2018 Ford Trucks for Sale near Tampa FL

Low-Mileage Used 2018 Ford Trucks Give You a Lot for the Money

In Sanford, FL, getting a great deal on a used truck doesn't mean lowering your standards and buying a rusted-out old bucket with a stick-shift the size of a yardstick. At Gibson Truck World, you could save money and get an affordable auto loan on a pre-owned 2018 Ford F-Series pickup that checks all of the boxes on your must-haves list.

If you need an efficient, comfortable daily driver for your commute in and around Orlando or Lake Mary, consider a used 2018 Ford F-150--this full-size, light-duty pickup is the perfect fit for most lifestyles that need a truck, thanks to its versatility and impressive fuel economy. F-Series trucks are known for their durability and reliability around Tampa and Daytona, so when you save a few thousand dollars on a like-new, one-owner used F-150, you get to enjoy your pre-owned 2018 Ford truck for many years to come.

For Florida truck shoppers who need a bit more muscle, we're excited to be able to also offer a selection of used heavy-duty F-Series trucks for sale, including the 2018 F-250 and the 2018 F-350. Whether you work in the commercial field, or you just need a truck that can tackle the big jobs, having a Ford workhorse in your stable is a big benefit. And getting your best deal on a used Ford SuperDuty truck is simple, at Gibson Truck World.

Why choose a recent-model-year used 2018 Ford truck instead of opting for bigger savings and buying an older truck? Or, instead of just biting the bullet and buying new? Well, if you buy new, you'll be shelling out a lot more, just for the privilege of that "new" status--a used 2018 model has all the same features, capabilities, and performance options as a new truck. But, since they're young and fresh vehicles with only a handful of miles on the engine, your used truck will last you a long time.

A used, low-mileage 2018 Ford truck in Jacksonville is absolutely the most bang for your buck.

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