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Gasoline Versus Diesel: The Ultimate Truck Showdown


One of the strongest divisions between groups of Orlando used truck owners is the split between those who favor gasoline and those who prefer diesel fuel. Each side argues that there are more advantages to one versus the other. Who is right? Today, Gibson Truck World is giving you the ultimate truck showdown! We’ll cover fuel efficiency, cost to use, cost of fuel, and engine longevity.

Fuel Efficiency

A study from the U.S. Department of Energy concluded that diesel engines are 30 to 35 percent more fuel efficient than gasoline engines. This is due to the fact that diesel engines ignite themselves through injection based compressed combustion, which requires less fuel to accomplish the same thing that a spark ignition would. Diesel fuel is more fuel efficient.

Cost to Use

Sure, diesel is more fuel efficient, but to be able to take advantage of that you obviously need a diesel engine. These engines tend to be anywhere from five to eight thousand dollars more expensive than their gasoline counterparts, which is a tough barrier to get past for some. As emissions standards become more strict, diesel truck manufacturers have implemented new technologies which cost more.

Cost of Fuel

In addition to the cost of obtaining a diesel engine, diesel fuel is more expensive than gasoline. Although this difference has decreased over the years, diesel is on average 14 cents more expensive per gallon than gasoline. This is due to the higher taxes and environmental regulations of diesel.

Engine Longevity

Diesel engines last a lot longer than gasoline engines. This is due to the fact that the method in which they work, through high-compression combustion, requires that they be built more solidly and with stronger materials than a regular gasoline engine. A diesel engine can last hundreds of thousands more miles than a gasoline engine.

As you can see, both of these fuels have their own pros and cons which impact the purchasing decision of Orlando used truck customers. At Gibson Truck World, we attempt to satisfy every consumer, which is why we give you options in both gasoline and diesel trucks. If you have any questions about which one is right for you, give us a ring at 407-321-0660 or visit us in person at 3455 South Orlando Drive in the heart of central Florida.

Prepping Your Truck for Winter


Winter is coming! Luckily for us Floridians, the weather change isn’t as severe as it is for our friends up north, yet we still need to prepare ourselves adequately. One of the things Gibson Truck World likes to tell Orlando used truck owners is that preventative maintenance is essential to a long-lasting truck and expensive repairs down the line. As long as you follow these prep tips, winter will be a breeze.

Check Your Antifreeze

Typically, you will find that the cooling liquid inside your radiator is 50% water, 50% antifreeze. During the winter months, we recommend you drain a bit of that liquid combination and replace that amount with an equivalent amount of antifreeze straight from the bottle. This will help keep your cooling system in check. Don’t go overboard, as an excess in antifreeze can cause issues when the weather warms up again.

The Battery

The lead plates inside the battery in your truck should be covered by a layer of water under normal conditions. Make sure that this water layer is at the correct level and adjust if necessary. Also, check that the terminals are clean and that there is a strong connection to the cables.

The Tires

Your tires should have a good amount of tread left on them under any weather condition, particularly during winter. They should also have the correct air pressure inside of them for the smoothest ride and greatest fuel economy. Ensure these two key factors are in check before winter arrives.

There’s not too much that we, as Florida residents, have to do to prepare for winter, but you’d be surprised at how much these simple tips help the used trucks Orlando residents own stay in shape. Year after year, customers let us know how our tips help them draw more longevity from their trucks which makes us ecstatic. If you’re interested in a truck of your own, or if you have any questions regarding winter preparation, visit us at 3455 South Orlando Drive or call us at 407-321-0660. If you’d like, you may also begin a conversation with a truck specialist online!

Choosing the Right Lift for Your Truck


Ever considered adding a lift to your truck? Unsurprisingly, there’s a lot of information to consider when modifying the suspension system of a vehicle. We’re going to discuss the different factors at play when lifting the used trucks Orlando customers own and what that lift means in terms of vehicle drivability. Let Gibson Truck World help you determine if a lift is right for you.

Although some are fortunate enough to own a truck for each activity in their life, most of us own only one truck. That means that this truck is likely our daily driver, our workhorse, and our off-roading vehicle all in one, which in turn means that we will have to make compromises as to how we optimize our truck, including the lift we apply to it.

