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Safety Tips for Off-Roading in Water and Mud

There are so many fun things to participate in this summer, and for Ocala used truck owners, off-roading is often a sure path to an exhilarating adventure. While off-roading on a dry trail is fun, going through water and mud can be so much more exciting! Due to the recent heavy rains, your favorite trail probably has some standing water and undisturbed mud, waiting to be disheveled. Before throwing your truck into four-wheel drive and romping on the trail, there are several safety considerations you should review first. Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind when off-roading in wet conditions:

  • Take water depth into consideration. Take note of the depth of the water in front of you. You should not try to forge through any standing water that is higher than your Ocala used truck’s stock air box; otherwise, you run the risk of hydro-locking your engine. Try to stick to water that is lower than your bumper.

  • Keep a steady speed until you get comfortable. Try to stay at about 5MPH when going through high water until you are comfortable with the area. Never go below 5MPH or stop or else you could lose traction.

  • Examine your surroundings. If you’ve run into a particularly muddy part of your trail, take a moment to stop and look for warning signs. If you see tracks leading to a mud pit but no tracks leading back out, you should probably find another way to cross.

  • Keep from losing traction. If you begin to lose traction in mud, try slightly turning your steering wheel from side to side. This will keep you moving forward and help you maintain traction.

Whether on the road or off the road, in the mud, or in the water, always take safety precautions very seriously when you are on an off-roading excursion. Are you in the market for a used truck that will double as an off-roading vehicle as well? Contact the experts at Gibson Truck World for a great deal and warranty on the Ocala used truck of your dreams.

Share this post and your stories regarding your recent off-roading experience. Send us pictures of you truck–the muddier, the better! Also, stress the importance of water and mud off-road safety to your friends and family who enjoy the great outdoors.

What You Should Know About Heavy-Duty Truck Tires

Tires are arguably the most important aspect of all used trucks in Ocala, FL. Safety, longevity, balance, steering, fuel efficiency–the list could go on and on as to the benefits of having the proper tires. But are there different tires that can serve different purposes?

Tire selection is important because the wrong pair of tires could prevent your truck from reaching its peak performance. Whether you live in a region of the country where cold and snow are commonplace, or in the heat and moisture of the south, knowing what tires are preferable for your terrain can be important. Heavy-duty truck tires were developed to help your truck across any terrain under even the most severe weather conditions. When your truck has heavy-duty tires, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Check for proper tire inflation. Always keep your heavy-duty tires properly inflated. Underinflated tires experience an abundance of heat buildup, which is particularly damaging to heavy-duty tires as compared to regular passenger tires.

  • Break in your tires. Heavy-duty tires have a break-in period of about 500 miles. During this period, use easy acceleration, and be aware that the tires may not respond as quickly as your worn-in ones did.

  • Keep a spare. You should keep a full-size heavy-duty tire on hand as your spare. When you get your tires rotated, switch out the spare every time so that all tires get the same wear on the tread.

  • Monitor payload capacity. Upgrading to heavy-duty tires will not increase your truck’s carrying capacity. Even if your new tires are tougher than the ones that were on the truck before, the other components of the truck won’t be able to withstand additional weight.

Heavy-duty tires are a great solution for people who regularly haul heavy loads and go through rough terrain. Even if you’re not a hauler or an off-roader, when it comes to safety; tires are a great place to start in your maintenance routine. Learn more about the best tips for used trucks in Ocala, FL, from Gibson Truck World today. Share this post if you have heavy-duty truck tires and let your friends and family know the difference between heavy-duty and standard.

Stop Killing Your Diesel Engine

When it comes to truck ownership, you should be proactive with the constant upkeep of your vehicle. The care with which you give your Tampa diesel truck will dictate whether it’s an ongoing expense, or an economical pleasure–the choice is up to you which of these will be the norm regarding your truck ownership experience.

Perhaps the most important component of your truck is the engine. You may not know it, but replacing your diesel engine is often just as expensive as purchasing an entirely new diesel truck. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can ensure your engine lasts for years to come.

  • Keep it clean. Believe it or not, keeping your truck clean is an important way to prolong its lifespan. Though your rust spots are minimal now, they have the potential to become a huge problem in the future. Touch up any spots right away, and be sure to have your truck waxed at least three times a year.

