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Advantages of Diesel Trucks vs. Gas Trucks

Rejected Blue F250There are advantages and disadvantages to almost everything in life, and when it comes to trucks, the same can be said. Are you aware of the various pros and cons of the vehicle you might be looking at for purchase? Take gas vs. diesel for instance.  You may not have considered purchasing a diesel truck before, maybe because they are bigger than you’re used to, or perhaps because you just don’t know enough about them.  Here are a few benefits of used diesel trucks in Orlando vs. gas trucks.

  • If you are looking to use your vehicle for hauling heavy loads, a diesel truck is the right choice for you.  Typically, diesel trucks have more torque than gas trucks, making them perfect for towing.

  • For a truck that has better fuel economy, look to used diesel trucks in Orlando.  Since diesel is higher density than gas, it makes the engines more efficient per gallon of fuel.

  • Furthermore, used diesel trucks in Orlando are often more durable than gas trucks.  These trucks often log over 100,000 miles each year and were designed to last, even with heavy-duty usage.

  • Finally, diesels will never need ignition tune-ups, as they lack spark plugs and electrical components in the ignition.  They still do require regular maintenance, but the lack of electrical components makes this process simpler.

There are a number of advantages to each type of truck; your decision comes down to how you plan on using it. For expert knowledge and assistance in making your choice, contact a sales representative at Gibson Truck World.

Our dealership and world class service department is located in at 3455 South 17-92 Sanford, FL 32773 (407-321-0660) and we’re waiting to serve you.  Stop by Gibson Truck World today and speak with a friendly associate about your next truck.

4x4s vs. 4x2s: The Advantages and Disadvantages

AERIAL VIEW BrighterdealershiponlyIn the never-ending lineup of used trucks in Sarasota, FL, there are so many features to consider. One of these specs included the 4×4 vs. 2×4 option. Which is best and which option better suits my lifestyle and needs?

In the most basic of terms, a 4×4 is an automotive vehicle with four wheels, equipped with four-wheel drive. The term “four-wheel drive” refers to the vehicles ability to be steered with all four wheels. A  4×2 vehicle has four wheels, but only two of them (often the back ones) are used to control the vehicle.

The choice between 4×4 and 4×2 is ultimately up to you, but there are a number of things to keep in mind when considering what you want versus what you might need.

  • Generally, 4x4s have higher ground clearance, providing them with the ability to overcome greater trail or path obstacles when off-road.

  • A 4×4 also has the ability to distribute power evenly across all 4 wheels, providing them with greater traction in slippery situations.

  • On the other hand, 4×2 used trucks in Sarasota, FL, often provide operators with greater towing capacity than their 4×4 counterparts in terms of pounds.

  • Additionally, 4x2s often have better fuel economy than 4x4s, due to their reduced weight and complexity.

Ultimately your decision on what type of truck you would like depends on how you will be using it. Regardless of which feature you prefer, Gibson Truck World has the quality 4×4 or 4×2 truck you’ve always dreamed of owning.  All of our used trucks in Sarasota, FL, are thoroughly inspected, maintained and repaired to ensure that each vehicle sold is in immaculate condition.

View our selection online at Or feel free to stop by Gibson Truck World in Sanford and take a look for yourself! Call us, locally at 407-321-0660 or toll-free at 866-442-7667 and speak with a friendly associate or stop by our showroom, located at 3455 South Orlando Drive.

Common Buyer Mistakes When Purchasing a Used 4×4

4x4We all make mistakes at one time or another. Sometimes, when it happens with big ticket items, trouble and stress follow our decision. Here at Gibson Truck World, we work hard to supply you with the highest quality Tampa used trucks, while providing a versatile selection.

Purchasing a used vehicle can be a difficult task for some consumers.   The following are some tips and advice to help you avoid making a big mistake when you purchase your next used truck.

  • While 4×4 trucks can be extremely aesthetically appealing, it is important to pay attention to the vehicle’s history report.  Bumps and scratches may have been buffed out, hiding further damage.

  • A proper, diligent inspection is also very important when you’re looking at the Tampa used trucks you are interested in.  Check for any rust spots, dents, or unusual wear and tear that could point to the truck being in rough conditions.

