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Hit the Brakes! Signs That Your Brakes Need a Checkup

Driving safely in your Sarasota used truck depends on many factors. From the weather conditions to the quality of the roads, traffic, and even fate, half a second everything can change when driving. The best way to remain safe on the roads is to keep up with regular maintenance and care. And brakes are a great place to begin.

In fact, checking your brakes is one of the most essential aspects to your vehicle’s maintenance process. Most cars use a similar braking systems as a bicycle in that a set of padded clamps squeeze together on a rotor and the friction between the pads and the rotor causes your vehicle to stop. Over time, these pads break down and need to be checked.

Here are a few signs that your brakes could use a checkup:

  • Your brakes display a warning sign. If you notice an illuminated warning sign on your dashboard, your vehicle is crying for help. While this may be self explanatory, many drivers brush off these warning as just another light on in the car.

  • Your brakes are very vocal. When you brake, do your brakes scream at you? If you hear a high pitched sound in your car, it could be a warning signal meaning that you may need to get your brakes fixed. In addition to the high-pitched warning sound, also listen for a harsh grinding sound.

  • Your brakes are extremely jerky. If you feel rapid pulses coming from your brake-pedal when you stop your car, it could indicate that you have a problem with your brakes.

  • Your brakes are pulling you in multiple directions. If your vehicle always wants you to turn to one side while you’re braking, it could be a malfunction in your braking system. The pulling could be the result of a stuck caliper, a collapsed brake hose, or uneven brake pads. While this is a sign for a malfunctioning brake system, it could also be the result of poor alignment or worn tires.

If you experience any of these symptoms, go to a professional mechanic immediately. When you take the proper precautions, and maintain various aspects of your Sarasota used truck’s inner workings, you can enjoy a safe driving experience in your truck. For more safety information, contact us today. Gibson Truck World is all about the safety and security of your vehicle and family–what other regular-vehicle-maintenance chores do you complete to keep your family safe?

Should You Choose Regular or Synthetic Oil?

Maintaining Ocala used trucks can be difficult at times. With the usual list of items on the general maintenance log, checking and changing the oil is usually at the top of the list as one of the most frequent and important tasks. It sounds easy enough, right? But are you using the right type of oil for your truck and are you changing the oil at the correct frequency rate? The health and longevity of your truck can depend on the quality of oil you use. Are you having trouble deciding what option is best for your truck? Why not ask the experts at Gibson Truck World?

When it comes to comparing the two, most people should opt for synthetic. Known for it’s ill effects on the environment, conventional oil is derived from petroleum. What most people don’t know, is that synthetic oil is just as bad for the environment because it is formed using chemicals that are just as harmful to the environment as petroleum. The reason most encourage the use of synthetic oil over conventional oil, is the fact that is lasts nearly three times longer than its conventional counterpart. Because it was created in a laboratory setting, it is less volatile and does not evaporate as quickly out of the exhaust. That means you may only need 15 to 24 quarts of oil per year.

In terms of form and function, synthetic oil is the way to go. It’s known for being better quality, and for improving the life and longevity of your vehicle. Synthetic oils are also known for increasing engine efficiency and horsepower. As an added bonus, it’s capable of handling extremely high temperatures without breaking down. It’s main drawback: synthetic oil is more expensive than conventional oil.

If you’re still on the fence about oil, you can always go with a synthetic blend and get a little bit of each oil’s benefits and drawbacks. If you’re looking for additional information about truck maintenance, continue to browse our blogs. If you’re in the market for a new truck, visit Gibson Truck World today for quality Ocala used trucks.

What Are the Differences Between Diesel Fuel and Gas?

Choosing the right truck can be hard enough. When you’re looking for used trucks in Tampa, FL, things like brand, make, model, color, and size are just some of the components that factor into the truck-buying equation. The type of power is another big component that you need to take into consideration as well. The decision between gas or diesel fuel should be made based on your perceived needs.

Gasoline and diesel fuel are both products made from crude oil. During the refining process, a barrel of crude oil can be distilled into its heavier and lighter components. Gasoline is the less dense and lighter of the two options. It’s highly flammable and much more volatile. When gasoline is sprayed into a cylinder, it immediately begins to vaporize. When the spark plugs fire, the gasoline detonates, powering the engine.

