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Don’t Waste Your Hard-Earned Money on Premium Gas


We all want the best for our trucks, undoubtedly so. But if you’re the type to splurge on the premium gasoline at the pump in hopes of helping your truck last or perform longer, we have bad news. According to a recent study by AAA, using premium fuel on a vehicle that doesn’t require it is a waste of money. Let’s talk about how this affects the used trucks Orlando customers purchase from Gibson Truck World.

When we (and the gas stations) refer to regular or premium gasoline, we are referring to that gasoline’s octane amount. Premium gasoline lies anywhere from 91 to 93 octane, whereas regular is 87-89. The findings by AAA show that over 16 million Americans pay for premium when their trucks don’t actually need it. This means that over $2.1 billion dollars were spent superfluously.

Their studies showed that there was absolutely no increased performance or benefit by using premium fuel for vehicles that didn’t need it according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Premium fuel is not necessarily a premium or higher-quality product. For vehicles that do need it, as specified by the owner’s manual, the premium fuel is actually required. Using lower grade fuel, or rather, lower octane fuel, can actually harm the engine and, in effect, lower performance and longevity over time.

These findings come from a reputable organization and were performed exactly like the tests done by the Environmental Protection Agency. Looking to save some money? Make the switch the regular gasoline if your manual does not dictate that premium is required. Now, if you want to keep using premium gasoline, that is your choice, but the findings show you will be wasting your money.

At Gibson Truck World, we pride ourselves in providing the best information to our customers. We care about your experience and about your wallet! When you purchase one of the many used trucks Orlando’s premiere dealership has in stock, you’ll find that great care and work has been done to ensure you have a pleasant experience. It’s simply the way we do business. If you have any questions, simply give us a ring at 407-321-0660 any day of the week!

Choosing Your Truck’s Cab Size


When you start to think about which used Ford F150s in Orlando you might want to purchase, you’ll definitely want to consider cab size. It’s an important factor to give thought to because it can affect your entire experience while you own that truck. Today, Gibson Truck World is going to show you a few of the differences between cab sizes and what they mean for your ride and your wallet.

There are three main categories to the cab: regular, extended, and crew cab. The regular cab is the original design for most trucks, and it is the most traditional. With this option, there is only one row of seats, which means at maximum, you can seat three people, and oftentimes the middle seat is quite cramped. You’ll also have the back window right behind your seat, which may be a good or bad thing, depending on your preference.

The regular cab means limited space, but it also means cost savings at the time of purchase. You will typically purchase this cab size if your intended use is purely commercial. Furthermore, there is zero chance that your truck bed length will be impacted by this cab choice, as it is with other options.

The extended cab is slightly more spacious, providing a secondary row of seating which is not full size but does allow for more passengers and can serve as an option for covered storage. It’s a slightly more expensive option, but may also sell for more at the time of sale.

Lastly, the crew cab is the most spacious and acts like a completely fleshed out second row of seating. All passengers will be comfortable, and all will have their own door to enter and exit the cab. This option is certainly more expensive, but there is also an additional cost. You will most likely have a shortened truck bed length. Once in awhile, you may find a crew-cab, full-bed truck, but they are often more complicated to drive and maneuver.

When looking for a truck, such as our used Ford F150s in Orlando, be sure to head to Gibson Truck World. We are the number one used truck dealership in the world, and we are ready to serve you. Give us a call at 407-321-0660, or visit us in person at 3455 South Orlando Drive.

Truck Spotlight: 2015 Ford F-350 Crew Cab Longbed


Often on our truck spotlight, we focus our attention on trucks that cater to the man or woman looking for luxury, above all. On today’s spotlight, we are doing something a bit different by looking at this 2015 Ford F-350 whose primary purpose is to get things done! It’s a workhorse, and it’s ready to be the one out of all of the used Ford trucks in Orlando that you choose to make things happen. Let’s take a look at what makes this truck so special.

This truck is not primarily about looks, but that is not to say that it can’t hold its own. On the outside, you’ll find a standard white paint job in pristine condition, which signals that this truck means business. While inside, this puppy is rocking leather seats, power locks, and mirrors, steering wheel music controls, as well as cruise control. The passenger cab is extra large to accommodate your entire family or crew comfortably without compromising other features important in a work truck.

One of the features which this truck possesses over others that despite having a large cab size, it maintains a full-size truck bed. That means that you’ll be able to carry loads of material, tools, and supplies without worrying about things sticking out or not fitting. This allows you to install a full toolbox without compromising size, as well as being able to bring along the entire crew. That feature alone sets it apart from the rest.

