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Go After Your Adventure in a Used Lifted Ford Truck from Gibson Truck World

Welcome to the Lifted Ford Trucks for sale at Gibson Truck World. You're most likely searching for the legendary performance of an F-Series pickup with a stylish, off-road lift. We've had customers from all over central Florida come to Gibson Truck World for over 20 years. Our convenient Sanford location, expansive inventory, and impeccable reputation make us the logical place to shop for a lifted Ford truck. Even our competition calls us the King of Trucks.

We've scoured the country for over two decades to find late-model Ford trucks. First, we identify low-mileage pickups in excellent condition to buy, lift, and resell. Sometimes, we even find an F-Series truck already lifted. However, in every case, we take the trucks to our world-class service center for reconditioning and lifting before we put them on our lot for sale. As a result, we always have an expansive selection of lifted Ford trucks. Are you looking for something more specific? If you are, we recommend you check back often because our inventory constantly rotates. 

Benefits of a Used Lifted Ford Truck

Since 1979, Ford's slogan has been "Built Ford Tough." You don't keep a slogan like that unless you deliver on your promise. That's why many Ford truck owners come to us for a lift. Adding a lift kit to your Ford pickup will turn heads from the boulevard to the backwoods. And, you can take your lifted Ford truck places other truck owners fear.

While your Ford truck has four-wheel-drive capability and power, lifting your Ford truck takes something special and makes it exceptional. And with the number of Ford pickup models, the options are virtually endless. The current F-150 lineup includes eight models, although the Raptor is our favorite to lift. The F-250, F-350, and F-450 offer even more options in style and performance. 

If you own an F-Series truck and want to lift it, we can help. Since several customers want to buy their Ford trucks with the lift kit installed, we also have an expansive inventory of Ford trucks with a standard lift kit. The standard kit adds height and ground clearance without voiding your Ford's factory warranty.

We also have plenty of Ford pickups with suspension lift kits - a favorite for serious off-road adventurers. Not only does it raise your ride height over the 3-inch body kit maximum, but you also have room for larger wheels and tires. 

By purchasing a used lifted Ford truck, you can get a truck that is exactly the way you want it without having to do the initial work. Whether your selected truck came from the dealership in its current state or the previous owner modified it with a lift kit, you can find a wide array of used lifted Ford trucks at our truck dealership near Lake Mary.

Buyers have many additional reasons for lifting their truck. Whether they are involved in farming that requires driving through fields and on rough terrain, they enjoy off-roading, or they live in the Jacksonville area where weather is ever-changing, a used lifted Ford truck can serve many purposes. A lifted truck can navigate over objects more efficiently, forge through water easier, and make off-road play more fun.

Not only do used lifted Ford trucks serve a functional purpose, but they also have a look that is all their own. This type of vehicle typically appeals to a specific type of client who is knowledgeable of the attributes they are looking for in a lifted truck. Standing tall above other models, the sheer height of a lifted Ford truck is undeniably bold and assertive.

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Popular Used Ford Truck Models to Lift

Though Ford offers a few selections for used models, the most popular selection for lifting is the F-Series. Comprised of the lifted Ford F-150, lifted Ford F-250, and the lifted Ford F-350, buyers can govern the engine type and size that will power their lifted truck by choosing between these models. The innate power and look of jacked up trucks are second-nature to the Ford brand, and it shows in the original design of the models within the F-Series lineup.

Ford F-150 Lifted Truck Inventory

One of the more economical choices for used lifted Ford truck is the entry-level Ford F-150. Ford's most popular pickup, the F-150, offers various levels of comfort and performance. For example, the F-150 XLT has different cab and bed configurations to suit all tastes and lifestyles. We have a great selection of lifted F-150 XLT pickups and many late-model, low-mileage trucks in excellent condition. And, of course, you can find one lifted as much as 6 inches. With a car like that, your off-road excursions to the Big Cypress National Preserve will never be the same. It is smaller and more agile than the F-250 and F-350, but just as appealing as its bigger siblings. Standing at a standard height of 75.2 inches to 77.6 inches, the Ford F-150 already has quite a bit of height that sets it up for success as a lifted pickup.

Ford F-250 Lifted Trucks

Rising in popularity, the Ford F-250 is not only a great option for a used lifted Ford, but it also has the power to back it. Raising its height to 77.9 inches to 81.5 inches, this truck model has many OEM and aftermarket implements that can be used to make it even taller. The easiest way to do so is to opt for a different suspension that will give it that extra height buyers desire in a lifted truck. Buying a lifted F-250 pickup makes sense for work and play. The F-250 offers various powertrain options that can tow and haul for work but make plenty of power to tackle the trails on the weekend. The F-250's popularity over the years means we always have many models on our lot. You'll find the street-styled Sports Truck Extreme, premium Platinum trims, and the signature Lariat model in our inventory. All our F-250 trucks come with a 6-inch lift, performance wheels, and aggressive off-road tires.

Ford F-350 Lifted Trucks

By far the largest of Ford's private passenger truck models, the F-350 is already a monster that towers over other models. Standing at the same height at the Ford F-250, this model has more towing capacity and a higher payload. Not only is it more capable than other models, but it can stand just as tall. Explore this lifted diesel ford truck! The Ford F-350 matches up against the other manufacturers' top-tier heavy-duty trucks. Unfortunately, since we don't usually get many lifted F-350s, we may not have a specific model you like. But we do see them come through from time to time. 

Ford F-450 Lifted Trucks

Lastly, the Ford F-450 takes heavy-duty pickups to new places. Other brands simply don't reach this power, strength, and performance level. As you might expect, F-450 pickups are hard to come by. So, when we see them, we buy, lift, and put them on our lot because we know you want them. 

Lifted Truck Financing Made Easy

Gibson Truck World wants you to enjoy your ownership experience, which begins with stress-free shopping. We believe everyone deserves the right to own a lifted truck. To that end, we have relationships with local and national lenders that we lean on to find the perfect deal to fit any budget. In addition, our team has experience working with buyers in all credit categories. So, were you turned down somewhere else? If you were, we recommend you try us. 

You can find some helpful online tools here to help with purchasing. We always recommend that you start by using our online pre-approval application. It takes a few minutes to complete, and you'll receive your approval in seconds. You'll know exactly how much you can afford, allowing you to shop confidently. 

If you have a car you want to trade in as part of the deal, you can take advantage of our online trade-in form. First, you enter details regarding your car's year, make, model, mileage, and condition, and the system produces an offer. Then, when it's time to make a deal, you bring in your offer and trade-in, and one of our appraisers will confirm the condition and miles before certifying the offer. 

World-Class Truck Service

As experts in lifted trucks, we know they have specialty parts and equipment other vehicles don't. Therefore, you'll need specialized service, and what better place to get that service than with the lifted truck experts at Gibson Truck World? Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to quickly identify and repair any issues you might have with your lifted Ford truck.

Schedule a Lifted Ford Truck Test Drive in Sanford, FL

You won't find a better selection of stylish, capable, lifted Ford trucks in Florida than at Gibson Truck World. Why do we prioritize finding Ford trucks for our inventory? Because you won't find any truck with more impressive power and four-wheel-drive capability than a Ford truck.

So, are you ready to elevate your vehicle to a stylish, adventure-ready pickup? If you are, we invite you to shop our virtual inventory. Once you find a truck you want a closer look at, visit our Sanford dealership. One of our Ford experts will show you your preferred trucks and let you take your favorite for a test drive.

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