking care of all your maintenance needs. For more great truck maintenance tips from Gibson Truck World, continue to browse our blog page.