Four Factors To Consider in a Lift

These are the top four factors one should consider when lifting their truck:

  1. Type of vehicle and its suspension specifications

  2. Purpose of the vehicle

  3. Tire size

  4. Budget

These four factors will determine what kind of lift you can apply to your truck. Given that every truck and truck owner are different, a one size fits all approach to selecting your lift might not be the best way to go. If the truck that you are modifying is your daily driver, you need to think about how the lift might affect the driving experience. If you choose the right combination of systems, your truck should ride equally as well as one directly from the factory, without a lift.

The size that you choose for your tires will also play a role as to the overall height of the vehicle, allowing you to achieve your desired height through a combination of suspension modification and tire selection. Lastly, your budget is a critical factor. Lift blocks, for example, are one of the most popular ways to attain a lift because they provide great ride quality and are as inexpensive as it gets.

Seek guidance from Gibson Truck World’s trained truck specialists when pursuing a lift for the used trucks Orlando customers like you already have or when looking to purchase a truck that already has a lift modification. Call us today at 407-32-0660 or visit us in person at 3455 South Orlando Drive.

Truck Spotlight: 2016 Ram 2500 SLT Leather Crew Cab Cummins Diesel 6″


Ever wanted a monster of your own? If the answer to that is yes, take a look at what this monster of a truck is packing! It’s a Cummins diesel for sale in Orlando, and it’s only got 14k miles on it. This practically new beast of a truck would make a fine purchase for anyone looking for power, performance, and luxury. Let’s take a closer look at what it is packing!

On the Outside

Painted in a beautiful charcoal color, this truck stands out from the rest, regardless of where you put it. The exterior is in excellent condition, including the shiny chrome accents that can be seen from any angle. The wheels are chrome too, and the grille makes a powerful statement that reads, “I’m a boss!” The 6-inch lift plus the 35-inch Toyo tires will ensure that you get a better view over anybody else as you drive around town in style.

On the Inside

And style is what you get! You’ll find yourself sitting comfortably on the well-kept black leather seats as you drive around. This is a crew cab, which means you will be able to comfortably fit five adults at a time. Take advantage of the impressive entertainment system boasting auxiliary input as well as a bright digital display, making it really easy to manage your music. You’ll also be able to control your radio from the embedded steering wheel controls so you can focus on the road.

Under The Hood

While this truck is gorgeous both inside and out, it is underneath the hood where its power truly shines. It is powered by a Cummins diesel engine which has six cylinders and 6.7 liters. Its gears are controlled automatically, ensuring an easy and comfortable, hassle-free experience.

Don’t settle for less. Purchase this Cummins diesel for sale, Orlando! We know it is exactly what you’ve been looking for because who wouldn’t want to drive around in this? It’s got both the power and luxury that many of us desire, all in a cohesive package. Make your way over to our lot on 3455 South Orlando Drive to check it out for yourself and see if it is a fit for you.

Are You Fuel Efficient with Your Truck?


Fuel efficiency is a hot topic, and for good reason. Everyone wants to save some money at the pump, regardless of their economic stability. On today’s post, we’ll cover how the used trucks Orlando owners have can be driven differently to save money and increase fuel efficiency. Making sure you get a good deal is the Gibson Truck World way, so let’s get to learning!

1) Don’t Be Aggressive

It’s easy to get rowdy on the road when you’re pushing the pedal to the metal, especially when backed by the power engines in Orlando used trucks, but this can cost you big time. Accelerating really quickly, starting and stopping, and pushing the engine to extremes uses up more fuel. Simply stay calm and you’ll notice that the time between pumps increases.

2) Don’t Idle

Idling the truck used to be a good idea, but these days, warming up the engine before driving isn’t necessary. With improved technology, these engines can handle it, so all you are doing is eating up fuel.

3) No Drive-Thrus

At the drive-thru of your favorite fast food place, all your truck is doing is starting and stopping. This is using fuel unnecessarily and you will be much better off by parking and ordering inside.

4) Drive Cautiously

By focusing on what’s coming next, you’ll be able to anticipate what you need your truck to do, which means, easier braking and slowing down. Conversely, you can start up easier, which means less fuel consumption and thus greater fuel efficiency.

5) Take it Slow

Speeding decreases fuel efficiency a lot, particularly once you pass the 60 miles per hour threshold. Keep to speed limits and your gas tank will thank you.

6) Use A/C Wisely

The air conditioning in our trucks consumes a lot of fuel. When you’re driving under 50 miles per hour and the weather is agreeable, just open up some windows. If you’re on the highway, opt for the A/C as the drag caused by having the windows down is worse.

There you have it: six easy tips for increasing fuel economy in the used trucks Orlando customers like you own. Take heed of these Gibson Truck World tips and you’ll be saving money in no time. Give us a call at 407-321-0660 or contact a representative online for more tips!