With all the space this truck provides, you will need a significant amount of power to get around. This truck is full of power because, after all, it is a Ford F-350 running on a Powerstroke eight-cylinder 6.7-liter diesel engine. What that means is that you’ll be towing, hauling, and carrying nearly anything you could imagine with a heavy-duty truck such as this.

At less than 20,000 miles, this is one of the best used Ford trucks Orlando’s number one dealership, Gibson Truck World, has got to offer. We would be remiss if we didn’t tell you that you better act fast if you want this one for yourself, as it is a complete package built to get work done. If you’re thinking of taking a gander, visit us at 3455 South Orlando Drive, or check it out online!

Seven Ways to Better Maintain your Truck in 2017


Make 2017 the year that completely revolutionizes your truck maintenance routine and helps you lengthen the life of your truck. As the leading used truck dealership, Gibson Truck World has learned a thing or two about how to take care of the used trucks in Orlando, and we’re ready to share our advice with you. Here are seven ways to better maintain your truck in the new year!

  1. Keep an Eye on the Oil

There is no greater factor affecting the longevity of your truck than the oil pumping through its engine. Be sure to check it frequently, and change it and the filter when necessary.

  1. Change the Coolant

Coolant is essential to running your engine at a safe temperature. We suggest using a 50/50 ratio of water to coolant and replacing it once a year.

  1. Transmission & Differential Fluids

These fluids do not need regular servicing, but follow your owner’s manual for instructions on what type of fluid your truck needs, and don’t neglect to change it at the interval recommended by the manufacturer.

  1. Clean It All Over

A clean truck is not only an issue of sanitation, but there is also a lot of nasty stuff that can build up underneath. Take a hose to the underside of the truck to remove grime, dirt, and even salt.

  1. Lubricate Everything

It’s important to keep every part of your truck lubricated, as it is a necessary component to maintaining full function.

  1. Wax It

A healthy coat of wax applied to your paint every six months or so will do wonders for maintaining the paint job of every one of the used trucks Orlando residents own.

  1. Keep the Sun Out

Our Florida sun is one of the greatest threats to keeping our trucks looking good. It can damage the paint on the outside, but it is also incredibly detrimental to the inside. Use a window shade to keep it out, and apply a UV protectant to the interior plastics and vinyl.

There you have it: seven foolproof ways to provide better maintenance for the used trucks Orlando residents own in 2017. Get yourself down to the Gibson Truck World lot on 3455 South Orlando Drive to see what other good stuff we have to show.

Choosing the Ultimate Tool Box


The toolbox is one of the most overlooked accessories for trucks, but it is simultaneously the greatest addition to any truck. If you have tools to carry around, you have got to purchase a toolbox to put them in, as leaving tools in the truck bed simply won’t suffice. Gibson Truck World is going to give you some less known tips and considerations to make when choosing a toolbox for your used truck in Orlando.


There are three big reasons for getting a toolbox:

  1. Storing tools

  2. Providing security for your tools and materials

  3. Preventing damage to tools from movement or weather

You’re going to need to measure the distance between the rails of your truck bed, as this is crucial to finding a box that fits perfectly. Start on the outside of one rail and measure to the outside of the other to ensure you’re getting something that can rest on the rails. Also, take note of how high the rails are so you can know how large a box you can get. If you have a short bed truck, pay extra attention to where the wheel wells stick out into the truck bed, as they may interfere.

The Material

There are three main materials that your toolbox can be made of. Aluminum, the most popular option, is a strong material that is lightweight and does not corrode. Steel is stronger and will hold up better against dents, but it can corrode and rust if it’s protective paint is chipped. Stainless steel is the more expensive option that provides greater durability than aluminum and does not rust like regular steel.

The Style

There are three main styles of toolboxes. First, the crossover box rests on the rails and crosses from one side of the truck bed to the other. It is placed behind the rear window. Crossover boxes can be found in several styles including a low-profile, smaller box, a double-lid box that allows you to compartmentalize, and the gull wing box that also has two lids, but they face the back of the truck instead of opening from the side.

There are also side-mounted toolboxes that can provide more storage and attach to the side of the bed rail. Lastly, there are simply tool chests that are big boxes that get attached to the floor of the truck bed.

As you can see, there are many considerations to make when purchasing a toolbox, but this guide will make a great starting point for finding the one that is right for your Orlando used truck. For more help selecting a toolbox or a truck, contact Gibson Truck World by phone at 407-321-0660 or visit us in person at 3455 South Orlando Drive.