  • Keep an eye on your fuel filters. If you don’t replace your fuel filters often enough, especially in Florida, harmful gums and sediment can block up your injectors and cause engine failure.

  • Don’t forget tire maintenance. If you don’t pay attention to your tires, your Tampa diesel truck may be in for some bad news. Under-inflated tires combined with poor alignment can create uneven patterns of wear and decrease fuel efficiency, causing your truck to die sooner.

  • Let your vehicle warm up. Finally, don’t rev your engine before it has time to warm up. Running your truck while it’s still cold can cause different components to function unevenly, leading to leaks and gasket failures.

Take these simple precautions and your truck should be in great shape for years. If you’re in the market for a new Tampa diesel truck, visit Gibson Truck World today. We have a variety of vehicles to choose from and each one of our vehicles comes with a one-year-bumper-to-bumper warranty. Learn more helpful diesel truck tips on our website today, and share this post if you or someone you know has a well-maintained diesel truck.

Be a Responsible Off-Road Enthusiast

Are you looking for some excitement and fun this summer? Well, when you’re a Jacksonville used truck owner, the fun and exciting options abound. Whether it’s planned vacations, spontaneously helping friends move, or even some adventurous off-roading, you can enjoy your truck in any setting or situation! With all the fun and adrenaline that comes from the off-road experience, there is also a certain sense of responsibility and conscientious decision making that is important to keep in mind.

First of all, be sure you follow established trails when applicable. Doing so will keep you from damaging the environment around you. If you come across obstacles, try to go over them rather than around them to prevent further erosion. This is extremely important when crossing water. Some bodies of water may be deceptively deep and you will not only be damaging your vehicle, but the water ecosystem as well. You should also avoid beaches, wetlands, and meadows during your off-roading excursion. These locations have delicate natural balances that even the shortest off-road trip can throw off.

Always be sure to follow any rules that are posted on your trail of choice. While you may see some of the rules as silly or strange, they’re there to protect the environment and the native wildlife. If you have any questions about rules, you can find a local park ranger or wildlife official to learn more.

It’s also important to be respectful of the property owner and any other off-road enthusiasts. Remember, the land you’re driving on belongs to someone and you should close all gates and contact someone if anything is broken or displaced. Always be conscientious of your surroundings and give the right-of-way to passing trucks, ATVs, and dirt bikes, and never drive too close to campsites. Finally, do your very best to leave no trace of your presence behind. Leave no damage, garbage, or other debris in your wake for the best off-road trip possible.

Off-roading can be fun when done properly and responsibly. Learn more about off-roading at the Gibson Truck World Website, and view our extensive selection of Jacksonville used trucks. Also, share this post and some of your stories and pictures from your summer off-roading trip.

Take Advantage of Truck Stops this Summer

Do you spend a lot of time out on the open road? Or, maybe you’re new to the whole road trip idea. But if you’re out and about this summer, why not consider taking advantage of the numerous “truck stops” you may be seeing dotted along the landscape on your journey?

If you’re taking a road trip this summer with family or friends, make an effort to stop by some of these truck stops. A brief driving break at a truck stop can lead you in an unexpected direction. Not just for semi drivers, truck stops offer every driver a number of advantages and helpful services.

Also known as travel centers, many truck stops have a variety of retail stores inside, giving you the perfect place to hop out and stretch your legs along the way. Didn’t pack a lunch for the road? Just about all truck stops have quick service restaurants so you can fuel up!

Believe it or not, many truck stops have showers available which come in handy if you’ve been on the road for a long time. A number of locations offer coupons for a shower with the purchase of gasoline. Much cheaper and faster than booking a hotel!

Finally, many truck stops offer gasoline and diesel fuel at a discount, which is extremely helpful since gas prices continue to skyrocket. When you’re on a road trip with your family and friends in your truck, don’t forget to take advantage of truck stops for some of the best deals on the road.

If you are planning a trip and need to have your truck checked out, let the experts at Gibson Truck World help you prepare. If you have questions about purchasing used trucks in Tampa, Florida, or you would like to speak to a knowledgeable, expert, contact one of the Gibson Truck World associates today.

