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How to Pick the Best Gibson Truck for You


Although trucks all come in one general shape, they come in a variety of different sizes. These differences reflect their ideal use and their strength, signaling whether they’re able to haul large loads or not. Gibson Truck World carries hundreds of trucks in stock at any given time, which means you’ll have no trouble finding a used Ford trucks in Orlando at the number one used trucks dealership. Here are some tips on how to pick the right one:

Size Guide

  • Small Trucks: You may be looking strictly for a small, compact truck to get around town and move a few things. In that case, you’re going to want to take a look at some of our older trucks, such as the Ford Ranger. These trucks can pull a trailer with a capacity of about 1,000 to 3,500 lbs. Most modern trucks are actually only being made in the midsize category, which may be bigger than what you are looking for.

  • Midsize Trucks: The modern midsize truck is pretty powerful, capable of towing up to 7,000, depending on the engine, allowing you to tow your boat, camper, or trailer with ease. They also come with an extended or crew cab, meaning more interior space for passengers.

  • Full-size Trucks: The Ford F-150 is the most popular model of full-size trucks, which are trucks that have a V6 or a V8 engine and can offer short and long beds. You’ll also have your choice of cab sizes to choose from. As far as the interior, most trucks can be customized and can be quite luxurious.

  • Heavy Duty Trucks: Heavy duty trucks are like their full-size counterparts but provide increased performance, often due to their diesel engines. They’re able to carry up to 7,000 lbs and tow 20,000, thanks to their stronger transmissions, suspension systems, and locking rear differentials, providing safe maneuvering of any trailer.

Now that you know what the types of used Ford trucks in Orlando look like, you’re going to have to choose the one that most closely fits your needs. Keep in mind that the larger trucks will have lower fuel economies, but will provide greater performance. If you need more help figuring out which truck is right for you, or if you simply want to see them in person, come by Gibson Truck World’s lot on 3455 S. Orlando Dr. in Sanford and have a look for yourself.

3 Major Reasons to Choose Gibson Over Our Competitors


We pity the fools who go elsewhere for their used truck needs. Gibson Truck World is everything that’s right in the used trucks Orlando market; we provide great trucks at fantastic values, we implement and support outstanding warranties, and we serve our community with a passion. Don’t let the competition sweet talk you with their lies. Fool me once, right?

Quality Trucks

You’d think this would be obvious, but, in actuality, quality trucks are not defined by how good their paint job is; quality trucks look as good inside as they do out. You need a truck that is thoroughly tested to ensure performance and reliability. Don’t be fooled by flashy signs. A dealership that isn’t trying to scam you will gladly show you what they’ve done to service your truck before selling it to you.

Can They Stand Behind Their Truck?

We can, and with a smile, too. What makes us better than the rest is that we can easily and succinctly give it to you straight. Our trucks are sourced from only the best as we frequently reject trucks not worth your time or money. The ones we do take the time to bring to tip-top shape are often packaged with a great warranty. One of our favorites is our industry-leading 12-month bumper-to-bumper warranty, providing coverage of your vehicle’s servicing and maintenance for an entire year. Can you be sure the other guys will even be in business next year, let alone next month?

Community is Key

If we were to tell you that we value our community immensely, would you believe it? Given that over 60% of our customers are repeat or referral customers, we’ll let the numbers speak for themselves. Furthermore, Gibson has worked with community partners for years, investing in their success and helping local and national charities reach their goals. Our community means a lot to us. You mean a lot to us.

Gibson Truck World offers used truck Orlando buyers the ultimate experience, starting with great trucks, even better warranties, and an ever growing community. Come visit our lot in Sanford, or call us at 407-321-0660 this April 1st!

Why Diesel Engines Are Built to Last


Everyone knows diesel engines are more durable and last longer than standard gasoline engines, but not many of us know why. Today, Gibson Truck World takes a look at the engines that power the used trucks Orlando residents look for on our lot. There’s a reason why trucks fitted with Cummins, Duramax, and Powerstroke diesel engine are so coveted; they’re powerful and incredibly reliable

The largest factor affecting a diesel engine’s durability is actually attributed to a fundamental process, which does not occur in gasoline engines. Whereas the latter relies on spark plugs to ignite the fuel and get the engine going, diesel engines function through compression. The system compresses air to extreme pressures, causing it to combust when in contact with diesel fuel, thus starting the chain of events that power your truck.

As one might imagine, the required pressure is quite powerful; so powerful as to mandate tougher materials, parts, and construction of the engine. This means that a gasoline engine is built from lesser materials simply because it isn’t required to be as strong, which results in a shorter lifespan of the entire system. One can reasonably expect a properly maintained gasoline engine to last 200,000 miles before needing serious work. Conversely, a diesel engine, equally well-cared for, can last more than twice as much, nearing 500,000 miles before serious work needs to be done.

