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5 Myths Exposed: Stick or Auto

gear-42578_1280(1)There are two conversations that can always raise the hackles of any truck owner, and draw a line in the sand with sides to be chosen: diesel vs. gasoline and stick vs. automatic. Each side has their arguments for and against, and each side knows without a doubt that they are right. Regardless of which side you fall on, there are few things you should know before you join the back and forth, so here are five myths exposed when it comes to a manual or automatic transmission in used trucks in Ocala.

#1– A manual car is less likely to get stolen.

While the logic behind this statement can be understood, there isn’t any factual basis to confirm it. It’s true that there are fewer people who know how to drive stick, but that doesn’t mean car thieves are among them. The National Insurance Crime Bureau tracks car thefts and hasn’t been able to discern a pattern of stick versus auto thefts one way or the other.

#2 – High performance sports cars only come with manual transmissions.

It used to be that sports cars only came with a manual transmission, and the driver was in charge of the shift and power behind that beautiful engine. Nowadays, many sports cars only come as an automatic because technology has been able to surpass even the savviest of manual drivers.

#3 – Teens want to drive stick.

Sure, after watching any of the “To Fast, To Furious” movies, teens may have a momentary pang for a stick shift, but the reality is that driving instructors aren’t receiving many requests from teens looking to learn stick. They’re usually happy to learn on the automatic that they’re borrowing from their parents.

#4 – Stick shift vehicles get better gas mileage.

For a long time, this was one of the top power plays for the manual transmission group, and for a long time, it was true. However, technology is back to kill this myth too. With improvements in the performance and timing of automatic transmissions, the gas mileage averages of stick and auto have been creeping toward each other for years. The gap is now down to a difference of about 1-2 mpg in favor of the manual. So, it is still true…for now.

#5 – Manual transmission cars are cheaper than their automatic counterparts.

This was the supreme battle winner, the proponents of automatic transmissions couldn’t counter it – it was simply a fact. However, time and technology have also started to chip away at this argument point, and now pricing for both types of transmission are very similar. As the demand for manual transmission vehicles continues to fall, the price gap also continues to fall.

If you’re still trying to choose between a stick or auto for your used truck in Ocala, stop by the lot to chat with one of our sales professionals – they have all the latest info. While you are there, be sure to check out our truck selection, and speak with a friendly sales person. Give us a call, locally at 407-321-0660 or toll-free 866-442-7667, or browse our inventory online.

7 Must Have Accessories for Your Truck

ramtruck-300x199Over the years, truck manufacturers have certainly stepped up their game, offering trucks with built-in features and accessories that make their trucks more useful and comfortable. Even with all of this innovation going on, some truck owners still turn to the after-market accessories business to get their truck fully outfitted in just their style and for just their use. Check out our list of the seven must have accessories for your Ocala used truck.

#1 – A heavy-duty trailer hitch

It is by far one of the most popular after-market accessories that truck owners buy, the heavy-duty trailer hitch. After all, many of us buy a truck with a mind for towing something, and it’s usually something big.

#2 – Running boards

With over half of truck owners now adding running boards to their truck, they’ve become a popular and common accessory choice. The ground clearance on your truck is great, but many of us have lost our taste for the “grab the steering wheel while launching yourself into the truck seat” maneuver that we’ve all come to master over the years. Running boards are the perfect remedy.

#3 – Custom rims and wheels

New rims used to just be a style choice but with so many rim and tire options available, it’s not just about changing up the look of your truck. Certain rim and wheel options can change the way your truck rides and handles on the road.

#4 – Tunes

Now that you’re cruising in style in your new truck, you’ve got to have your tunes. Between adding satellite radio and Mp3/iPod hookup kits, nearly 100% of truck owners upgrade their truck’s stereo system.

#5 – Bed and tailgate protection

Sliding tools, wood and other items into the bed of the truck can wreck havoc on the paint job. Even if you don’t care much about maintaining a pristine truck bed, the stripping of the paint exposes the steel beneath to the elements, and we all know that leads to the scourge of rust. To eliminate this problem, many truck owners have opted for spray-on bed liners and tailgate protectors.