Diesel fuel is much more dense. It’s less flammable and volatile, and it’s the heavier of the two. Because of it’s heightened density, it contains much more energy per gallon. This fact alone, makes diesel-powered vehicles more efficient in terms of miles per gallon. On of the major drawbacks of using diesel fuel is that it requires a high-compression engine. High-compression engines are much more expensive to produce. Also, because diesel fuel relies mainly on temperature to detonate and ignite, diesel engines have been known to have trouble starting during the winter months when temperatures are cold.

At Gibson Truck World, quality and selection are key. Our knowledgeable staff will work to answer any questions you might have regarding the differences between each fuel type and what would best suit your needs. For your peace of mind, every single vehicle brought in is thoroughly inspected, maintained, and repaired to ensure that each vehicle sold is in immaculate condition.

Want to see a great selection of quality gas and diesel used trucks in Tampa, FL? View our selection online or call us, locally at 407-321-0660 or toll-free 866-442-7667 and speak with a friendly associate.

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What Would Happen if You Never Changed Your Oil?

Oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. Properly maintaining your Tampa used truck’s oil health can lead to a better user and owner experience in the long run. In fact, maintenance overall is an important aspect in keeping your vehicle in good working condition. It helps to extend the life of your vehicle, while increasing its overall safety. Keeping current on all the engine checks, timing belts, and, of course, oil changes can be great in preventing more serious problems later on down the road.

Here at Gibson Truck World, we understand the need for regular maintenance on your Tampa used truck and we have an array of options and tips to help keep your truck running strong. When it comes to oil, timing and selection are key components to ensure your truck’s longevity.

It is recommended that you change your oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, but what would happen if you threw those guidelines out the window and never changed your oil? Two things would definitely happen: dirt would accumulate in the oil, and the oil won’t lubricate as well as it would if you had just changed the oil.

The filter’s job is to remove dirt, but if the oil was never changed, the filter would eventually clog and dirty oil would pass through a relief valve. Additives in oil would wear out if the oil was never changed, which would lead to the oil not lubricating as well as it should. As the oil gets dirtier and dirtier, it will stop lubricating and the engine will eventually fail.

If you go 500 miles over the recommended oil-change mileage, don’t panic. Engine failure will not occur the first or second time you accidentally forget to change your oil. The serious problems occur when your truck goes months with the same oil flowing through the engine. If you still have questions about your truck’s maintenance, continue to browse the Gibson Truck World blogs. If you’re in the market for high-quality Tampa used trucks, visit Gibson Truck World in Sanford today.


Choosing the Right Tires for Your Off-Road Terrain

When it comes to safety and performance, the tires on your vehicle play a starring role in the overall scheme of things. If off-roading is in your future, it’s vitally important to ensure that you have the proper tires to suit your specific needs. Are you having trouble deciding what the best tires for your Tampa used truck might be? Well, worry no more. Instead, call or stop by Gibson Truck World in Sanford and speak with a friendly associate right away. Your questions will be answered and your worries put at ease when you choose the right tires to get the job done.

Whether your off-roading plans include remote trails, muddy paths, wetlands, or hills and mountains, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you choose the best tires to suit your needs.

  • Mud and Snow: If the majority of your off-road driving is done through mud and snow, select a tire that has high void areas and a self-cleaning design. These tires need to be able to grasp the slippery material and expel it quickly–if they can’t your tires will lose traction and momentum, causing you to get stuck.

  • Rocks: If driving over rocks is your thing, be sure to choose a tire with high resistance to puncture and ones that have enough height to easily pass over large rocks so the rocks don’t hit your undercarriage. Also, look into bead lock wheels and tires. These wheels lock around the bead of a tire, giving better grip on rocky surfaces.

  • Sand: Sandy terrain requires a tire that has a wide surface area and round shoulder. This tire helps prevent you from helplessly digging yourself into the sand. Paddle tires are great for sand driving if that’s the main surface your truck encounters. They generally don’t have the traditional tire grooves but have a sweeping paddle that helps with gaining traction in the sand.

  • Gravel and Loose Material: If your truck generally drives on hard packed surfaces or gravel, avoid aggressive tread designs. A tire thats main focus is puncture resistance and stone ejection is the perfect choice for your truck. Gravel and hard pan is a prime area for tire-puncturing material, your tires need to be able to withstand the sharp edges of each piece of gravel while releasing small rocks that get stuck in the tread.