Another significant aspect making such staunch differences between engine longevity is the fact that diesel fuel is actually considered an oil, where gasoline is known as a solvent. This means that every time you’re adding fuel to your diesel engine, you’re lubricating its engine a little bit more. A well-lubricated machine is less likely to get damaged from wear and tear.

Did you know that’s why diesel engines last a whole lot longer? Many of our customers want to know why a diesel truck is worth the investment. Gibson Truck World is glad to answer any of the questions you may have regarding our used trucks in Orlando. We’re available every day of the week by phone, online, or in person. Call us at 407-321-0660, or visit us at 3455 S. Orlando Dr. in Sanford. We’re waiting for you here.

Truck Spotlight: 2016 Ram 2500 SLT Crew Cab Longbed Cummins Diesel 4×4


What better way to start the summer off right than by riding around town in a beautiful, like-new truck? If that sounds like something you’re interested in, then you’re going to want to pay attention. The 2016 Ram 2500 SLT Cummins Diesel that we’re shining the spotlight on this week is a great fit for just that purpose. You have to come take a look at this Cummins diesel for sale in Orlando! There’s nothing else quite like it at Gibson Truck World.

With a sparkly white paint job and shiny wheels to boot, this truck sure is a looker.

Driving this baby through the streets of the Sunshine State, you’re going to be the glimmer in everybody’s eyes, quite literally! At barely over 16k miles, and packing a six cylinder 6.7 liter Cummins diesel engine, this heavy duty truck will play ball with any challenger and win.

There are so many interior features it offers, it’s hard to cover them all, but an important few are the power sliding rear window, chrome nerf bars, the towing package, keyless entry with alarm, tilt steering, cruise control, and steering wheel controls. You’ll be riding in style all the time, even when taking advantage of this truck’s longbed capacity.

A great truck like this is already a solid deal, but knowing that it is still under factory warranty makes it even better. If you purchase this truck, you’ll have a factory warranty which is good through September 20th, 2018, or 36k miles, and a powertrain and engine warranty lasting until September 20th, 2020, or 100k miles. That definitely makes the purchasing process a whole lot more comfortable.

We know just how much everyone loves seeing a Cummins diesel for sale in Orlando, and the surrounding area included. That’s why we make it easy to see whenever we’ve got an awesome used truck for sale through posts like these. You can always check out our online inventory to see the latest trucks that have joined the ranks of the Gibson Truck World lot. Come by and visit; we are located on 3455 S. Orlando Drive in Sanford.

Truck Spotlight: 2016 Ford F-350 Lariat Crew Cab Dually Power Stroke Diesel


You’ve been asking for it, so here it is: we’ve got a 2016 Power Stroke for sale in Orlando! This pristine Ford F-350 Lariat is a truck that doesn’t speak, but rather shouts, power, resilience, and luxury, all at once. Gibson Truck World only sells the best of the best. With that in mind, let’s discuss this week’s Truck Spotlight.

Its eight cylinder, 6.5 liter diesel Power Stroke engine is the powerhouse that is going to keep this truck chugging along for years to come. Packed with a strong automatic transmission and a solid 42,689 miles under its belt, this truck is ready to roar. With all of this strength behind it, you’ll really be able to take advantage of its four-wheel drive and go off-roading if you so choose.

Inside, you’re going to find the epitome of luxury and style, as the dual power heated and cooled leather seating with memory foam demonstrates. This package also includes a wood grain interior trim, running boards, a towing package, keyless entry with alarm, tilt steering, cruise control, and steering wheel controls so that you can manipulate the radio without taking your hands off the wheel.

One of the things that makes this truck such a great buy is the warranty that it still carries with it. You’ll find that there is a powertrain warranty that lasts until October 10th, 2020, or 60k miles, and a diesel engine warranty that lasts to that same date, or 100k miles. To sweeten the deal even more, Gibson provides you with a free 12-month bumper-to-bumper warranty that guarantees you an entire year of maintenance, valued at $1000. You’ll also be able to exchange and even return this truck within the 15-day trial period.

A truck this great won’t last long, plus it’s not everyday that we have such a good Power Stroke for sale in Orlando! If you’ve found yourself in the area and are shopping for a powerful diesel truck to meet your needs, Gibson Truck World is the place for you. We’re located at 3455 S. Orlando Drive in Sanford to make our lot easily accessible to every customer. Call us now at 407-321-0660 to learn more about our inventory.