Learn More About the Gibson Truck Advantage


It takes a lot to become the “King of Trucks” as we are affectionately known. It means working diligently every day to refine our Formula for Success and provide a greater experience for Orlando’s used truck customers like you. All of these efforts give you, a Gibson Truck World customer, an immense advantage over other buyers. Let’s talk about it.

Better Trucks

The Gibson Advantage means you’re getting the best used trucks Orlando has to offer. We scour the country searching for only the highest quality trucks, and when we do find them, we snatch them up. The rest of them get rejected and end up on the lot of our “competition” where some poor soul might buy them. Those trucks don’t meet EPA emissions standards nor safety standards, but ours will.

Better Financing

At Gibson, our financing team knows what they are doing. They have been financing customers like you for the past 25 years, continually gaining experience and training to provide the best service available. They are the ones responsible for pairing you with the ideal lender that is most appropriate to your specific financial situation. With the other guys, you’ll be lucky to find someone competent enough to find you the financing you need.

Better Warranties & Servicing

Perhaps the biggest advantage you’ll get with Gibson Truck World is our warranties. Not many competitors are willing to provide the kind of guarantees we make. One of the most popular is the 12-month bumper-to-bumper warranty which will not only save you money but also give you peace of mind. This same warranty gives you 15 days to exchange your truck if you feel it is not the right fit. That’s the kind of advantage we like to give to our customers.

As you make your way through the purchasing process of the used trucks Orlando has to offer, ensure you’re getting the best deal possible. With Gibson Truck World at your side, the advantages you gain are priceless and can help you fully enjoy your purchase. Make sure to visit us as soon as you can. We are centrally located on 3455 South Orlando Drive in the heart of Central Florida. Call us seven days a week at 407-321-0660 if you have any questions.

Don’t Get Scared by the Competition


What the competition’s got cooking up is certainly worthy of a scare: scams, schemes, and junk trucks. What Gibson Truck World has is the complete opposite. We have the used trucks Orlando customers want, without the tricks the other guys are running. If you’re looking for a treat, Gibson’s the place for you.

Our trucks are the best used trucks Orlando customers can find, bar none. The reason ours are so great is because they only ever make it to our lot if they pass our stringent standards. The reality is that many trucks are far from what they appear to be. We ensure that the trucks we purchase from around the nation meet safety and emissions standards, otherwise they are rejected on the spot.

Once our select few have made it, they get put through rigorous testing, at over 135 points, to ensure that they are in optimal running condition. We check for leaks, appropriate pressures, well-oiled parts, and finally put the truck through the ultimate test: the road test. If a truck passes all of that, it gets to be called a Gibson World Truck. The scary part is that our competition isn’t doing anything near as extensive as we are. They will sell you a lemon with a coat of paint on it and pass it off as a quality truck – that’s despicable!

At Gibson, we work hard to take care of you throughout the entire year and aim to show you how much we care. One of the ways we do so is by promoting our fantastic warranties. The most beloved, industry-leading warranty we offer is our 12-month bumper-to-bumper warranty that provides coverage for an entire year and can save you thousands on maintenance costs alone. You’ll also get a full 15 days to change your mind and exchange your truck. That’s the opposite of scary, if you ask us!

Come down to our lot anytime to enjoy the used trucks Orlando customers have been asking for. Gibson Truck World has got them all, and they’re available for you to see right now. We’re located on 3455 South Orlando Drive. Come see our quality trucks for yourself!

How to Tailgate like a Pro this Football Season


Tailgates are an integral part of the football season and are as American as apple pie. They serve a special role of bringing friends and family together to enjoy good food and cold beverages. Many of these informal parties take place at the tail end of the used Ford trucks Orlando football fans own. Let Gibson Truck World show you exactly what you need to have a fantastic tailgate of your own this season.

Food & Drinks

Legend says a tailgate is only as good as the food and drink it provides. You’re going to want to offer a good selection of foods to munch on and drinks to quench your guests’ inevitable thirst. If your guests are fed, they will enjoy themselves much more than otherwise. Don’t worry about fronting the bill yourself, as bringing something to drink is a well-known custom at tailgates. BBQ style food, such as burgers and hotdogs, is what’s typically on the menu, which is why we recommend setting up a grill in the back of your truck. You can also use the bed of the used Ford trucks Orlando guests have as a cooler for your drinks.