#6 – Wheel mud flaps/splashguards

Splashguards aren’t just for keeping muddy water from splashing all over your truck. They help keep your truck tires from kicking up stones, gravel, and sand at the vehicle behind you but also from your own truck and cargo. At the right angle, gravel can make a mess of a paint job.

#7 – Floormats

Sometimes, the carpeted floormats that come with a truck just aren’t rugged enough to keep up with the dirt, grime, and gravel that work boots constantly grind into them. So truck owners are turning to heavy-duty floormats made of thick rubber that can easily be hosed off.

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Diesel Truck Battery Maintenance Tips

car-battery-296788_1280At some point in all our lives we’ll head out to our used diesel truck in Jacksonville, turn the key and hear the most defeating sound a vehicle can make: click, click, click. You know what it means and yet you turn the key just one more time…click, click, click. The battery is dead and your truck won’t be starting this morning without a jump. You haven’t even had your coffee yet.

As with most things on your truck, this situation can probably be avoided with a little preventative maintenance. We’ve had our service team compile a list of diesel truck battery maintenance tips for you, so you won’t be stuck with a dead battery you didn’t see coming.

1. How old is your battery?

Depending upon the amp hours, the truck battery size, and how often you drive your truck, you can expect your truck’s battery to typically last anywhere from about three to five years. A lot of people like to replace the battery every 3 years just to be safe

2. Clean your battery.

You’ll want to make sure the battery connection ports are clean. Visually inspect them for dirt and grease. You may also see an oxidation buildup, which looks like white residue. All of this should be removed from the battery to ensure the best connection. Never clean a battery while the truck is running – safety first.

3. Park in the garage.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a garage that still has room for a vehicle inside it, then start parking in there because a truck that is exposed to extreme temperatures, whether it be hot or cold, can cause your battery to suffer. Garages are more insulated than the open air and will help make your battery last longer

If you’re looking for more used diesel truck in Jacksonville ownership tips, browse the Gibson Truck World blog. You can also bring your truck by the lot and one of our service professionals would be happy to inspect your battery and diesel engine for you.

Tips to Help You Maintain Your Diesel Engine

mechanics-424130_1280(1)Diesel engines produce energy differently than gasoline engines. This means that there are a few differences in the types of systems and parts that you’ll find in a diesel engine. If you’ve never done diesel engine maintenance before then we suggest you have a service technician (who’s worked on diesels) take care of the initial maintenance. If you’re performing the maintenance yourself, we’ve compiled a few tips to help you maintain your used diesel pickup truck in Ocala engine.

#1 – Check the glow plugs.

A diesel engine can’t start without properly functioning glow plugs. These aren’t found on gasoline-powered vehicles, which have a completely different type of fuel system. This also means that in diesel trucks you won’t find spark plugs or the rest of the electrical system that starts gas vehicles. The glow plugs in a diesel engine are actually little heating devices that help start your diesel truck. Without regular maintenance, your truck just won’t start.

#2 – Diesels need to warm up in cold weather.

Just like many of us, diesels need some time to warm up before they can really start working when the weather is cold outside. If you’re faced with cold temps, start the engine and let it run for five to ten minutes before driving. While you wait, sip on your coffee to warm yourself up. The truck will start to warm the oil up, letting it flow more freely through the engine as you start driving. The better lubricated the engine is, the less wear and tear that will need to be repaired later.

#3 – Inspect your cooling system.

All engines need the cooling system to function properly so they don’t overheat; however, diesel engines get particularly hot, making the cooling system that much more important. As we mentioned, diesel engines produce energy differently than their gas-powered counterparts. Diesels produce a lot of heat as it burns fuel and creates energy. If the cooling system isn’t running at its optimal level the engine could overheat – quickly. The excess heat will also create more wear and tear on engine parts.

These are just a few tips to get you started. As with any vehicle you’ll want to perform regular preventative maintenance check and service. Have the oil and oil filters changed, rotate the tires, check air filters, and monitor fluid levels. With proper maintenance, your diesel engine will last for hundred of thousands of miles!

Looking for more used diesel pickup truck in Ocala engine tips? Browse the Gibson Truck World blog or stop by the lot and chat with one of our sales professionals who have plenty of great information on maintaining diesel engines.