Feeling Festive? How to Decorate Your Truck


The holidays are almost upon us, and it’s that time of year when family comes together to decorate the entire house. So why not decorate your used trucks, Orlando? Gibson Truck World is going to give you some suggestions as to how you might decorate your truck and have all of the neighbors feeling a tiny bit envious.

Light It Up

One of the coolest, greatest shock value ways you can decorate your truck is by adding some lights to it. If you haven’t witnessed it before, it is quite a sight seeing a big, lighted vehicle driving down the road. You can accomplish this by running string lights all over the truck. We’ve seen some individuals even attaching lawn decorations to the roof of their vehicle. There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind when attaching lights.

The first is that your typical string Christmas lights run off of household electricity, which is 110v of AC electricity, whereas your truck is running off of 12v DC. If you intend on using the same lights you already own on your used trucks Orlando, then you’re going to need an inverter. This changes the current from 12v DC to 110v AC. It comes in handy because you’ll be able to use the inverter later on to power anything you’d like such as your work tools. When purchasing an inverter, more wattage is better, although more expensive.

If you’d rather not buy an inverter, you may purchase string lights that run off of 12v DC electricity. They are a bit more expensive than your average string lights but might be worth it. Purchase some that are water and weatherproof.

Other Decorations

If lights aren’t your thing, or you simply don’t want to set them up, try some other decorations instead. One that we are really fond of is a reindeer kit, which comes with two antlers and a big red nose to attach to your grille.

That’s it! You’ve got some great options to decorate the used trucks Orlando residents will see this holiday season as they’re driving down the road. Remember to check local ordinances to see if you can attach lights to your truck. For more helpful information, call the Gibson Truck World truck specialists at 407-321-0660 or start an online chat now!

New Trucks in 2017: Kia and Mercedes


The truck market has seen revision after revision of the same trucks for the past decade. We’ve been waiting for something different, and it seems that in 2017, we will get it. Both Kia and Mercedes intend on releasing entirely new trucks into this space, which would be their first venture into consumer trucks. What does this mean for Gibson Truck World customers? It means that soon enough, these will become the used trucks Orlando customers can purchase! Let’s take a closer look.

2018 Kia Pickup Truck

As of yet, we only have a few details to share, but we are excited with what might come from Kia. Their first venture into this segment appears to take a lot from the Hyundai Santa Cruz, which itself is modeled after the Tucson Crossover. You can expect similar front-end design as well as the same safety and technological features, but with a modified look overall. It is expected to pack a two-liter turbo diesel engine, the same one in the Santa Cruz, which delivers 190 horsepower, 300 lb-ft of torque, and 30 mpg on the highway. A tentative release date has been set for late 2017, and it is expected to retail at around $35k.

2018 Mercedes-Benz Pickup Truck

In March 2015, we found out that Mercedes-Benz had the intention of building a consumer truck, and this past October we got a first look at its design. Consumers will have a range of options to choose from including a truck that will be suitable for off-roading and another that is exclusively focused on luxury features, particularly in the interior. The high-end option will be packing a 6-cylinder diesel engine and full-time all-wheel drive, which means you’ll have plenty of power under the pedal. Mercedes-Benz’s entry into this market is refreshing as it brings luxury into a space that was lacking innovation.

At Gibson Truck World, we are very excited for the future of truck manufacturing. It means that soon enough, we will have more, exciting models of used trucks Orlando customers can choose from. If you’re looking for a truck right now, we can help you get settled into one. Call us at 407-321-0660 or visit us at 3455 South Orlando Drive today!

Choosing a Truck to Meet Your Towing Needs


You know you need a truck that is capable of meeting your towing needs, but how do you go about picking the right one. There are plenty of used Ford trucks in Orlando to choose from, but which one will be powerful enough, yet not unnecessarily strong, to fulfill the tasks at hand? Gibson Truck World wants to discuss the means by which we help customers like you decide which truck is right for them.

Light Duty or Heavy Duty?

Trucks are labeled through several class measurements. The used Ford trucks Orlando residents see driving around are divided into three categories: light duty, also known as the F-150, heavy duty which is the F-350, and then a middle range which is known as the F-250. These numbers are derived from the amount of weight they can haul, which is about one ton, one and a half tons, and two tons, although these numbers have improved and are different for each manufacturer. You will need to determine how much you actually will be towing to get a better picture of what you need. Large trailers might only be pulled by the heavy-duty trucks, for example.