  • The tires are also extremely important to inspect, as they can be one of the most costly replacements you will have to make.  Keep yourself and other drivers safe on the highway with high-quality tires.

  • Finally, don’t fall for a bargain.  While the thought of paying a cut-rate price for a diesel truck may sound appealing, it could also point to unresolved issues with the vehicle.

At Gibson Truck World, we give each vehicle a thorough 135-point inspection before it hits the lot, ensuring that you get a high-quality product.  At Gibson Truck World, there’s no need to wonder, or worry about quality. We ensure that each vehicle sold is in immaculate condition.

Want to see a great selection of Tampa used trucks? View our selection online at Or, if you wish, come to Gibson Truck World in Sanford and take a look for yourself! Call us, locally at 407-321-0660 or toll-free at 866-442-7667 and speak with a friendly associate today.

Why Are Diesel Trucks More Expensive Than Gas Pickups?

gibsonlogoIn this day and age, people are constantly trying to save a buck. But when it comes to your truck and the type and model you choose, skimping on cost might not be as smart as it looks on the surface. When it comes to value and cost efficiency, does it really matter the type of fuel your truck consumes? In general, used diesel trucks in Orlando are priced higher than gas trucks.  But don’t let this statistic deter you from looking at diesel vehicles.  There are a number of good reasons for the diesel’s higher price.

Let’s take a moment to consider gas vs. diesel trucks:

  • Diesel engines specifically provide a great deal more power than gas engines.  Most used diesel trucks in Orlando offer significantly more torque, making them the superior choice for heavy projects and hauling.

  • Though there is a difference in diesel fuel price vs. regular gasoline, you will obtain better overall gas mileage in a diesel truck.

  • Some jokingly refer to a diesel engine as being “nearly bulletproof.” While this is a bit extreme it does say a lot about the strength of a diesel engine. Diesel truck engines were made to live long lives with heavy wear and tear.  Most diesel engines can get more than three times the longevity of a gas powered truck.

  • Due to their strength, diesel engines require a great deal less maintenance than gas engines.  Typically, diesel engines can live to about 300,000 miles before they will need significant, major maintenance.

For more information about the advantages of used diesel trucks in Orlando, visit Gibson Truck World, or check our vast selection online. Want to see a great selection of trucks, both diesel and petroleum powered? You can view our selection at Or better yet, stop by Gibson Truck World and take a look for yourself! Just give us a call, locally at 407-321-0660 or toll-free at 866-442-7667 and speak with a friendly associate.

Why the 2012 Ford F250 is Highly Ranked by Consumers

fordf250For more than 100 years, Ford has been a highly popular, best-selling brand in America. And when it comes to the 2012 Ford F250 truck, the tradition of explosive popularity continues. In fact, to this day, the 2012 Ford F250 remains one of the highest ranked vehicles in its class and is very popular among available Jacksonville used Ford trucks.

Why is this? With a combination of desired features and specs that appeal to a broad range of buyers, the Ford F250 truck remains at the top of consumers’ vehicular wish lists as a valuable asset for both work and for play. Read on to further explore the explosive success of the Ford F250’s popularity among consumers.

  • Most consumers and critics agree that the F250 has some of the highest towing capacity and torque in the heavy-duty truck category, great for those who need to haul large objects.

  • In addition, the F250 offers a number of upgraded features within the cab, including increased comfort and innovative mobile office features. Luxury and style are not compromised and the functionality will fit any occasion.

  • For a large truck, many reviewers noted that the F250 offered a surprisingly smooth ride yet is great for work, family or recreational activities.

  • While the diesel engine offers drivers a great deal of power, it is impressively quiet during operation, which increases the overall comfort of the ride and is a rare find among Jacksonville used Ford trucks.

Gibson Truck World offers a number of great Jacksonville used Ford trucks.  View our inventory of used Ford trucks here. Our dealership and world class service department is located at: 3455 South 17-92 Sanford, FL 32773, and we’re waiting to assist you with all of your used truck needs.

Stop by Gibson Truck World today, call us, locally at 407-321-0660 or toll-free at 866-442-7667 and speak with a friendly associate about your next truck.

Why do Buyers Select Gibson Truck World?

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 10.28.19 AMFor years, Gibson Truck World has been receiving great reviews and accolades from key critics in the used truck industry. And what’s even more surprising, we sell 1,300 more Ocala used trucks per month than our direct competitor, who is located right across the street!