Preventative Maintenance Tips for Your Used Diesel Truck

gear-192875_1280Diesel trucks are known for their longevity, with an engine easily passing the 300,000-mile mark. Part of what makes a diesel engine last so long is the preventative maintenance that needs to be performed throughout the life of the truck. Without proper care, your diesel engine won’t operate at its fullest capacity and may wear out parts sooner than it otherwise would. We’ve put together a list of preventative maintenance tips for your used diesel pickup truck in Orlando so you can ensure it’s around for the long haul.

As most diesel truck owners know, you’ll certainly want to have your oil changed regularly, along with any air filters. The tips below are focused on the little things that diesel owners tend to forget and can have a big impact on the longevity of your truck’s engine.

  • Never skip a fuel filter change. The fuel filters are particularly important in diesel engines and you’ll want to make sure it is replaced regularly. Doing this will extend the life of your diesel fuel pump and the diesel injector. All of these components contribute to your engine’s performance and fuel economy so you never want to skip a fuel filter change.

  • Have the fluids checked regularly. For many truck owners, the most obvious fluids that need attention are the fuel and the oil. While those are certainly important, they’re not the only engine fluids that you need to keep an eye on. Next time you have your truck serviced be sure that the following fluids are checked too: power steering, transmission/transaxle, coolant, brake fluid, and the often neglected but still important…windshield washer fluid.

  • Check your tire pressure. Underinflated tires can cause a host of difficulties, including inefficient stopping and/or skidding. When tires are underinflated they also cause more drag and reduce your fuel efficiency. Be sure to check your tire pressure at least once a month or every 4 fuel ups. Most fuel stations have tire pressure gauges near the air tanks and checking the pressure is usually free.

Before you set your maintenance routine in stone, you’ll want to consult your owner’s manual for the exact timing of the these preventative maintenance jobs. Different manufacturers may differ slightly from the tips above and you should always go with the manual’s recommendation.

For more tips on maintaining your used diesel pickup truck in Orlando browse the Gibson Truck World blog. Or stop by our lot and one of our sales professionals will be happy to make some recommendations.

Why You Should Get Your Used Truck at Gibson Truck World

1deb674a11e14dc8a285c52c4879f174When you’re in the market for a used Ford truck in Orlando, or any another brand such as Dodge or GMC, it can be nerve wracking. There’s the temptation to go through newspaper listings to get a good price but the quality may be questionable. Or get the quality and worry about whether you’re getting a good price. At Gibson Truck World, we don’t want you to have to choose between a great deal and a quality truck – we’ll give you both.

A quick perusal of the customer testimonials on our website will help you understand why you should get your used truck at Gibson Truck World but they don’t tell you what goes into creating those great truck buying experiences. For over 20 years, Yves Belanger, the owner of Gibson Truck World has been buying and selling trucks. He knows how he wants to buy a truck and he works hard with his sales and service teams to make sure you buy the way he would want to.

Your truck buying experience starts with open and honest conversation between you and one of our sales professionals. We’re all truck people here so we know what features you need…and which ones you don’t. We’d never push something on you if you didn’t want or need it; it’s just not our style. We’ll show you any truck you’re interested in, and then we’ll give you a full vehicle report on your favorites. Our pricing model is simple and transparent: we’ll give you the full price of the truck, no hidden charges, no mysterious fees – just the bottom line price.

Unfortunately for us, we’re no strangers to the shady tactics employed by some other truck sellers to pass off damaged or poorly maintained trucks as “quality”. Fortunately for you, we know their tricks and we won’t be fooled. Each of the trucks we offer for sale has been through a 135-point inspection with our service professionals. They do diagnostic testing and even check the frame for damage using a tram gauge – nothing gets by our service team. In fact, we turn away between 8-10 trucks a week because they are not “Gibson worthy”. Don’t end up in one of our rejects at another dealership; come to the place that kept only the best for you!

We’re the #1 used Ford truck Orlando dealership in the world and our 14-acre lot is filled with only quality, American-made trucks, you know that you’re in for a great truck buying experience. We’re so confident in our trucks that we’ll even give you a 12-month bumper-to-bumper warranty AND 12 months free maintenance for any truck you buy. Stop by the lot to chat with one of our sales team members to see why Gibson is the “King of Trucks”!

