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Whether you're from Sanford or Orlando, Jacksonville or Daytona or Tampa, and all around the state, people come to Gibson Truck World because they know they're going to find a standout selection of new trucks, used trucks, and lifted trucks available here in a variety of different brands so they can find their ideal match and get the truck they truly desire. We do our best to highlight and feature trucks that we know are popular or have standout appeal to truck lovers everywhere. We also give you the chance to save on these trucks for sale, and invite you to take a look at our featured lineup today!

Our selection of feature trucks has all kinds of options depending on what's currently available in our showroom. We make sure to keep it diverse and cater to the needs of many as you'll be able to find both new and used options. That includes new Chevy trucks and new GMC trucks along with used Ford or used Ram trucks. It's a lot of choices and different variety as you can find lightly used vehicles, and much more in different colors, trims, cabin and truck bed styles all featured here in our dynamic and ever changing truck lineup.

You can see the different offers available in our featured lineup an if you find one you like, our team can arrange a test drive and discuss financing options with you. To learn more, contact us here at Gibson Truck World and we'd be happy to get started and highlight all the details here in our showroom serving Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and Daytona today!