So why are so many buyers turning to Gibson Truck World for all of their used truck needs? Well, there are a number of different factor that play into the equation.  Read on and discover why we are buyer’s first choice, and why they keep coming back to Gibson Truck World for all their future used truck needs!

  • First of all, Gibson’s team of used truck experts pride themselves on excellent customer service.  Quality, integrity, value and care are just a few of the key relationship components we maintain with our valued customers.  Many of our customers come back to buy other vehicles from us, or refer our dealership to their friends and family.

  • Secondly, we are one of the few dealerships that offer a 12-month bumper to bumper warranty. Not only is that a great deal, but coverage expands across the entire United States!

  • Our expert service department is unparalleled.  With an expert team that performs a 135-point check on each vehicle before it hits the lot, you can be sure that you are taking home a top-quality truck.

Come experience the Gibson advantage for yourself.  We have a vast selection of Ocala used trucks that will appeal to all of your specifications. See for yourself how Gibson Truck World can serve you!

Just give us a call, locally at 407-321-0660 or toll-free at 866-442-7667 and speak with a friendly associate. Or better yet, stop by our showroom in Sanford, located at 3455 South Orlando Drive.  You can also view our selection of top-quality Ocala used trucks online at

What is the Death Wobble, and How is it Fixed?

Many times, when it comes to vehicle safety, it seems like there are so many things that could potentially go wrong. If and when they do go awry, it’s hard to determine what exactly the problem might be, and even more, to identify its source. One such problem, known as the “death wobble,” affects a number of owners of pickups, including used Ford trucks, in Orlando.

The “death wobble” is a series of jerky, sudden vibrations from the forward suspension in a truck, making it difficult to control. Some diesel truck owners have regrettably experienced the “death wobble,” leaving them gripping their steering wheels tightly to maintain control. But just what does that mean, and how is it fixed? Here’s some clarification:

  • If you experience this phenomenon, let off the accelerator immediately and allow the truck to slow to a stop.

  • The causes of the death wobble have been widely debated, as it can be caused by a number of different factors.  It does, however, occur most often in trucks with front-axle suspension, such as used Rams and used Ford trucks in Orlando. Truck owners often have to go through a process of elimination to discover the source of the wobble.

  • Two of the main causes of death wobble are alignment and tire balance. Imperfections in either of these aspects can throw the entire vehicle out of balance.

  • Worn out ball joints can also contribute to the dreaded death wobble, as they handle most of the load that the truck encounters daily.


  • With proper inspection and regular maintenance, it should be easier for drivers to understand the causes and solutions for death wobble.

As with any vehicle, safety is key, and a current maintenance log is a great place to start in ensuring vehicle safely. If you have experienced the death wobble in your used Ford truck in Orlando, or in any other large diesel pickup truck, it is best to contact professionals who can thoroughly inspect your vehicle for any potential causes.  To learn more about the death wobble and how to prevent it from interrupting your commute visit our Youtube channel and search: Gibson Truck World Disaster Prevention Presents: Death Wobble.

Do you have questions? Give us a call, locally at 407-321-0660 or toll-free at 866-442-7667 and speak with a friendly associate. Stop by our showroom in Sanford, located at 3455 South Orlando Drive.  Remember, you can also view our selection online or learn or about our services at

Types of Pickup Trucks

There are so many different types of pickup trucks available today that it can be difficult to determine which one will suit you best.  When it comes to shopping for, and choosing a new or used diesel pickup truck in Orlando, it all comes down to preference and needs. With proper research and understanding of differences, the process can be simplified.

If you are seeking a used pickup truck but aren’t sure about the right model for you, take a look at the different types of trucks that are available for your selection. There are several types of pickups available on the market; this article will be focusing on the midsize and full-sized.

  • The midsize pickup’s popularity ranges from construction workers to housewives. They’re larger than a compact truck and smaller, and more fuel efficient than a full-size. They are usually available with V6 and V8 engines, distinguishing them from their compact counterparts.  The popular Dodge Dakota is also included on this list. Due to the popularity of midsize trucks there has been a need for different styles or configurations, such as cab size.