The Longevity of Diesel-Powered Engines

mechanics-424130_1280(1)Over the years the debate between diesel and gasoline engines has raged on. The facts behind each side’s claims are always fluctuating – at times diesel is cheaper than gasoline…until it isn’t. Then there is the fuel economy to consider but with advances in technology, that argument isn’t so clear-cut any more either. What is still pretty clear is the fact that diesel engines tend to last much longer than their gasoline-powered counterparts and that is why many choose to buy their used diesel truck in Orlando at Gibson Truck World: because they know that truck will run for a long time.

The longevity of diesel-powered engines has long been a selling point. With owners fully expecting to get several hundred thousand miles on the odometer, the price seems worth it. Diesel trucks have always been know for their lower maintenance costs and extended life but why is that? Why can they go so much longer than gasoline engines? The answer isn’t necessarily rooted in the fuel type (gas vs. diesel) but the actual engine itself.

In general, the thing that usually kills an engine is when the replacement of broken or worn out parts is too expensive to justify because so many other parts are expected to break in the near future. This is just part of the normal wear and tear that engine parts experience over time. There’s a great deal of friction caused by engine parts rubbing together and even with oils and lubricants they can still wear out. Diesel engines simply wear out slower than gasoline engines.

Diesel engines burn fuel differently than gasoline engines and because of that, they’re built differently. A diesel engine runs at lower speeds, or rpm, than gasoline engines, so the parts simply don’t rub together as often or as quickly. This prevents them from wearing out and the engine lasts longer. It’s not uncommon to see a diesel engine run for at least 300,000 miles, some of them have even gone as high as 800,000 and at least one documented case of 1,000,000 miles!

The true key to getting a diesel engine to last seemingly forever is a proper maintenance schedule. Without regular maintenance, the parts in a diesel will deteriorate much quicker and if left unchecked, may even cause complete engine failure. Preventative maintenance sure seems like a small price to pay for an engine that may get you through to retirement!

For more information on used diesel trucks in Orlando and the advantages of owning one, check out the Gibson Truck World blog. You can also stop by the lot and we’d be happy to debate gasoline vs. diesel with you!

Latest Trends in Medium-Duty Truck Maintenance

tools-625620_1280In the last few years, diesel truck engines and exhaust systems have seen a lot of changes – many of them happening in the medium-duty category. New technologies have been the catalyst for most of the change and have introduced new parts, systems, and product options into the marketplace. These new options appear to be driving the latest trends in medium-duty truck maintenance which means your used diesel truck in Orlando could be part of this change.

  • Monitoring DPF regeneration cycles: The biggest change that most diesel truck owners have seen is the addition of a DPF, or diesel particulate filter, added to their truck’s exhaust system. This has been an especially influential piece of equipment in the maintenance protocols of medium-duty trucks. Since medium-duty trucks are typically used for work and city driving, the temperature in the DPF may not be able to get hot enough to complete the regeneration cycle. If this happens, the entire filter will need to be removed by a professional and placed into a specialized chamber for cleaning.

  • To combat this potential issue, some of the DPF’s installed on medium-duty trucks have been fitted with a plug-in heater. The truck owner will need to plug the unit in, typically overnight, and allow it to fully combust the trapped filter materials.

  • Increased use in synthetic lubricants: For many years, truck owners have been hesitant to switch to the synthetic lubricants that started hitting the market years ago. Recently however, the price of synthetic oils has continued to decrease and truck owners have begun to view synthetics as an acceptable lubricant option. Their ability to lubricate while producing less engine sludge means that oil change intervals can be extended. It’s this cost savings and more common availability that seems to be supporting the trend.

  • Greater adherence to maintenance schedules: The need to adhere to a regular preventative maintenance schedule is becoming more and more apparent. In the past, a skipped maintenance check could mean an issue down the line but it was usually something that could be repaired and the truck would be fine. With so many parts being intertwined and dependent on each other, a simple maintenance related issue could quickly balloon into complete engine failure.

For more trends on used diesel truck in Orlando ownership and maintenance, check out the Gibson Truck World blog or stop by and chat with one of our sales professionals, who always knows what’s happening in the world of trucks.