How to Backup Safely with a Trailer


One of the best parts about having a truck, and probably one of the reasons pickups are so sought after, is their exceptional towing capabilities. Simply hook up a trailer and you’re good to go, right? Well, it’s easier said than done, especially when you’re trying to back up or go in reverse. Today, Gibson Truck World is going to give you some advice on how to back up a trailer on the used trucks Orlando owners love to drive.

The most important thing you should do when learning to maneuver your truck with a trailer attached to it is: GOAL. That stands for “Get out and look,” which means just that: get out of the driver’s seat and take a look at where your trailer is in relation to where it needs to be, and take note of things that you couldn’t see from inside. There are always blindsides to take note of, so go become aware of them.

Ideally, you wouldn’t have to backup at all if you simply planned ahead. Even the most experienced drivers know that it is easier to park somewhere where you can pull away without having to go in reverse, so try your best to get situated in a good spot before you even park.

Of course, backing up is sometimes unavoidable, which is why a spotter comes in handy. A spotter is a helpful second person that can help direct you from outside of the truck and can give you guidance as to when to turn the wheel and by how much. When you put the truck in reverse, the direction in which you turn the wheel will be the opposite of where you need the trailer to go. This can be tricky to master, but practicing in an open lot can help.

Whenever you are ready to back up, keep your eyes on your mirrors. Typically, you will be focusing mostly on the mirror on the left-hand side, although all angles should be accounted for and all mirrors looked at. Gently honk your horn a couple of times to warn others of what you are about to do, and, if you so choose, place your hazard lights on to give bystanders an extra bit of heads up.

Learning how to backup your truck with a trailer in tow can be a task that many shy away from, simply because it can be daunting. The only way you’re going to be able to do it is by practicing. Gibson Truck World challenges you to give it a shot the next time you get a chance, and if you need any help with the used trucks Orlando’s elite dealership has in stock, feel free to ask us anything you’d like. Our phone number is 407-321-0660, or chat with us online.

The Dos & Don’ts of Owning a Diesel Truck


Owning a diesel truck can be a lot of fun and it certainly has its perks, but there are some strategies to use to make sure you are treating your truck the way it should be treated. Gibson Truck World, the leader in used trucks in Orlando, is going to tackle some dos and don’ts that every truck driver has asked him or herself in the past.

  • Do I Have to Warm Up My Diesel Truck Before Driving? Ideally, yes. You want your truck to be warmed up before driving off, especially during the winter months. It might take a while to get it fully warmed up, but at the very least, get it warm enough so that the gauge isn’t sitting on the coldest temperature.

  • Can I Fill Up While the Engine is Running? You can, actually, but it is not recommended. Although diesel fuel doesn’t create flammable vapor like gasoline does, the station where you fill up prohibits you from doing so for precautionary reasons.

  • Do Diesel Engines Go Longer Between Oil Changes? They can! Many owner’s manuals will recommend a longer interval between changes on a diesel engine versus a gasoline engine. A Duramax engine can go as much as ten thousand miles between changes, but we tend to believe that more often is better for your engine overall.

  • At What Temperature Will Diesel Gel? Although it depends on the diesel source, fuel additives, water, contaminates, and more, diesel fuel can become gel-like at the low temperature of -26 degrees Celsius.

  • For Short Stops, Do I Turn Off the Engine or Leave It Running? This depends on what activity you may have just been doing. If you were hauling high-capacity loads or doing a lot of towing, your engine is going to be really hot and should remain on until it can slowly come down to normal operating temperatures. Otherwise, it is alright to turn the engine off and save some fuel.

The used trucks Orlando’s highways see every day are being driven by customers just like you. We feel it is our duty to best inform you about what you should be doing to keep your diesel truck going for as long as possible, so we hope these dos and don’ts have been helpful. Stop by our location on 3455 S. Orlando Drive in Sanford to learn more about our used trucks and how to purchase one for yourself.

7 Ways to Make Your Truck Last for the Long Haul


Purchasing any of the used trucks at Orlando’s premier dealership, Gibson Truck World, means making a serious investment to better your efficiency and productivity. With these seven smart tips, you can make sure that your truck lasts for the long haul.

  1. Change the Air Filter: The air filter is responsible for delivering clean air to your engine, AC, and other components in your truck. It’s imperative that you regularly change it out to ensure that the vehicle can easily suck in air, which makes your engine remain cooler, helping it last longer.

  2. Coolant is Key: Take a look at your coolant level. If it’s low, make sure to top it and address any leaks that may have developed throughout the system. If your engine isn’t being cooled down properly, it can slowly deteriorate and actually melt down, causing irreparable damage.

  3. Tire Pressure: Keeping your tires at the proper air pressure is not only good for your fuel economy and tire durability, but it’s also a matter of safety. Filling up your tires is also practically free at many gas stations, so there’s no reason not to do it.

