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How High Can You Lift a Truck in Florida?

Lifting a truck has several advantages: It enhances handling, increases your truck's towing ability, offers you a better view of the road, provides easier access to the truck's underbody, and gives your truck a sleek look. 

Top Attractions in Sanford, FL

Sanford, Florida, enjoys an ideal location along Lake Monroe. Though Sanford is just 30 minutes from Orlando and less than an hour from Daytona Beach, you don't have to leave the city to enjoy outstanding attractions. The area offers a wide variety of highlights for everything from a night of theater-going to a day of adventure on the water. Here are our top picks for fun in Sanford.

Best Things to Do in Historic Downtown Sanford, FL

Historic Downtown Sanford is a charming destination that offers an abundance of shopping, dining, entertainment, and sightseeing. While you can easily enjoy the area simply by taking a stroll through the picturesque streets and stopping at any place that looks interesting, it's always handy to have a few highlights on your checklist.

Our Favorite Must-Eat Restaurants in Sanford. FL

Who doesn't love a cold draft beer, a tasty lunch, or a tempting dinner menu? If you find yourself in Sanford, you'll be glad to know that Gibson Truck World has found some mouthwatering spots that will leave your thirst quenched and your belly full. Here are our favorite must-eat restaurants in Sanford, Florida.

What to Look for When Buying a Used Truck

Purchasing a used truck can be tricky, but when you know what to look out for, you can make sure you get the right vehicle for you at the best price. Here's everything you need to know about buying a used truck.

Best Hotels in Sanford, FL

Whether you're coming as an excited tourist or just a visitor looking to relax, there are hotels with great amenities ready to take care of you. These are some of our top picks for the best hotels in and around Sanford, Florida.

Fun & Interesting Facts About Sanford, FL

Known for its quaint charm, Sanford gives off a small-town feel with its old-fashioned brick streets, elegant Victorian homes, and scenic RiverWalk. The city's unique allure sets it apart from other Florida cities. Here are some fun and interesting facts about Sanford and its attractions.

What Is the Best Floor Jack for a Lifted Truck?

Floor jacks are an invaluable tool when you need to perform maintenance on your vehicle. However, the average jack may not provide what you need if you're working on a lifted truck. You'll need a jack that can handle the increased height and the additional weight of a lifted truck to ensure you can work safely. Below, we've outlined what you should look for in your next jack for a lifted truck, along with some great options to explore before you make a purchase.

Best Local Coffee Spots in Sanford, FL

When you wake up in the morning, there's nothing better than a warm or iced cup of coffee to start your day. No matter what time of day you indulge in your favorite coffee, there's nothing better than the aroma, taste, and feeling it gives you. Finding the best local coffee spots in Sanford, Florida, might be overwhelming, so our team at Gibson Truck World did all the research and compiled a list for you. Now all you have to do is pick one, get in your truck, and find your new favorite location.

Fall Car Maintenance Tips for Drivers in Sanford, FL

Florida enjoys some of the mildest winters in the country, but there are still some key maintenance tasks you should take care of to help your car, crossover, or truck get through the cooler months. A few simple checks and tasks can make all the difference for your safety and peace of mind. 

How to Get Better Gas Mileage in a Lifted Truck

Lifted trucks are often used for off-road adventures, hauling heavy loads, or simply for aesthetics. However, one downside to owning a lifted truck is that they tend to have lower gas mileage due to the added weight of the lift kit and larger tires. In this article, we will discuss some tips and techniques for improving the gas mileage of a lifted truck.

Best Hiking Spots in Sanford, FL

Sanford, Florida, radiates a friendly, old-fashioned charm with elegant Victorian-style homes and brick streets lined with leafy oak trees. The city is home to many restaurants, antique shops, breweries, and cultural attractions for all the family, and its friendly community and historic buildings attract many visitors. There are also plenty of excellent nearby hiking trails to explore, so we've put together this list of some of our favorite hiking spots around Sanford.

Best Dog Parks in Sanford, FL

Dog parks are the perfect place for you and your pet to socialize if you're new to our city and looking for safe and fun areas. Or, you may have already lived here for a while and want to treat your pup to a new pet-friendly area. Our team at Gibson Truck World wants to help you find the best of the best locations. So, we have put together a list of the six best dog parks in the general Sanford, Florida, area for you and your furry friends to explore. Let them off their leash and run wild for a while.

The Most Reliable Used Trucks

Are you looking for a robust truck that will last for years and won't break the bank? You may consider shopping for a dependable used truck. Below, you can explore some of the most reliable used trucks on the market.

Best Ice Cream Spots in Sanford, FL

One of the best parts about living in Florida is that it's (almost) always ice cream season. When the temperatures climb and the humidity swells, you may want to know where to go for a tasty frozen treat in Sanford, Florida, and the surrounding area. Here are six of the best places to get ice cream in Sanford.

Best Rainy Day Activities in Sanford, FL

Whether it's bowling alley action, inspirational art galleries, craft beer tasting, sugar art masterpieces, or sleuthing escapades, there's no shortage of fun activities on rainy days in Sanford. Winters in Celery City signify creative endeavors and indoor adventures. If you're low on ideas, explore Gibson Truck World's list of the best rainy-day activities in Sanford, Florida.

Can Lifted Trucks Tow?

As a truck owner, you may be debating whether to lift your truck. Doing so can provide ample benefits, including greater ground clearance and better visibility. However, you may wonder if lifting your truck can affect its ability to tow. Below, you can learn whether lifted trucks can tow and review other helpful information about this topic.

Best Outdoor Activities in Sanford, FL

Sanford, Florida, is a city that boasts a diverse array of outdoor activities and attractions you can enjoy solo, with friends and family, or with your four-legged friends. Whether you're looking for a relaxing day spent in nature, an adrenaline-filled adventure, or an educational experience, Sanford has something for everyone. Here are five of the best things to do in the great outdoors in Sanford

The 5 Nest Attractions Near Sanford, FL

There's no shortage of ways to get outdoors and enjoy nature in Sanford, Florida. It's one of the best parts about living in this part of Central Florida. If you want to know how you can take advantage of the region's beautiful natural surroundings, keep reading for a guide to the best five attractions near Sanford, Florida.