Diesel Powered Pickups Are Growing in Popularity

fordf250Since 2006, the U.S. has seen a revival in diesel truck sales. With so many pickup truck drivers concerned about fuel economy and performance, the diesel engine and purchase of used diesel trucks in Orlando seems to have become the go-to solution. It’s no secret that diesel powered pickups are growing in popularity and recent statistics released by the Diesel Technology Forum, or DTF, are confirming it.

  • Ownership #’s are Growing: The DTF recently released a report showing that diesel truck ownership is increasing, especially in states famous for their agriculture and farming industries. It’s certainly no surprise that Texas tops the list of “Highest Quantity of Pickup Truck Owners”, with almost 750,000 of them being diesel powered. With California in spot number two, it looks as though emissions compliance may be prompting truck owners in that state to follow the Texans’ lead in choosing diesel. It also looks like the state of North Dakota is looking to give both Texas and California a run for their money, as they currently hold the title for “Fastest Growing State for Diesel Truck Registrations” at an increase of a little over 24% from the previous year.

  • Fuel Economy: Fuel economy certainly appears to be one of the largest factors driving the shift toward diesel powered pickups. The DTF compiled the number of owners of fuel-efficient vehicles – clean diesels and hybrids – to determine that California, Texas, and Florida are leading the pack. All three of these states are also holding the top slots for the highest number of diesel truck owners. Even with newer gasoline powered trucks gaining in fuel efficiency, it appears that the associated loss of power may be a concern for truck owners – something that doesn’t happen with fuel-efficient diesel trucks.

  • #’s Expected to Grow: Diesel trucks have always been known for their ability to provide fuel economy without a loss in the power and performance that most trucks owners demand. As diesel stations become more commonplace and easily accessible, the growth of diesel-powered pickups is expected to continue. It may even surpass the overall 30% growth that was seen in last few years.

For more stories related to used diesel trucks in Orlando and diesel trends, browse the Gibson Truck World blog. If you’re looking to explore diesel trucks and want to know your options, give us a call at 407-321-0660 or stop by the lot and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Understanding Your DPF’s Regenerative System

night-357352_1280If you own a used diesel pickup truck in Orlando that was manufactured after 2007, then you’ve got a DPF installed. A DPF, or Diesel Particulate Filter, is now installed on any new diesel vehicle as part of the vehicle emissions regulations that were put in place several years ago. In order to comply with regulations in certain states, you may have to have an older diesel truck retrofitted with a DPF. This system helps reduce your emissions and understanding your DPF’s regenerative system is important for compliance and the longevity of your truck.

The DPF is a filter and is part of the exhaust system. It is designed to trap soot and pollutants (or “particles”) from being expelled through the tailpipe and into the atmosphere. As the filter traps this particulate matter, it will fill up just like any other filter. Where the DPF differs from a normal filter is that it has a regeneration system that allows it to “clean” itself. While the filter is able to eliminate the buildup of diesel exhaust particles, it can’t actually clean itself – for that you’d need to have a certified mechanic remove the DPF and put it into a special cleaning chamber.

The regeneration process in the DPF is either active or passive. In a passive system, the diesel engine’s exhaust temperature gets hot enough to start the combustion process, or regeneration, that eliminates the particulate. In an active regeneration system, the exhaust can’t get hot enough to trigger the regeneration process and an outside source of heat, such as fuel or electricity, is needed. Many light-duty diesel trucks are unable to generate the consistently high enough exhaust temperatures needed for a passive regeneration system to function properly; therefore, they are fitted with active systems.

An active regeneration system may or may not require some action by the driver. If your DPF has a post-injection of diesel fuel into the filter’s combustion chamber, then it will be able to complete the regeneration without intervention from the driver. These are typically found on newer trucks that have the DPF built-in. On retro fitted diesel trucks you may have a heater-based regeneration system that requires the driver to plug it in. The heater will provide the temperatures needed for combustion to take place.

Regardless of the type of DPF installed on your diesel truck, you’ll want to keep up your truck’s regular maintenance to ensure the filter isn’t over-clogged. It’s also important to keep your truck away from combustible materials while the regeneration system is being heated. It gets hot enough to combust materials within itself – and outside itself.

For more information on used diesel pickup trucks in Orlando and how to maintain them, browse the Gibson Truck World blog.