  4. Check the Gauges: Sometimes, we get so used to everything being alright with our trucks, that we neglect to pay attention to what our gauges are telling us. If there are any issues popping up, go get them taken care of as soon as possible to avoid any long-term damage.

  5. Tune Up Regularly: Go out there and find yourself a mechanic you can trust with your truck. Bring them your truck on a regular basis to keep it in good shape. By going back to the same location, you’ll build a rapport, and the mechanic will learn more about your truck to be able to do a better job each time.

  6. Use a Schedule: By sticking to a maintenance schedule, you’ll be proactively protecting your truck from any harm that may come its way. Furthermore, by taking the truck to the same place each time, you’ll be able to accurately track when the last time each piece of maintenance was done and save yourself from having to pay for the same procedure multiple times.

  7. Be a Smart Driver: A smart driver is one that saves on fuel and keeps their truck in top shape by not wearing out its brakes or engine. This means taking off slowly and breaking slowly as well; your engine and the rest of your car will appreciate it.

Gibson Truck World’s goal is to sell the best used trucks Orlando has ever seen, and we do so by being upfront and transparent with all of our customers. We hope you’ll use these tips to keep your truck running for a long time. For any questions or concerns, reach out to us via phone at 407-321-0660, or chat with a truck specialist online.

Driving on the Beach & Your Truck


The peninsula of Florida is quite idyllic, and we love the access we have to hundreds of miles of beachy goodness. We wouldn’t blame you for wanting to take your car to the beach and even driving over the beautiful sand we have here, but we do want to share some precautions that can help your truck stay in perfect condition. Gibson Truck World sells the used trucks Orlando residents want, but this info on how to take care of them is completely free!

  • Salt Concerns: The salt that’s found in the sand, water, and air near a beach can destroy your pristine paint job because it can contribute to the oxidization process. We recommend you wax your truck about once a month in order to give the paint and metal underneath some well deserved extra layers of protection.

  • Sand & More Sand: Getting sand everywhere after going to the beach is really annoying, often being one of the reasons why we refrain from enjoying the beautiful nature we have within reach. The best solution to this is to park close to the beach where the showers are located and asking your entire crew to wash themselves off thoroughly, including any toys, umbrellas, coolers, and other equipment you brought along.

  • Too Much Sun: The overwhelming sun we love when we need a good tan is actually really bad for your vehicle. Try your best to park under the shade whenever possible, even if it means paying to park at a garage. Using a windshield shade can also be a great idea to block out the sun from damaging the interior of your truck.

  • Wet Seats: No one wants wet seats, but they are a common occurrence when coming back from the beach. To prevent this, make sure everyone changes into some dry clothes, or, at the very least, bring extra dry towels to place as a barrier between wet clothes and your seats.

Those are some of Gibson Truck World’s best tips for keeping the used trucks Orlando’s got in good shape after the beach. We recommend you follow them every time you go out to the beach!

Summer Heat Series: Part 3: Protect Your Truck’s Engine


If you’ve ever accidentally touched a hot engine, you’ve learned to never do it again. The searing temperatures that your truck reaches during normal operation are immense, but compounded with the heat our Florida summers provide, real damage can occur. Gibson Truck World has some tips we use to protect the used trucks Orlando customers buy from us. Here is what we do:

  • Clean it Out: Making sure your engine is free of any debris, leaves, or dirt is really important because those things can act as a conduit for a fire or explosion. They may easily light up due to the high temperatures they are surrounded by. Use a semi-soft brush that isn’t going to cause more harm than good.

  • Check Hoses, Belts, and Wires: Through your hoses run fluids at very high temperatures that can be flammable, such as oil and coolant, which can coat other parts of the engine, trapping more debris and grime, creating a source that works to fuel a fire. Similarly, check that no belts are frayed and that no wires are damaged because they can lead to greater, more costly issues for your engine. The high heat inside the engine can make these parts weak, causing them to crack, so it is best to check them often.

  • Coolant Check & Replacement: Make sure you are checking your coolant levels regularly, because if you are low on your coolant, your truck may not be able to dissipate heat from critical parts, causing them to overheat and fall apart. Over time, the coolant in your system can degrade and no longer fulfill its purpose, thus keeping the engine running at a higher temperature. This, coupled with the summer heat, is a disaster waiting to happen.

As you can see, making sure that your engine remains cool throughout the summer months is critical for your truck’s longevity. You would be doing yourself a disservice by not ensuring your used truck is properly maintenanced, but luckily Gibson Truck World can help. We have the used trucks Orlando customers like you need, and we take care of them as well as we would our personal trucks. Stop by our lot at 3455 S. Orlando Drive in Sanford to see exactly what we are about.