Sometimes you don't have time to play games when it comes to getting the job done. You need a robust and dependable pick-up that can keep going as long as you do. That's why, for your needs, the best choice is a diesel truck. A pre-owned diesel truck from Gibson Truck World makes sense because it will be just as reliable and long-lasting as a new truck, while typically costing thousands less than a new truck.

Diesel Benefits

For serious jobs around Tampa, you need a serious truck. Diesel trucks offer the power and durability you need for the toughest jobs. Due to the way a diesel engine makes power, trucks with a diesel engine tend to have far more torque than a standard gasoline engine. If you want to get the absolute most capability out of your Ford Super-Duty, Chevrolet Silverado HD, GMC Sierra Heavy Duty, or Ram 2500, the best engine option to choose is a diesel engine. Many of these trucks can tow 35,000 pounds or more, meaning that just about anything you'd need to haul to a job site in Lake Mary can be hauled with your diesel truck.

Beyond capability, diesel engines tend to last far longer than gasoline engines in similar vehicles. You can expect to get several hundred thousand miles out of your pre-owned diesel truck driving around Jacksonville. Just as good is the fact that diesel engines tend to get better gas mileage than gasoline engines, saving you money at the pump in Orlando. This efficiency is especially true when idling, as diesel engines use almost no fuel versus a gasoline engine. This means you can keep your truck running to ensure it's comfortable when you hop back inside for a ride around Daytona.

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