Gasoline or Diesel?

For towing purposes, a diesel is a must. They can achieve more torque at low speeds and remain efficient at high speeds, too. A gasoline engine is good enough if you will be rarely towing, but for consistent tows, a diesel engine will really help you out.

Is a 4 x 4 Necessary?

A four-wheel drive truck is much better at pulling and towing as compared to a two-wheel drive and can help you get out of sticky situations much more easily. The downside to a 4×4 is that they usually are rated to tow a little bit less because they weigh more on their own, and they are less fuel efficient.

Picking one of the used Ford trucks Orlando’s premier used truck dealership, Gibson Truck World, has in stock is not easy, but hopefully this guide has made it clearer as to what you should be looking for. Many trucks also come with towing packages that you can take advantage of. For more information on choosing your truck, reach out to us at 407-321-0660 or visit us at 3455 South Orlando Drive.

Gasoline Versus Diesel: The Ultimate Truck Showdown


One of the strongest divisions between groups of Orlando used truck owners is the split between those who favor gasoline and those who prefer diesel fuel. Each side argues that there are more advantages to one versus the other. Who is right? Today, Gibson Truck World is giving you the ultimate truck showdown! We’ll cover fuel efficiency, cost to use, cost of fuel, and engine longevity.

Fuel Efficiency

A study from the U.S. Department of Energy concluded that diesel engines are 30 to 35 percent more fuel efficient than gasoline engines. This is due to the fact that diesel engines ignite themselves through injection based compressed combustion, which requires less fuel to accomplish the same thing that a spark ignition would. Diesel fuel is more fuel efficient.

Cost to Use

Sure, diesel is more fuel efficient, but to be able to take advantage of that you obviously need a diesel engine. These engines tend to be anywhere from five to eight thousand dollars more expensive than their gasoline counterparts, which is a tough barrier to get past for some. As emissions standards become more strict, diesel truck manufacturers have implemented new technologies which cost more.

Cost of Fuel

In addition to the cost of obtaining a diesel engine, diesel fuel is more expensive than gasoline. Although this difference has decreased over the years, diesel is on average 14 cents more expensive per gallon than gasoline. This is due to the higher taxes and environmental regulations of diesel.

Engine Longevity

Diesel engines last a lot longer than gasoline engines. This is due to the fact that the method in which they work, through high-compression combustion, requires that they be built more solidly and with stronger materials than a regular gasoline engine. A diesel engine can last hundreds of thousands more miles than a gasoline engine.

As you can see, both of these fuels have their own pros and cons which impact the purchasing decision of Orlando used truck customers. At Gibson Truck World, we attempt to satisfy every consumer, which is why we give you options in both gasoline and diesel trucks. If you have any questions about which one is right for you, give us a ring at 407-321-0660 or visit us in person at 3455 South Orlando Drive in the heart of central Florida.

Prepping Your Truck for Winter


Winter is coming! Luckily for us Floridians, the weather change isn’t as severe as it is for our friends up north, yet we still need to prepare ourselves adequately. One of the things Gibson Truck World likes to tell Orlando used truck owners is that preventative maintenance is essential to a long-lasting truck and expensive repairs down the line. As long as you follow these prep tips, winter will be a breeze.

Check Your Antifreeze

Typically, you will find that the cooling liquid inside your radiator is 50% water, 50% antifreeze. During the winter months, we recommend you drain a bit of that liquid combination and replace that amount with an equivalent amount of antifreeze straight from the bottle. This will help keep your cooling system in check. Don’t go overboard, as an excess in antifreeze can cause issues when the weather warms up again.

The Battery

The lead plates inside the battery in your truck should be covered by a layer of water under normal conditions. Make sure that this water layer is at the correct level and adjust if necessary. Also, check that the terminals are clean and that there is a strong connection to the cables.

The Tires

Your tires should have a good amount of tread left on them under any weather condition, particularly during winter. They should also have the correct air pressure inside of them for the smoothest ride and greatest fuel economy. Ensure these two key factors are in check before winter arrives.

There’s not too much that we, as Florida residents, have to do to prepare for winter, but you’d be surprised at how much these simple tips help the used trucks Orlando residents own stay in shape. Year after year, customers let us know how our tips help them draw more longevity from their trucks which makes us ecstatic. If you’re interested in a truck of your own, or if you have any questions regarding winter preparation, visit us at 3455 South Orlando Drive or call us at 407-321-0660. If you’d like, you may also begin a conversation with a truck specialist online!