No matter what surface you’re driving on, safety is critical, and tires are a great place to begin in maintaining vehicle safely. If you’re looking for more advice on tire and truck maintenance and safety, contact the experts at Gibson Truck World today. We’re more than happy to assist in any way possible. Additionally, share this post with your friends and fellow off-road driving enthusiasts to ensure they have the right tires on their Tampa used truck.

Top Four Used Trucks

If you are thinking about buying a used truck in Ocala, FL, for recreation, work, family, or just because, there are obviously a number of options to choose from. No matter what area of life you’re thinking of, here at Gibson Truck World, we strive to provide great options to fit your specific needs. As such, we did a little legwork for you and found four used pickups that you just have to see to believe! Each of the following models offers a solid track record for engine, transmission, and drivetrain dependability, displaying multi-year proficiency in this regard:

  • 2005-2012 Ford F-150: Rest assured knowing that mechanically it is one of the best used pickups available. Best selling vehicle in America!

  • 2008-2012 GMC Sierra: The GMC Sierra qualifies for our list of the best used pickups by virtue of the fact that its owners are, apparently, happier with the Sierra than Chevy owners are with the mechanically identical Silverado.

  • 2010-2012 Ford F-Series Super Duty: Equipped with the PowerStroke turbo-diesel engine, this heavy-duty pickup is the best bet in terms of powertrain and drivetrain durability.

  • 2009-2012 Chevrolet Avalanche: Is a 5- or 6-passenger that offers a rear cab wall that can be removed and rear seats that can be folded down to expand the length of the cargo bed. This unique feature makes this truck ideal for anyone seeking the look and passenger capacity of an SUV combined with the open-bed practicality of a truck.

At Gibson Truck World we have selected these and many more quality trucks for you to consider. Each vehicles goes through a 135-point inspection before being driven onto the lot. This ensures that only quality used vehicles are available to our customers. Learn about our expansive selection on our website today.

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The Rules of the Trail

Summer is in full-swing. With summer’s numerous fun, exciting and popular activities, often come risks. So how can you ensure that safety is enforced during your summer fun? Use good judgment and think things through before acting on impulse. Off-roading is a popular summer activity but it can be dangerous if done carelessly. When you’re off-roading, not all of the rules of the road apply. Still, it’s important to keep some safety and etiquette tips in mind, especially if your selected trail is popular among other drivers of Sarasota used trucks.

  • Yield to climbers. If you’re on or near an incline, the truck climbing upward has the right of way so that he or she does not lose momentum by trying to stop. Make room and let them pass.

  • Never tailgate. As in any other driving situation, never tailgate. Give the person ahead of you plenty of space, just in case they hit an unexpected bump or get stuck in the mud.

  • Don’t drive recklessly. As difficult as it may seem, avoid speeding. Take the time to enjoy the sights of the trail, and stay safe in case you incur another driver or a rogue animal.

  • Don’t steer too far from your trailmates. Always make sure to keep your trailmates in sight. This way, if anyone runs into trouble or has a breakdown, you’ll be there to help.

  • Leave the trail in good condition. When you leave, make sure the trail is just as it was when you arrived. More tips for keeping a trail in good condition here: [link to May blog]

Off-roading is a great summer activity. Have fun and remember to stay safe. Keep these safety tips in mind the next time you hit the trail. Learn more from about off-roading and truck safety at the Gibson Truck World website today.

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Reasons To Buy a Pickup Truck

Need help determining what type of vehicle to buy? Well, why not consider an Ocala used truck? Versatility, strength, and sheer fun are only a few reasons why many people choose to buy a truck. Want a few more reasons? Consider their value retention, demand, and ease of resale.

Pickup trucks are not only an American icon. Beautiful on the outside, these trucks offer some important advantages among other vehicles that you might want to consider before you make an impulsive purchase.

The first advantage you have to consider is safety. Made of strong, tested metal, the body of these trucks is made to last and to keep you extra safe. In addition, they keep you higher than the other drivers, giving you the power to see further and have more control on the road.

Another important benefit is the convenience with which you can transport large or oddly shaped items. Where these items may be bulky and inconvenient to fit in a smaller vehicle, a truck provides the space needed to move these items. Taking your bikes to the park or helping your friend transport that heavy fridge to their new home will be easier than ever. Trucks are a great option for construction workers, as well.