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Why Used Heavy Duty Trucks Are the Best

When most people think of trucks, they think heavy duty. Towing, hauling, work or pleasure–no matter what your planned usage might be, you don’t necessarily need the newest make and model available to get the job done. Oftentimes, Tampa used trucks can be a better deal and more suitable to your needs than their newer counterparts.

First of all, buying used trucks will always be less expensive than buying brand new trucks. Purchasing a used truck with similar capabilities to a new one will save you a large chunk of change. Additionally, Tampa used trucks are in great condition if you select one from a reputable dealer like Gibson Truck World. All of our used trucks are rigorously tested and must pass a 135 point inspection before they even hit the lot.

If you’re still skeptical about a used truck because of the mileage or hidden damage that may cause expensive problems down the road, don’t be. In selecting a used truck, you may find that you get a better warranty from the dealer. Gibson Truck World provides a nationwide 12-month warranty that is unsurpassed by any other new or used truck dealer.

When selecting a used truck, there are always some factors that cause concern in their potential buyers. Beyond inspecting the vehicle for any visible wear-and-tear or damage, always make sure you know about the truck’s history and usage so you don’t experience any surprises down the road.

At Gibson Truck World, you will never receive a low grade product. We guarantee each vehicle we sell, and your used heavy duty truck is no exception. You can learn more about the advantages of Tampa used trucks at our website, or come and view the inventory for yourself at Gibson Truck World in Sanford.

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Used Truck Values Continue to Climb

Contrary to popular belief, trucks continue to retain, and even gain value. Why? Well, overall they’re a great investment. If you properly care for your used truck in Jacksonville, FL, and have certain makes or models, your used truck could actually be in high demand and even appreciate in value.

One of the factors contributing to the increase in value for trucks is the lack of new midsize models hitting the market. As demand for these mid-sized vehicles increases, their value rises with it. Additionally, more drivers are turning to used vehicles to fulfill their driving needs, especially if they are well-cared for and in good condition. Therefore, if you are contemplating a vehicle upgrade and you have a midsize model truck that is in good condition, consider trading it in for your upgraded vehicle of choice. If you’re not in the market to trade in your midsize pickup–don’t, midsize trucks are a great investment, they will not depreciate as quickly as other vehicles on the market.

Due to the lack of new mid-sized pickup trucks, the value of older used trucks in Jacksonville, FL, is steadily rising. This steady increase is driving up the retail value of used models. Some highly sought used trucks include the 2011 GMC Sierra and the 2011 Chevy Silverado 1500. The 2011 GMC Sierra has consistently been noted as one of the most valuable trucks for your money for its maneuverability, luxury-grade interior, and smooth ride. The 2011 Chevy Silverado 1500 is also notable as a valuable truck with good handling and smooth ride capabilities.

Finding a good deal when shopping is something we all hope for. When it comes to buying a used pickup truck for a great price, Gibson Truck World is the place to go. Many used trucks in Jacksonville, FL, are built to last for more than 100,000 miles. If you’re buying used, you can get a great deal on the vehicle’s price and continue to enjoy the vehicle for years to come. With our wide range of selection, makes, models, and prices, you’re sure to find some great options at great prices. With our 135 point inspection, quality is guaranteed too! The trucks at Gibson Truck World are always valuable. Learn about our expansive selection at our website and share this posts if you’re in the market to buy a used midsize truck.

Give Your Graduate a Used Truck

Whether it’s high school or college, your bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree; graduation is a big deal. A big milestone, like graduation, is a cause for big-time celebration. As your child, loved one, or friend graduates from high school or college, he or she is preparing to go on to bigger and better things. Why not give them a used truck to help take them there? Let the experts at Gibson Truck World help you plan the perfect surprise for the graduate in your life. And with great prices, value, and the best selection of used trucks in Tampa, FL, what are you waiting for?

When selecting any vehicle for someone you love, safety is always a top priority. One of the safest trucks you can give your student is the Ford F-150. With high safety ratings between 2008 to 2012, and improved safety features in models from 2009 onward, you can rest assured that your child will stay safe on the road.