Music & TV

Some tailgates only last until the game starts, whereas others continue long into the night, as fans celebrate a victory or mourn a loss. Regardless of the length of yours, you’re going to need something besides food to keep your guests interested. We’ve been to extremely elaborate tailgates, including some with multiple TVs, generators, tents, and even RVs, but most have at least a radio to broadcast the game. Before the game starts, you’ll want to have some music going to set the mood, so prepare a playlist ahead of time. Either way, your truck’s speaker system should certainly help you get the tunes playing.

Other Activities

Lastly, but equally as important, are the other activities for your guests to take part in as the day goes on. Look into family games like cornhole where bean bags are tossed from a distance into the opposing team’s board. At the very least, bring a football out to pass around and recreate the on-screen action in real life.

Whichever way you like to celebrate, following these guidelines will ensure you have a fun-filled tailgate using the used Ford trucks Orlando’s football fans own. To find the truck that’s right for your tailgating needs, visit us at 3455 South Orlando Drive, or give us a call at 407-321-0660 any day of the week.

Secrets to Get Your Truck to 200,000 Miles


We all want the used trucks Orlando owners have to last for as long as possible. It used to be that 100,000 miles was the goal for many of us, but as trucks have improved, the expectations have increased. Gibson Truck World is going to tell you what you can do to ensure your truck makes it to its golden years running as efficiently as ever.

1) Maintenance is Key

If you’re reading this, you care about your Orlando used truck. You understand how essential maintenance is. But after the first 100,000 miles, it’s a whole different ballgame. At this point, maintenance should be ramped up, and fluids that are marketed as “lifetime use” should also be replaced, such as the transmission fluid and its filter.

2) Use Your Senses

Use your senses to spot any problems that may not be otherwise obvious. By looking under the hood and underneath the engine, you’ll be made aware of leaks before any major problems arise. Use your sense of smell to identify anything that seems out of place, such as a smell of gasoline deriving from the oil dipstick. If that’s there, you may have a serious problem in your hands. Lastly, listen for any unusual noises coming from your truck. Are there knocking sounds where there shouldn’t be? An attentive ear can save you from an expensive repair.

3) Be Smart When Driving

Although more and more experts are suggesting that warming your truck before moving is not as important as it used to be, it may still be a good precautionary measure. One of the worst things you can do to your truck’s engine is to turn it on for short trips and turn it back off. You’ll want to avoid short trips, such as moving the truck from the driveway to the garage, after it has already cooled down.

If you’re hoping to get your truck to reach the 200,000-mile marker and beyond, these tips should help you get there. Bring your Orlando used truck into Gibson Truck World’s lot for a closer look: we might be able to help. We’re centrally located at 3455 S. Orlando Drive and are open seven days a week for your convenience. You can also give us a ring at 407-321-0660 or start up an online chat if you have any questions.

How to Save Money on Your Truck’s Maintenance Costs


One of the best ways you can save money on your truck’s maintenance is by purchasing a truck with a great warranty from Gibson Truck World. If you already own one of the used trucks Orlando’s roads see every day, you can still heed these tips to save money on your maintenance.

Regular Fuel Instead of Premium

It may come as a surprise to you, but most modern trucks and vehicles run perfectly well on regular fuel. In fact, only a few models require premium fuels, particularly supercharged or turbo vehicles. For vehicles that should run on regular fuel according to the manufacturer, using premium fuels can actually be harmful.

Oil Changes

Changing out your oil is crucial to keeping your Orlando used truck in perfect condition, but sometimes it can be excessive. A common rule of thumb is to change out the oil every 3,000 miles, but experts suggest that this may be unnecessarily frequent. Check your oil regularly to see if it has dirtied, and change it when it seems appropriate to do so, especially if oil levels are low.

Befriend Your Mechanic

A trusted mechanic can be your best friend in a time of need. We’re not telling you to befriend your mechanic to take advantage of them. What we’re saying is that being courteous and familiar with your mechanic is a good thing. Building a relationship with your mechanic not only proves your loyalty to their business but also generates trust between both parties, which can come in handy

Tire Rotation

You have been told that tire rotation is essential, but it’s really not. Will you wear out your tires slightly more without rotating them? Yes. But rotations don’t have to be as frequent as the auto shops would like you to believe.

There you have it: four ways to ensure the used trucks Orlando residents own last a little longer, without breaking the bank. For more money-saving tips, read our other posts or simply give us a phone call at 407-321-0660. Visit us in person at 3455 S. Orlando Drive any day of the week!