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Why You Should Choose Used Ford Work Trucks

Customers buying work trucks in Sanford, FL have different concerns than those buying a typical daily driver vehicle. A work truck must perform as hard as you do daily. Work trucks must also offer comfortable drives and reliability. Our used Ford work trucks at Gibson Truck World offer customers from Lake Mary to Jacksonville a variety of choices that will remain Ford touch and capable of handling any rugged terrain you might encounter. 

If you are searching for a reliable work vehicle, you may be drawn to the Ford Transit Connect or the Ford E-Transit. These vehicles offer abundant interior space for you to store any work-related cargo. Both the Transit Connect and the E-Transit offer large panels on the side, ideal for placing any graphics, phone numbers, or logos. The primary difference between the two vehicles is that the E-Transit is all-electric.

The Ford Super Duty Pickup truck is a traditional favorite for urban and rural workers in Orlando. Available in both gas and diesel-fueled models, the Ford Super Duty Pickup regularly earns best in class for towing and payload capability. If your payload is extremely heavy, you may wish to opt for a Ford Chassis Cab, which includes a reinforced platform and technology to guarantee safer stops.

The Ford Stripped Chassis can allow you to have a reliable base for your work truck. You'll receive a steel frame that you can apply necessary upfittings to, and you can choose from a range of suspension packages depending upon the specific durability you need the work truck to possess. The Stripped Chassis allows for an enhanced degree of customization. The Ford E-Series Stripped Chassis offers these same benefits with an electric-powered engine.

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