Trucks are actually a great option for young and somewhat-inexperienced drivers. Since they have a higher seat than standard cars, drivers are able to get a better viewpoint of the road and the other drivers around them. This allows them to see potential hazards ahead, giving them the opportunity to react quickly. If an accident were to occur, used trucks in Tampa, FL, often fare better than regular cars due to their higher centers and increased weight. Also, the large size of pickup trucks makes them more noticeable as they drive, meaning that other drivers will be sure to notice them as they cross paths.

Trucks are great gifts for graduates, especially if they need to haul their items when they move to a new city! Start their next phase of life the right way with a used truck. In your search for used trucks in Tampa, FL, why not go the no hassle, peace-of-mind route? At Gibson Truck World, there’s no need to wonder or worry about quality and integrity. Your family’s safety is just as important to us as it is to you, that’s why every single vehicle brought in is thoroughly inspected, maintained and repaired to ensure that each vehicle sold is in immaculate condition.

Celebrate your graduates big day by sharing this post with your family and friends. Tell the professionals at Gibson Truck World about your graduates great accomplishments, we’d love to hear about their future goals!

Best Trucks for a Family Road Trip

With summertime in full swing, many people are planning trips or vacations–possibly even a fun family getaway. Whether you are planning to explore the countryside, visit relatives and friends, or enjoy yourself at some amusement parks, now is the perfect time to take a road trip with your family.

The professionals at Gibson Truck World want your family to be prepared for anything, and we want you to make the best decision when selecting a used truck for your vacation. Here’s are a few of the best Jacksonville used trucks to use when you’re headed across the country!

  • Ford F-150 Crew Cab: The Ford F-150 Crew Cab has a generous interior that will seat five or six. Pair that with a large bed for cargo and interior pockets that are big enough to hold drinks. So, with plenty of storage space for all your belongings, you’re good to go!

  • Ram 2500: The Ram 2500 also offers a generous amount of interior space. Whether it’s just you and your spouse or the whole family of four, every passenger will stay happy and comfortable.

  • Chevy Silverado Crew Cab: The Chevy Silverado Crew Cab will allow you to carry luggage and anything else you want to bring with you in comfort and style. Additionally, the Silverado offers great highway mileage.

As you are planning for your road trip, make sure you are fully prepared to enjoy your time with friends and family out on the road. When you’re selecting a Jacksonville used truck for long trips and you’re traveling with a large number of passengers, selecting a crew cab model is probably the best option because you’ll get four full doors and plenty of space.

Now, you may have enough room for the family but do you have enough space for all your luggage and belongings? If not, consider investing in a trailer hitch or other accessories for your truck. Browse through our inventory by visiting our lot in Sanford or look through the Jacksonville used truck listings on our website today. Also, share this post, post pictures, and leave comments about your summer family vacation–we’d love to hear them!

Preparing Your Diesel Truck for Spring

Springtime is in full swing and things seem to have thawed out in most parts of the country. With warmer weather on the horizon, perhaps some driving habits and care procedures for your diesel truck are in need of some fine-tuning. Winter is usually the toughest season on used diesel trucks in Orlando. As the icy weather melts away, start preparing your diesel truck for the springtime. But, just what can you do to prepare for spring? Well, remember the following and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying a beautiful spring with a properly functioning diesel truck:

  • Remove travel grime from your vehicle. In Florida, we saw an unusually cold winter, with areas of northern Florida receiving snowfall. If you traveled anywhere up North during the winter, be sure to thoroughly clean your truck of all road salt, which can cause severe corrosion.

  • Be sure to change out all of your filters. Since spring air is so saturated with pollen, it is important to give your truck a clean start with new air filters.

  • Have your tires rotated and maintained. After you’ve changed your air filters, be sure to get your tires rotated on your used diesel truck in Orlando. As the heavy rains come, chances are you’ll be encountering a good deal of mud, which means that your tires need to be in good shape.

  • Take your truck in for its annual maintenance work. Finally, have a regular check-up for your truck. Make sure your mechanic checks the fuel injection system, air intakes, and all of the crucial components of your diesel engine.

Still have more questions or concerns? The experts at Gibson truck World have the answers and are ready and willing to assist you with all your needs. Whether you need advice about your current vehicle, need service on your truck, or are looking to sell your used truck and buy a new to you used truck. Gibson Truck World in Sanford is the place to be when it comes to used diesel trucks in Orlando.