What are the differences between Ford trucks and Ram trucks?

As one of the premier used diesel truck dealers serving the greater Orlando, Tampa, and Daytona, FL areas, this is a question we get asked quite often. The fact of the matter is that most folks in this part of the country have a particular allegiance to one truck brand or another, but when it comes down to the real differences between brands, a lot of folks are aloof to the details. Luckily, whether you choose a Ram truck or a Ford truck here at our Sanford, FL dealership, you can rest assured you're driving some of the most outstanding pickups on the road today.

What are the advantages to buying a Ford pickup truck?

When it comes to pickup trucks, Ford has a reputation that precedes it. In fact, the Ford F-Series has been America's best-selling line of pickup trucks for the better part of half a century now, so there's a certain pedigree to the Ford pickup trucks for sale here at our showroom near Lake Mary.

However, in a practical sense, there is one key difference to note between our Ford pickup trucks and Ram trucks. Most recent Ford models in our inventory feature a high-strength military-grade aluminum alloy body mounted to a fully boxed steel frame. By and large, that means that they're lighter than the conventional steel-bodied Ram trucks we have for sale. Additionally, it makes Ford pickup trucks impervious to body rust in the long run, which helps cut down their overall cost of upkeep and ownership.

On top of that, Ford has some serious towing tech that makes its pickups stand out from the crowd. For example, many models in recent years come equipped with Pro Trailer Backup Assist, a class-exclusive technology that makes it easier than ever to maneuver with a trailer in tow.

What are the advantages of buying a Ram pickup truck?

Now, there's plenty of clear strengths to owning a new Ford truck, but there are just as many great reasons to make your next pickup truck a Ram truck.

For example, many drivers from Jacksonville, FL love the fact that our Ram pickup trucks are some of the brawniest used diesel pickup trucks on the market. In fact, models like the Ram 2500 can churn out up to 850 pound-feet of torque when properly equipped, and the Ram 3500 tops out at 1,000 pound-feet of diesel torque.

Plus, when it comes to managing large or ungainly payloads, many Ram trucks excel where other competitors lag behind. With the recently implemented multi-function tailgate on many Ram truck models like the Ram 1500, it's easy to access the rear of the cargo bed without stretching and straining.

On top of that, many recent Ram truck models feature the outstanding UConnect 12.0 NAV system, which features a largest-in-class touchscreen display with split-screen and pinch-to-zoom functionality. This makes it easier than ever to access your favorite apps, connectivity features, and navigation features while you're on the go in Tampa.

Experience the differences between Ford and Ram trucks firsthand at Gibson Truck World

While there are some key difference between Ford trucks and Ram trucks, both are strong options here at Gibson Truck World. So, if you'd like to browse our selection of Ford trucks and Ram trucks, feel free to pay us a visit at Gibson Truck World in Sanford, FL for a test drive today.

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