  • Full-sized pickups are the largest of the group and are available to use for heavy towing and hauling; some full-sized used diesel pickup trucks in Orlando can haul over 3 tons!  The beds of these trucks were constructed to hold 4 ft x 8 ft sheets of plywood. These trucks are typically front-engine, rear-wheel drive with an optional four-wheel drive capability. Engine types include: I6, V6, V8, V10 and diesel. The GMC Sierra 1500 and the Chevy Silverado 1500 are two well-known trucks in this group.

Determine what you will be using your truck for to help decide which type of pickup is right for you.  If you are in need of a work truck or have a construction project, you may need to look into a full-size model.  If you plan on making your truck your family vehicle, you may want to consider a  safe SUV.

Gibson Truck World features a wide variety of high-quality used diesel pickup trucks in Orlando.  Visit our website today to see what we have in stock.  Our dealership and world class service department is located in at 3455 South 17-92 Sanford, FL 32773 (407-321-0660) and we’re waiting to serve you.  So speak with a friendly associate about your next truck today!

Why the Ford F-150 Remains the Best Selling Truck in the U.S.

Ever since the horseless carriage was invented, Ford has been a household name in America. The brand name itself has come to be associated with quality, integrity, toughness and the depth of American ingenuity.  Consumers swear by the name since both new and used Ford trucks in Orlando offer comfort, reliability, and durability.

When it comes to trucks, Ford still boasts some of the best available. In fact, the Ford F-150 remains one of the best selling trucks in America. Why? Here are just a few reasons.

  • Quality: For years, Ford trucks have been a staple when it comes to quality. Whether used for work or for play, farmers, business people and adventure seekers alike have each relied on Ford trucks as an “old friend” to help “get the job done!”

  • Integrity: “Tough” has long been the word to describe Ford trucks, and for good reason. Solid and reliable, Ford trucks have a proven track record of integrity.  Used Ford trucks in Orlando can be expected to last for years beyond their purchase.

  • Brand Recognition: Not only in America, but across the globe, Ford is one of the most recognizable brands. Few other companies have achieved brand recognition as expansive as Ford Motors Company.  And the F-150 line of pick-ups is synonymous with the brand.

  • Trust: Ever since Henry Ford developed the brand more than 110 years ago, people keep coming back for more. This nationwide trust in the company and its products speaks volumes about their customer and brand loyalty.

Purchasing a used Ford truck in Orlando should not be a hassle, provided you research your options and get in touch with used truck experts.  At Gibson Truck World, we pride ourselves in offering our clients the highest-quality used trucks in the area. View our inventory of used Ford trucks here. Our dealership and world class service department is located in at 3455 South 17-92 Sanford, FL 32773 (407-321-0660) and we’re waiting to serve you.

Keeping Your Diesel Truck Running Through the Winter Months

In some parts of the country, temperatures have been bottoming out in the sub-zero territory. Thankfully we don’t have to deal with the arctic chill here in Central Florida, but you just never know where your life and travels might take you.

As we see the temperatures take a sharp drop in these winter months, there are a few important things you should keep in mind to maintain your used diesel pickup truck, and keep it running at top efficiency.

  • Remember to change your fluids (such as: oil, engine, power steering, differential, transfer case, and transmission) in the mid-to late-fall, before it gets too frigid outside. Consider switching to synthetic oil because it flows better in cold temperatures. Taking care of this during warmer weather will prevent you from having to deal with sludgy, thick winter fluids.

  • Be sure to patch up any leaks you have found before the temperatures drop.  If you leave patching until the last minute, you may have to wait until spring arrives and fluids thaw out once more.

  • Harsh weather conditions can do a great deal of damage to used diesel pickup truck batteries.  Test your power levels and replace your battery, if necessary.

  • Construct a shelter for your truck, or be sure that you have a wall to park it near so that it can stay out of the wind.  This can be great to help keep you from having to scrape the windshield.

  • Depending on your location, look into purchasing a set of snow tires.  Even if you are not in a region that gets snow, replacing your tires now may be a good idea so that you can avoid any mishaps when it’s cold outside. Heavy duty mud tires are not the safest for even slightly icy roads, so consider an all-terrain or light mud tire if you will be driving over slick surfaces.

To learn more about Gibson and the trucks we have to offer, visit our website today.