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Have you ever seen a big, used lifted truck driving around in the Sanford, FL and Orlando area that just leaves you in awe? There is something about a lifted truck that grabs your attention, and you know that driver loves to have fun and look good. The good news is that a lifted Ford truck is attainable, and it can be easy on the pocketbook, too with our used truck specials.

Benefits of a Used Lifted Ford Truck

By purchasing a used lifted Ford truck, you can get a truck that is exactly the way you want it without having to do the initial work. Whether your selected truck came from the dealership in its current state or the previous owner modified it with a lift kit, you can find a wide array of used lifted Ford trucks at our truck dealership near Lake Mary.

Buyers have many reasons for lifting their truck. Whether they are involved in farming that requires driving through fields and on rough terrain, they enjoy off-roading, or they live in the Jacksonville area where weather is ever-changing, a used lifted Ford truck can serve many purposes. A lifted truck can navigate over objects more efficiently, forge through water easier, and make off-road play more fun.

Not only do used lifted Ford trucks serve a functional purpose, but they also have a look that is all their own. This type of vehicle typically appeals to a specific type of client who is knowledgeable of the attributes they are looking for in a lifted truck. Standing tall above other models, the sheer height of a lifted Ford truck is undeniably bold and assertive.

Popular Used Ford Truck Models to Lift

Though Ford offers a few selections for used models, the most popular selection for lifting is the F-Series. Comprised of the lifted Ford F-150, F-250, and F-350, buyers can govern the engine type and size that will power their lifted truck by choosing between these models. The innate power and look of jacked up trucks are second-nature to the Ford brand, and it shows in the original design of the models within the F-Series lineup.

Ford F-150

One of the more economical choices for used lifted Ford truck is the entry-level Ford F-150. It is smaller and more agile than the F-250 and F-350, but just as appealing as its bigger siblings. Standing at a standard height of 75.2 inches to 77.6 inches, the Ford F-150 already has quite a bit of height that sets it up for success as a lifted pickup.

Ford F-250

Rising in popularity, the Ford F-250 is not only a great option for a used lifted Ford, but it also has the power to back it. Raising its height to 77.9 inches to 81.5 inches, this truck model has many OEM and aftermarket implements that can be used to make it even taller. The easiest way to do so is to opt for a different suspension that will give it that extra height buyers desire in a lifted truck.

Ford F-350

By far the largest of Ford's private passenger truck models, the F-350 is already a monster that towers over other models. Standing at the same height at the Ford F-250, this model has more towing capacity and a higher payload. Not only is it more capable than other models, but it can stand just as tall. Explore this lifted diesel ford truck!

Shopping for a Used Lifted Ford Truck

Gibson Truck World near Tampa and Daytona is excited to help you find the used lifted Ford truck you have been looking for. Matching power and style with height and stance is the goal for our consumers. Call to schedule a test drive or view inventory online to see what you could call your own from our used lifted Ford truck selection.

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