Additionally, most Ocala used trucks contain a powerful engine with great torque and horsepower, ideal for hauling anything you want in a safe way, without damaging your truck. With a truck, hauling that boat that has been sitting in your garage since 2005 is easy and convenient.

At Gibson Truck World, we pride ourselves on the compliments and reviews we received from our loyal customers and the knowledgeable critics working in the used truck industry. We are acknowledged for our quality, integrity, value, and care. As an industry leader, we believe in every vehicle sold, and we want to ensure that you receive the best pickup truck to fit your needs and desires. If you’ve decided that an Ocala used truck is your vehicle of choice this summer, visit Gibson Truck World today. Let us recommend the best pickup models available based on your needs–enjoy the power and utility of these incredible machines this summer.

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Expert-Level Towing Tips

When you own an Ocala diesel truck, towing and hauling are often common expectations from family, friends, acquaintances or even the occasional stranger! Ask any seasoned truck owner if they believe they’re expected to help move or tow anything, and they’ll tell you that once they bought their first new or used truck, that vehicle also came with the unofficial title of: moving and towing aficionado.

You may have bought your truck for the sole purpose of towing and moving heavy equipment, or perhaps you bought your truck for another reason and have recently discovered the need to tow; either way, using your truck for heavy lifting is a common and useful quality. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or a towing beginner, we want you to know your truck’s towing capabilities and how to move large objects safely.

We’ve given you some tips to make sure you’re safe and happy while you’re towing with your Ocala diesel truck. Now, here are a few expert-level towing tips to keep you towing like the pros.

  • Weight distribution. Don’t just jam all your items on your trailer until it’s full. The front of your trailer should bear more weight than the back, keeping a majority of the load close to the hitch.

  • Keep an eye on the little things. Pay close attention to your oil levels, temperature, and any warning lights when towing. The extra weight will make your truck work harder to maintain a steady speed.

  • Brake early. Give yourself plenty of room for braking. Try to brake in a straight line so that your items are not off balance.

  • Be cautious when going in reverse. Reversing with a trailer can be a bit of a hassle for beginners. Start by moving backwards with the truck and trailer in a straight line, then turn your wheel in the opposite direction of the way you want the trailer to move. Make sure your turns are slow and slight to avoid jackknifing.

If you keep these tips in mind while towing, you’ll impress everyone on the road with your skills. Let the used truck experts at Gibson Truck World help you ensure that your truck is ready for towing and hauling.  Learn more driving and safety tips at our website today.

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When Should You Trade Your Truck?

There comes a time in every truck owner’s life when their truck is no longer making them happy. The vehicle may no longer be functioning at peak performance or maybe it’s just old and you desire something a little newer, either way, there are many things you should consider when trying to decide whether it’s time to trade-in your truck and seek out a new-to-you Orlando used truck.

For starters, if the principal, interest, maintenance, and operating costs of your current vehicle are higher than the comparable costs attached to a newer vehicle, then it’s probably time to consider purchasing a new truck. However, sometimes it is difficult to determine if it’s a good time to move forward with a purchase, or if it’s really necessary. Luckily, there’s a business calculation known as the Economic Break Even Point (EBP) that is used to determine whether you should seriously consider a trade-in.

When calculating your truck’s EBP, first look at its function. If you use your truck for towing, you first must calculate the truck’s cost-per-hour. To find this estimate, add the total parts cost to the total labor costs. Divide this number by the total hours of operation–that figure represents your vehicle’s cost per hour.

Now, we need to find the break-even point. This figure displays the lowest possible cost per hour that your truck is capable of achieving throughout its life. If your truck’s break-even point is $2.00 per hour, and your run the vehicle at $3.00 or more per-hour, than you’re spending more money per hour than you should or could be spending. While a $1 may not seem like too much of a waste, consider how many hours per day you operate your truck. Now consider how many hours per month and year that you operate your vehicle. By calculating your Orlando used truck’s cost-per-hour and EBP, you can figure out how much you should/could save by investing in a new vehicle.

It’s essential that you know when it’s time to get rid of your old truck. At Gibson Truck World, we will help you estimate your EBP and cost-per-hour. We will help draft two budgets so you can visualize how much you could be saving. Come to Gibson Truck World to discuss your possible savings today.

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