The name Ford brings grit and might to mind after all, a truck that can withstand the rough treatment of ever-changing weather conditions and the physical toll of constant heavy use is as good as gold. Fuel efficiency isn't normally associated with these sturdy machines; that is until now. Drivers in Orlando, Lake Mary, or Jacksonville will appreciate the tenacity and rugged abilities of these vehicles!

Improved Body and Bed

By switching to an aluminum-alloy body, Ford has paved the way towards developing a more efficient approach to building the reliable trucks we've come to know and love. Ford has managed to decrease the weight of the F-150 without sacrificing the resiliency and hardy charisma of these vehicles.

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You didn't purchase your F-150 as a commuter vehicle, did you? Even if you did, you've got an absolute beast of a machine hidden beneath that stylish exterior. Thanks to the aluminum-alloy body, the F-150 delivers best-in-class towing and payload, meaning you'll be able to move that piece of large furniture to your new home or more importantly, take your boat out on the lake on that beautiful weekend!

If you're in the Tampa or Daytona area, the military grade aluminum-alloy cab and bed construction of this truck will only prove to benefit you day to day. This recent revolutionary change enhances both performance and mpg, letting you keep those precious dollars in your wallet where they belong!

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